How To Mount A Fleshlight? The Accessories & Tips You Need For The Best Solo Play

How To Mount A Fleshlight? The Accessories & Tips You Need For The Best Solo Play

So you have or are thinking about buying, a Fleshlight. These incredible sex toys for men are basically the cream of the crop when it comes to solo play. And they’ve been rocking the world since 1998. 

Yep, indeed, this brand of toys has been around for quite some time… and thriving! This tells us one thing: they definitely know what they’re doing. They even have a range of Fleshlight Girls featuring replica of your favourite porn stars! How’s that for some true innovation?

And for those who don’t know, Fleshlight is not just a toy, it’s a company. So all of those male masturbators you see out there, ones without the brand Fleshlight on them, are merely mimicking a Fleshlight

In other words, there’s only one brand of male sex toys that can proudly be called a Fleshlight, and those are the toys that have been produced carefully by the company itself.

Having said that, we could go on and on about Fleshlights, but that’s not our primary purpose (you can read more about the Fleshlight range on our blog here). 

Today, we’re going to be talking about how to mount a Fleshlight. This is so you can make the most out of your Fleshlight male masturbator and enjoy the very best solo play! Yay for male sex toys, right?

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Enhance Your Solo Play: Must-Have Accessories and Expert Tips for Mounting a Fleshlight

Luckily, how to mount a Fleshlight is pretty darn simple. Alas, we’ve created his handy little Fleshlight mounting guide for you, just for good measure. You’re welcome! 

Let’s dive into the pleasurable world of mounting a Fleshlight, the accessories that’ll make your solo masturbation even better, and why you’ll adore using a Fleshlight sleeve plus a shower mount.

The Fleshlight Shower Mount: How Do You Mount a Fleshlight?

Fleshlight sex toys work one step ahead of you by creating accessories and handy little items to enhance your solo play. And the Fleshlight Shower Mount is an absolute masterpiece for those who love hands-free fun plus water play! 

The Fleshlight Shower Mount is versatile, 100 percent hands-free, and submersible, so it’s essentially a triple whammy for you to hop in the shower and have some fun.

To mount the Fleshlight Shower Mount, all you have to do is take off the cap of your Fleshlight and screw the device tightly onto the mount. 

After this, use its suction cup to place it onto a flat surface (like the wall of your shower), but only on a surface that’s completely dry. This will give you the best results. The suction cup is super strong and will make for a sturdy and stable way to play.

After it’s been attached to your preferred surface, you can go ahead and experiment a little, finding your best angle. 

The Fleshlight Shower Mount has handy side hinges, which will guide you in getting your best position. The side hinges allow you to tighten or loosen the device. And actually, they will remove any chance of the device sliding or wobbling which, let’s face it, it’s kind of a mood killer. 

Once you’ve placed your Fleshlight Shower Mount onto a surface, you’ll need to use the sliding on and off the bar to set the suction.

Here are some important tips and tricks when it comes to using your Fleshlight Shower Mount

  • While it’s called a Fleshlight Shower Mount, it can work in and outside of the shower
  • The Fleshlight Shower Mount won’t work on all surfaces though
  • Wiping down, or even scrubbing, your chosen surface beforehand will make the suction work even better
  • If you have small tiles on your bathroom wall, it may not work 
  • Larger shower tiles will work like a dream
  • A door isn’t the best option when it comes to mounting your Fleshlight
  • Using a wooden dresser to mount your Fleshlight isn’t a great idea, but it could be used if you’ve placed a sticker over the wood
  • Don’t mount your Fleshlight onto a mirror or glass table because this could be very dangerous
  • You could mount it on your toilet tank, as this works super well and remains sturdy
  • The bathroom sink is a great place to mount your Fleshlight Shower Mount, and you can simply adjust the side hinges to find the perfect position
  • The Fleshlight Shower Mount works with most of the Fleshlight toys, but not all
  • Don’t forget to add a generous amount of lube to your Fleshlight before using it

The Pros & Cons of Using the Fleshlight Shower Mount

If you’re still on the fence about whether the Fleshlight Shower Mount is for you, take a gander through the pros and cons. It’ll most likely give you some clarity before you invest in, what we like to call, a magnificent accessory for your Fleshlight.

Pros of Using the Fleshlight Shower Mount

Cons of Using the Fleshlight Shower Mount

  • The Fleshlight Shower Mount doesn’t stick to all surfaces, such as small shower tiles
  • It’s hard to watch porn when you’re masturbating in the shower
  • If you’re going extremely hard and fast, it could change the angle
  • Make sure you have a shower mat or railings just in case
  • This shower mount is bought separately

How to Make a DIY Male Masturbator Mount for Hands-Free Pleasure

So you don’t really want to ship out some extra cash for a mount. 

Maybe you want to be creative and come up with your own way in which to have a masturbator mount for hands-free pleasure. We don’t judge. After all, the entire point is that you’re having your best bouts of solo play

Which is why we’ve listened to men who’ve actually done a little DIY job when it comes to making their own mount.

Here are two ideas on how to turn your male masturbator into a hands-free pleasure treasure.

1. The Pillow Set Up

By taking three pillows and either straps or belts, you could effectively keep a male masturbator in place to play hands-free

First, take one pillow and roll your male masturbator up in it, like a sausage, in such a way that the orifice is sticking out at one end somewhat. If it’s sticking out too much, it may fall out. Then, take a strap or a belt to secure the contraption. 

After this, take pillow number two and lay it flat on your bed. Put pillow number one on top of pillow number two, in the middle of it, then put pillow number three on top of pillow number two, to make a ‘sandwich’. Then, secure pillows two and three together with another strap or belt, and voila!

2. Some Foam Mattress Fun

Get yourself a 3’ x 6’ high-density foam mattress, like the kind you’d put under a sleeping bag, and roll it up like a jelly roll. 

Place a pillowcase over one end to keep it from unrolling. Then, use another pillow case and place it halfway over the other end. Tuck the excess pillowcase into the centre roll, and place the male masturbator into the centre roll.

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Other Fleshlight Accessories to Improve Solo Play

And now, coming back to the infamous Fleshlight brand, are there other Fleshlight accessories to improve solo play? Yes, and no. 

You see, as we mentioned, the Fleshlight Shower Mount isn’t actually compatible with all Fleshlight male masturbators. For example, it doesn’t work with the Fleshlight Compact Go, the Flight Models, or the Quickshot series

If you have a Fleshlight Quickshot however, there is an accessory you can buy separately to turn it into a hands-free fun zone. 

The Fleshlight Quickshot Shower Mount Adapter allows you to turn your Fleshlight Quickshot into a two-in-one so you can play with or without your hands. In other words, you can take a load off, find a nice flat surface and play away.

To use it, it only requires you to remove both caps from your Fleshlight Quickshot, screw on the Shower Mount Adapter, and then screw on the Shower Mount

From this moment, you can literally follow the guide given above on how to use this innovative handy tool, as it works just the same.

How to Clean the Fleshlight Shower Mount & Fleshlight Quickshot Mount Adapter?

Both of these Fleshlight Shower Mount are cleaned the same way, and it’s super important that you do so. Luckily, it’s super easy and only requires you to pop it under some warm running water. That’s it, finished. 

Don’t use any body wash or soap, there is no need for it. If you’ve used it in the shower, be sure to rinse all of the shower soap out of the device thoroughly before you put it away. This is because standard soap will dry out your Fleshlight sleeve, and you don’t want this to happen.

Once washed, you can pat it dry and store it. The Fleshlight Shower Mount is super easy to hide, as it’s small and discreet. 

Is a Fleshlight Shower Mount Worth It?

To end off, here’s a little summary of everything we’ve discussed because surely, the biggest question you have now is, is the Fleshlight Shower Mount worth it? 

This will, of course, depend on what type of play you like or are after, but if you like the sound of the following, the Fleshlight Shower Mount is definitely worth it:

  • You want to change things up and experience masturbation in a different kind of way
  • You don’t feel like putting in the extra physical effort when it comes to masturbating
  • You want to experience unique movements that only a hands-free Fleshlight Mount has to offer
  • You want both hands free to do something else, such as fondle other erogenous zones or find porn videos easier
  • You’ve got a spare 35 dollars to spend
  • You want to thrust your way into bliss

On the other hand, if you’re entirely satisfied with your masturbation routine, with or without a male masturbator or a Fleshlight, then that’s totally fine. If something works, it works. We’re merely saying that adding in a bit of adventure or changing things up once in a while can be a huge thrill. 

For the price of the Fleshlight Shower Mount however, we think you should give it a try if you have a Fleshlight that is compatible with this amazing creation. 

Or, why not give our DIY hands-free tips a go? There are seemingly endless ways to play when it comes to getting your rocks off.

So, now that you know all about how to mount a Fleshlight, as well as other little tips and tricks, accessories, and info, do you think the Shower Mount or Quickshot Shower Mount Adapter is for you? And what about the Solo Hands-Free Masturbator by ZOLO?

If none of these have tickled your fancy, we encourage you to check out our other male masturbators. We definitely have a soft spot for the TENGA Range, the Autoblow Range,  and the Kiiroo Range

The truth is, the rise in male sex toys of late is exponential, and that’s great news. It’s time to remove the stigma attached to male sex toys, and allow everyone the freedom to find new ways to have solo fun! So, go on… have fun!

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