Oral Sex Toys for Men

Oral Sex Toys for Men

Every man loves his partner going down, but (with the exception of Ron Jeremy) a single man won't be enjoying that pleasure any time soon. You don't have to miss out though, and no, we aren't going to teach you how to blow yourself - that requires an endowment that can't be taught and a stomach strength and flexibility that would be better learned in the gym than here - but we will offer up some oral sex simulators you aren't going to want to miss.

Deep throat is every man's favourite - a blanket statement but one in which we feel confident. Now it's even better with the PDX Elite Deep Throat Vibrating Stroker. This toy is designed to look and feel like a real throat, and by pinching the nose it creates the sensation of swallowing! You can use the stroker with its vibrations turned on or off, and the longer you use it the more the throat warms up, providing an even more realistic and decadent experience. To top if all off (and to top you off), this toy has extra suction power, sure to create some of the best orgasms you have ever had. Use this toy with a bit of JO H20 Lubricant, turn on the vibrations, and experience oral like never before!

The JO H20 Lubricant is water-based and safe for all toys. It's never sticky, designed to feel smooth like silicone-grade lubes, a design feature you'll appreciate when replicating the feel of a partner's mouth. Use it to create that extra slippery oral feeling, and use it with your other favorite toys too!

Now here’s a multi-function toy and tool in one, a power pump that allows you to measure just how big and thick you are, with a clear construction that has ruler marks on it. The base of this toy has stretching lips to create a close and tight suction on your shaft. The Blowjob Power Pump is designed so you can enjoy the sucking by itself or thrust into it for extra stroking action! If you're one of the people who likes watching the action as closely and clearly as possible, this is the toy for you. You’ll find yourself both fascinated and more aroused watching the way you grow as you get harder and more animated.

The Lignox Poker is a sleeve, with an entrance and exit hole, and it's designed to enhance the real deal and not just for solo use. The material fits snug around the penis, and wraps around each curve. Not only will it make masturbation one hundred percent more exciting, it can enhance blowjobs! Have your partner begin by sliding the toy onto you and moving it up and down. You can apply as much or as little pressure as you want to for different intensities. Slide the toy all the way down to the base and have your partner go down on the areas that are sticking out. It enhances the feeling of handjobs in combination with oral and it's good if your partner doesn't like deep throating.

Stock your toy chest with these three toys and we guarantee you'll never feel deprived of the best blowjob experience. Do you have a favourite oral toy we haven't covered? Tell us about in the comments.
Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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