How to Clean Your Male Masturbators

How to Clean Your Male Masturbators

So you have a fun, super erotic and tantalising male masturbator, do you? Well, these incredible pleasure products are not only super handy, but also trustworthy self-care partners, making them the perfect choice for those who want to heighten their sexual bliss. One could even argue that using a male masturbator is even better than the real thing!

With that, we’re here to guide you on how to clean your male masturbators because, truthfully, it’s super important that you do. And with all of the frills and thrills that it brings, you’ll of course want to keep it sparkling clean and good as new for as long as possible, right? Let’s get down to the deets...

There are a few factors to consider on how to clean your male masturbators. The most important being to find out what material your masturbator is made of. The material itself will be the biggest indicator as to how to clean it, and will also let you know what kinds of lube it’s compatible with… all aspects that’ll make your masturbation routine sexier!

Then, there’s also the factor of where to store your male masturbator after you’ve given it a good ol’ clean. Where you choose to store your favourite sex toy will most definitely affect how it performs, how long it lasts, and how hygienic it is. 

Knowing What Your Male Masturbator is Made of

As we mentioned, knowing what your male masturbator is made of is key to being able to enjoy it for as long as possible. And if you’re unsure of what material it’s been produced with, you should go ahead and either read the fine print or contact the company that manufactured the toy. After all, the key to enjoying tons and tons of exciting and delicious orgasms is simply knowing the material your toy is made of, then keeping it as fresh and hygienically clean as possible. 

But why do we keep harping on about the material of your male masturbator in terms of its level of hygiene? Many other sex toys, like clitoral suction toys, don’t really place as much importance on the cleaning ritual! Well, male masturbators are usually made of porous material… but this isn’t a bad thing. In fact, this is often the case because the chosen porous material actually gives one an extreme real-feel experience. 

The issue with porous materials however is that it has the ability to trap bacteria if it’s not cleaned properly. For that reason, if one doesn’t clean their male masturbator thoroughly, it can lead to infections or irritation. 

So, owners of these thrilling sex toys for men… and those who are planning to buy one, here’s your guide on how to clean your male masturbator! 

How to Clean Your Male Masturbators

More than likely, your male masturbator will be made from either TPR (thermoplastic rubber), TRE (thermoplastic elastomer), cyberskin, or jelly rubber. And the way in which you clean these porous materials will differ, depending on what it is.

How to Clean Cyberskin Male Masturbators

Cyberskin male masturbators can be cleaned using a small amount of mild anti bacterial soap. If you use too much soap, it could break down the material of the product, so be careful with this. Additionally, if you’re using a masturbation sleeve, turn it inside out (like a sock) so that you can really clean every nook and cranny.

Also, you could add a dusting of cornstarch after it’s been washed, which will keep the material from becoming sticky and/or degrading quickly. We advise checking your specific toy’s instructions on this however, just to make sure.

How to Clean Plastics & Rubbers (TPR, TPE, Jellies)

Plastic and rubber male masturbators, such as those made of TPR, TPE, and jelly, can be cleaned with warm water and a mild anti bacterial soap. We advise using a toothbrush to really get inside the masturbator and to help release any debris that may have gotten caught inside. 

Some other tips to help you keep your male masturbator hygienic include:

  • Checking your male masturbator regularly for any cracks, as this is the perfect hiding spot for bacteria to hide and grow. 
  • Checking for discolouration (perhaps due to the type of lube you’re using or how you’re cleaning it), which could be making your male masturbator less hygienic.
  • Checking for any rust, which would mean that there’s something wrong with your device.

If you spot any of these issues with your male masturbator, it’s safer to discard it and to purchase a new pleasure product to ensure optimal health.

Then there’s the question of: how often should you clean your male masturbator? And the answer to that is simple and, well, non-negotiable… after every single use. And not to sound like a broken record, but we now know that male masturbators have the potential to hide and grow bacteria. 

There really isn’t any room to skip cleaning your male masturbator, and it’s simply good practice to do so after use. In fact, it’ll be even better to clean it before use too, just for good measure. 

This is because, while your male sex toy has been in storage, it may have gotten a little dusty or dirty. And, if by mistake, you did not allow it to fully dry before storing it, the moisture could have prompted mould. 

So, for best hygienic purposes, cleaning your sex toy before and after use is our recommendation.

The Importance of Washing and Drying Male Masturbators Properly 

By now, we’ve covered the reasons why it’s so important to wash your male masturbator with absolute precision, but for a recap:

  • Male masturbators are often made of porous materials, which can harbour bacteria
  • It’s important to clean your male masturbator thoroughly, every nook and cranny, to make sure that bacteria doesn’t form or grow

And why is it so important to dry your male masturbator properly? Well, if it isn’t completely dry before you store it, it has the capacity to trap moisture. Any liquid or trapped moisture can harbour bacteria, and prompt it to grow. This is something you definitely don’t want to happen.

Then let’s answer the question: how to dry your male masturbator? It’s never a good idea to simply place your sex toy into storage while it’s still wet. Instead, you’ll need to air dry it. 

First, you can shake it off to remove as much water as possible, then place it vertically so that any remaining water can drip out. We recommend allowing it to air dry as opposed to using heating aids like hair dryers or radiators, as the heat could damage your sex toy. The best practice would be to leave it to air dry for too long rather than too short. 

Then, when you’re 100 percent sure your favourite pleasure product is dry, you can go ahead and store it.

Storing your Male Masturbator Correctly and Why it Matters

With a male masturbator that feels all shiny and new after it’s been thoroughly cleaned and dried, you should store it in a cool, dry place that’s well-ventilated. In other words, male masturbators and humidity don’t go well together (you know, because of the moisture prompting bacterial growth thing). Another thing to note is to keep it out of direct sunlight, and to remove the storage cap.

Then there’s the aspect of how to store your male masturbator in such a way that it cannot be found! If you live with family or nosey roommates, finding a safe and discreet place to hide your sex toy is always a good idea. 

Here are some ideas on how to discreetly store your male masturbator:

  • Wrapped in a cloth, like a spare towel or clothes
  • Wrapped in newspaper, which will also aid in absorbing excess water, but be sure to dispose the newspaper and use new ones each time
  • Buy a male masturbator that doesn’t actually look like a sex toy

If you’re on the hunt for a male masturbator that doesn’t actually look like a sex toy, here are our top picks when it comes to discretion and pleasure.

Our Recommendations for Discreet Male Masturbators

Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) White

Tenga is notoriously known for their discreet male masturbators, and the Tenga Flip 0 (White) is one of their best sellers. It uses a strong vacuum made possible with their one-way valve, and has intricate internal details to give you intense stimulation and erotic sensations. Another plus? It looks nothing like a sex toy, so you can hide it with absolute peace of mind.

Satisfyer Men One Textured Male Masturbator

When the cap is on, the Satisfyer Men One Textured Male Masturbator definitely does not look like an erotic toy. It’s conspicuous, elegant looking, and feels like sheer luxury. In fact, the infamous Rocco Siffredi described his experience with it as “My best orgasm”. It has a unique pump feature, innovative internal pressure regulator, and is made of soft cyberskin material.

Kiiroo Feel Stroker

Mimicking a flashlight, the Kiiroo Feel Stroker is a manual male sex toy with a skin-like texture that’ll make you feel as though you’re enjoying the real thing. Inside, you’ll find spiralled ridges that add even more stimulation to your masturbation routine. Not to mention that it’s been consciously created using a combination of materials to really enhance your sessions.

StrokeMaster by ZOLO

Go for gold with this stroker that’s multi-textured and has a clandestine black casing for that extra touch of luxury. This bad boy uses pressure sensitive squeeze pads for your pleasure, and comes with a concealed lid for ultimate discretion. Enjoy its various dots, ridges, and chambers to experience a climax much bigger than you’re used to.


Its been your destiny to experience the Lana Rhoades Fleshlight. This unique and highly customizable texture is meant to give your penis the most sensational sexual experience. From its tight entry to its various cavities designed with pleasure pockets and orgasmic rings, sex with Lana Rhoades Destiny Fleshlight is the most realistic experience she can give you without the real thing.  


Now that you’re a pro when it comes to buying, storing, drying, and cleaning your male masturbator, which one tickles your fancy? Whichever you choose, you’ll definitely reach brand new heights of orgasmic bliss, opening up a whole new world of sexual play.

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