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      29 products

      29 products

      Through Onyx and Pearl. KIIROO gives you the ability to feel someone else in a whole new way.

      Kiiroo are leaders in the sex tech / teledildonics industry since 2013, Kiiroo work at the intersection of technology and human interest. They innovate to keep people satisfied.


      Kiiroo was born in Amsterdam and creates all of their sensual sex toys with the goal of making “love online ”.

      They strive to provide high-quality sex toys that not only facilitate beautiful bliss, but also use technology to help people stay connected, no matter the distance.

      Kiirroo is an award-winning sex toy company that offers pleasure products for him, her, and couples, and has transformed the online dating, camming, and long-distance sex lives of thousands of people all over the world.

      What Kiiroo Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

      From male masturbators to strokers, couples sets, and G-spot stimulation sex toys, to rabbit-style vibrators, and porn star experiences, Kiiroo has the ability to put a spring in your step, no matter when or where the mood strikes.

      We love Kiiroo for their elegant-looking products, and their forward-thinking approach to love and sex in the digital age.

      Kiiroo OhMiBod Fuse Rabbit-Style Sex Toys

      Leave no stone unturned when it comes to pleasure with the Kiiroo OhMiBod Fuse Rabbit-style vibrator . This gorgeous pleasure product has Bluetooth capabilities and a built-in sensor that allows for bi-directional control .

      It also used LED lighting to give you a little peek into your sensual session, and is the first rabbit-style vibrator with the power to interact.

      Kiiroo G-Spot Sex Toys

      The award-winning Kiiroo Pearl G-Spot Vibrator is the ultimate sex toy for those who know exactly what they want. In actuality, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, whether it’s solo fun or partnered play (near or far).

      The Pearl by Kirroo uses Touch Technology to react to your movements which means that a simple glide in your most intimate spot will activate this G-spot stimulator and either increase or decrease the speed of the vibration using its sensors.

      The Kiiroo Pearl also has Bluetooth capabilities, so enjoy it with the one you’re lusting over for some technologically sexy fun.

      And if the Pearl G-spot vibrator has gotten you licking your lips, you may want to consider the upgrade, the Kiiroo Pearl 2 G-Spot Vibrator .

      In other news, Kiiroo has perfected the art of the wearable G-spot vibrator with the invention of the OhMiBod Esca2 . It has LED lighting, Bluetooth connectivity, and can be controlled by whomever has access to the compatible FeelConnect app.

      This wearable G-spot vibrator is great for solo use, webcam models, and couples.

      Kiiroo Couples Sex Toys

      Create everlasting bedroom memories with Kiiroo’s couples sex toy set which contains the Kiiroo Onyx+ and the Pearl 2 . Double trouble for both him and her!

      The Kiiroo Onyx+ is a lighter male masturbator making it perfect for travel, and has a motor that rotates in a unique way to give you new shivers of pleasure, while the Pearl 2 is an upgraded G-spot vibrator.

      Kiiroo Stroker Sex Toys

      Enter the world of limitless fantasy with the Kiiroo Keon Combo Set . This pleasure product is an automatic male masturbator that comes in a stylish and comfortable outer casing while inside you’ll find Kiiroo’s very first stroker. Together, these two sexy products make up the Kiiroo Keon Combo Set.

      What else makes this male masturbator so special? It can connect to a library full of porn videos, allowing your thrusts to sync with the movements of your favourite porn stars using a computer or VR goggles.

      You can also connect your device with Kiiroo’s app, FeelTechnology, to play nice with a partner!

      Kiiroo Feel Porn Star Experience Sex Toys

      Stay in bed with your favourite porn star and Kiiroo! Their line of porn star male masturbators are oh so sexy, allowing you to enjoy a real-feel experience using a sea of interactive porn videos that put you right in the driver’s seat!

      Which gorgeous lady do you want in your bed tonight?

      Can’t make your mind up? Then the Kiiroo Titan Experience was made for you! This FeelPornStars Experience allows you to use video capabilities with all of the girls listed above using their 4.000+ interactive videos either in 2D or VR.

      Kiiroo Male Masturbator Sex Toys

      If you like living life to the beat of your own drum, Kiiroo male masturbators are sleek, innovative, and super technologically advanced.

      The Kiiroo Onyx+ has a motor that creates an up-and-down motion , which mimics the real deal. It thrills with up to 140 strokes per minute , yet is still surprisingly quiet and discrete, and inside you’ll find 10 ring-like structures that create erotic stimulation.

      It’s the perfect pleasure product for solo, partnered, or webcam fun as it has three modes: interactive, manual, and automatic.

      And last but not least, we’re sure that you’ll love the Kiiroo Titan , an interactive vibrating stroker that uses 9 vibrating bullets to caress and massage you. This stroker can be used to connect to over 4,000 interactive videos in 2D or VR, and it can be controlled by you or a partner using the Kiiroo app.