Be your own valentine

Be your own valentine


Takeaway: It´s Valentine´s Day and the single ladies are trying not to look envious while the married stay at home moms converse about doctors and classes. Forget the fear and enjoy a holiday of a lifetime!

Are you single on Valentine´s Day? It may be the most dreaded day of the year for the partnerless but that´s the wrong point of view. Be your own Valentine! Be the best sweetheart you've ever had! No one will ever value and love you as much as you should yourself, and this year will be the greatest Valentine´s Day you've ever had!

  1. INDULGE! Love yourself! Take the day off if you can and if it´s not possible, see if you can get the boss to agree to let you leave even an hour early. Order your own flowers and make the day all about you. Your favourite meals, in your favourite pyjamas if you want to enjoy a day of rest, or in your favourite outfit if you want to hit the town and look fabulous. Do what you want to do - browse your favourite stores, hit the salon, see a ballgame, read your favourite book! Try out a new sex toy and pleasure yourself more than a partner ever could - women will enjoy the Big Boss G5 vibrator 'for women who like it big', and men can try out their wildest fantasies on an inflatable like the Extravangza Antonya doll.

  2. Take yourself to dinner at your favourite restaurant. Make a reservation for one, dress to the nines, order a bottle of wine and your favourite menu item - don´t forget dessert! Do something naughty - by yourself! Sneak off to the bathroom and get off on your own with the Le Reve bullet mini massager - quiet but strong enough that you won´t miss having a partner in the bathroom stall.

  3. Fall in love! Not with a partner, but with a new activity. Sign up for a new class or go on an adventure you've never experienced. Try a cooking class or zip lining or sign up for a book club. Better yet, try a new fetish! Ben-wa balls are a fun accessory no one need know a woman is packing, and men can sport a stretchy silicone cock ring that expands to fit his girth.

  4. Send out love! Random acts of kindness are great - we love them every day but definitely spread the feel-good vibe on this day of all days! Hold the door open for strangers. Pay the coffee behind you in line. Let the rushed driver into your traffic lane. But that´s not the only way you can spread the love (and lust) vibe - join a dating site, or if you have already, make a date! Whether you´re looking for a relationship or just the next fling, there are plenty of fellow singletons to make sure you aren´t alone! Make sure you´re stocked on the best condoms on the market, Lelo Hex, and your favourite lube - we like the pomegranate flavoured Jo H2O lube.

  5. Go out and party! Contrary to what it feels like, you aren´t the only single person, and crowded party or club on Valentine´s Day will be all the evidence you need to see that you aren´t alone and you should be perfectly happy. So hit the bar, find a hook-up, and reel him in. If you get lucky you might have your 'first' experience - who knows for what. Check out this bondage set!

There are so many ways to celebrate the day, but the best way to do it. It´s with your best lover - you! Treat yourself and do only the things you love. You've never owed anything to anyone else and you are your best lover!

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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