Ladies, Is Your Man’s Penis Too Big? Here’s How to Make it Work for You!

Ladies, Is Your Man’s Penis Too Big? Here’s How to Make it Work for You!


People tend to say that bigger is better…but is it? Sure, some women prefer a really large penis that can fill all those hard-to-reach places, but for others – a large penis means painful sex and discomfort.

So if your partner’s member is slightly, or overtly, larger than the average and you find yourself feeling pretty overwhelmed, don’t dismay. There are actually a few things you can do to make the experience a lot better, and dare we say it – pleasurable.

Kegel Exercises

The magical power of kegel exercises is seemingly endless. Not only do they strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which, in turn, support your uterus, bladder, and rectum, but they also increase its flexibility, making it easier to receive something…larger.


How Do You Do Kegel Exercises Correctly?

To learn how to do kegels, sit on the toilet and try to pee. Once you start, squeeze your muscles to hold it in. When you do this, you’ll feel your vaginal muscles tighten and lift. Then, release.

Bear in mind however, that kegels shouldn’t actually be done whilst peeing, as it can cause a whole slew of problems, such as UTI’s.

Instead, practice them as you go about your day. Squeeze your pelvic muscles for three seconds and then release for three seconds, 10 times in a row. For optimal results, try to do this three times per day.

Missionary Mission

The next time you have sex in the missionary position, your mission is to close your legs as much as possible. This will minimise the depth of penetration, making it more comfortable for you.


Foreplay is Key

When a woman becomes aroused, she naturally produces lubrication. This is an essential part of having sex, as it allows the penis to be inserted gently and without pain. And what’s one sure fire way to get those juices flowing? Foreplay!

Try to spend more time on this part of your sexual tryst so that you can feel more relaxed and turned on. Additionally, when you’re aroused, your vagina actually becomes wider and lengthier. It’s almost unbelievable what your body can handle when you’re “in the mood”!

Also, you can make use of an additional source of lubrication just to make the ride a little smoother.


Giving Head

While it is a dream for many men to have his partner deep throat, there is absolutely no reason or obligation for you to do it… irrespective of size. And when it comes to men on the larger side, don’t feel as though you need to take as much of it as you can.

This is because the head of the penis has a ton of nerve endings – more so than any other part of the penis. That means that he is totally able to feel immense pleasure simply by having only the tip in your mouth.

You can also make use of the Handipop Handjob Massage Gel for a bit of playful fun. This gel is applied directly onto the penis and allows for easy and slippery glides. What’s also great is that it tastes good too, giving you a little tasty treat to enjoy afterwards.


Timing is of the Essence

Being a woman not only means dealing with monthly periods, but also all the haphazard hormones that come with it. And these hormones don’t just stop doing their thing when you’re not menstruating! Which is why you should keep an eye on your cycle.

Right before and during menstruation, the combination of hormones can make you feel a lack of sexual desire. Your body won’t produce natural lubrication as easily, and mentally – you may not feel up for the task.

When you’re ovulating however, your oestrogen levels increase, meaning a higher-than-normal libido.


Sex Toys for Him and Her

Using a sex toy can definitely spice things up for any solo player or sexually active couple, but it’s also a great investment for those who feel their partner is just too big. 

A vibrating cock ring is the perfect little addition for him during your bedroom fun. This can control how deep he enters you while the vibration makes things extra pleasurable.

Additionally, allow him to pleasure you with one of your favourite toys. You can’t go wrong with the Womanizer Pro, a nifty device that focuses on clitoral stimulation via Pleasure Air Technology.

Or, ditch the toys and have him pleasure your clitoris! Why the heck not? 

If he’s not into any of the above, well – no one likes a selfish lover! It’s all about getting off at the end of the day. Wishing you tons of great sex and many orgasms!

Article by: 
Helena Lorimer at JOUJOU

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