The Powerful Benefits of Being Single

The Powerful Benefits of Being Single

Society, films, TV shows, your mother and her best friend all say that finding the love of your life is the best thing in the whole world. 

And we love to believe them because seeing two people completely enthralled in one another looks like it’d be one hell of a good time. There’s always someone who’s happy to see you, you have a consistent cuddle partner, you can have sex on-the-fly, you’ve always got a shoulder to cry on, so on and so forth. 

But seriously guys, it’s 2020! We don’t need a partner to live our best life. Want security and a cuddle partner? Get a dog. Sex? Tinder or sex toys. A shoulder to cry on? Get a best friend. It’s really not that difficult. 

In actuality, being single is pretty awesome (as said from someone who is horrendously single). And it’s not just awesome because I say so, but because the professionals agree with me too.


10 Powerful Benefits of Being Single

Single People Tend to Be More Social: Research has proven that those who are single spend more time with their family, friends, and neighbours. In fact, a study in the U.S. found that single people had more friends than those who were married. 

Single People Tend to Be More Selfless: As it turns out, single people are more likely to do volunteer work for their city or a cause as opposed to those who are married.

Single People Tend to Be More Healthy: Single folk were more prone to exercising than married folk. It was also found in a study that single women had lower BMIs than married women. 

Single People Tend to Have More Sex: Yes, it’s true. Over a period of 25 years, it was found that single people were enjoying more sex than those who were in a relationship or married.

Single People Tend to Be More In-Tune with Themselves: When you’re single you have more time for introspection, reflection, and self-care. This, in turn, makes singletons more in-tune with themselves

Single People Tend to Care Deeply for Many People: Instead of finding the one and caring for that person fiercely, single people tend to care about the ones which broaden their capacity to love and be loved.

Single People Are More Susceptible to Pursuing Their Dreams: Single folk have shown to be more invested in their interests and hobbies, and thus take more steps to achieve said interests and hobbies. 

Single People Tend to Be More Easy-Going: When you’re single, life is more unpredictable and you become more reliant on yourself to get things done. In this way: “You’re more likely to take risks and have adventures and have more novelty within your journey,” says relationship expert, Dr. Niloo Dardashti. 

Single People Tend to Be More In-Touch with Themselves: Or should I say, they touch themselves? Single people tend to embrace their bodies and their sexuality, experiment more with solo sex toys that do things they never knew possible (a clit suction toy, what?). They can also masturbate whenever they want.

Single People Tend Not to Settle: Single people are often single by choice as a means not to settle for someone who is not 100% suitable for them. In this way, they’re strong, know what they’re worth, and know what they want.

In addition to these 10 powerful benefits of being single, singletons can also take advantage of a slew of other things like:

  • Traveling on a whim
  • Going out with friends or family at any time
  • Flirting with strangers
  • Experiencing the feeling of butterflies when on a first date
  • Sleeping in a bed all by themselves
  • Sleeping any time and until whatever time they want
  • Not having to deal with in-laws
  • Wear comfy clothes all of the time
  • Decorating their apartment or home any way they want
  • Experimenting with different kinds of sex toys (clitoral stimulators, g-spot toys, p-spot toys)
  • Expanding their sexual horizons (try BDSM, meet people of the same sex)
  • Enjoying ultimate freedom

See? Being single ain’t half bad at all… in fact, it’s pretty amazing. Until such time that you’ve found the one, enjoy all the pros that being single has to offer. And even when you do meet your match, remember that you’re always number one.




Article by:
Helena Lorimer, Sexual Health and Wellness Expert at JOUJOU

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