Should I Have Sex on the First Date?

Should I Have Sex on the First Date?

Should I Have Sex on the First Date?
For many, the question of having sex on the first date is a big one. And of course each individual is different when it comes to emotional bonding after sex, what they’re ultimately looking for when it comes to sex, and if they feel sex is something that should be experienced sparingly.

Regardless, it takes two to tango – meaning, it is not solely up to one person to decide whether sex is an option on a first date. It’s also impossible to know the motives and values of the person we’re pining after.

So, for those who are wondering what someone may think of them after they’ve put out on the first date, the people of Reddit have spoken out.

Taking a look at how others view the activity may just give you a different angle and better insights into this popular question.

So, how do you really feel about having sex on the first date?

“My wife was supposed to be a hook up. We went out, had a great time. Ended up sleeping together the first night. We have been together 10 years now. It’s all about the person you’re with. There is no ‘right time’ to wait. When it feels right then it feels right.” – BlackPlague

“There's no real answer that will please everyone. My wife and I did the horizontal tango before our first date and tbh her stripping was the first time I thought to myself, ‘Huh, I might like her.’” – Trigger93

All of my relationships have started with having sex the first or second time of hanging out together in private. Most relationships I know have started out this way.” – permanent_staff

“I usually have sex with people before a first date. At least I did when I was single. I'd meet people and if I wanted to - I'd sleep with them. If our hooking up led to us hanging out/talking more and I grew to like them then I would go on a date. I know this seems backwards to some people but I enjoy casual sex, whereas dating (first dates especially) sort of stresses me out unless I already have a good idea that I like the guy.” - MsTinaFey

“Every time I’ve had sexual on the first date I’ve never heard from the guy again.” – callaeg

“If I want to have sex, the amount of dates is irrelevant.” – jillface15

Have done it. Have also not done it. When serious about someone it was better as a ‘no’ for me. Waited a bit longer. When just looking for a fun time it was fine for me.” – unknown user

If I really like the woman and want to see her again, no. If I just find her very attractive and it’s clear she wants a hook up, sure why not?” - blueholeload

“I'd prefer to wait a few dates at least. I feel like I run the risk of her simply being someone that scratches that sexual itch rather than turning into an emotional bond. That's on me, though. This is why I'd want to wait a little to get to know her before. I also put a more emotional value in sex, so I'd want her to do the same.” - FaenK

Quite a mixed bag of opinions, right? But at the end of the day – we suggest trusting your gut feeling. We also always encourage safe sex between consenting adults, and ultimately, encourage you to do what feels right but also, what feels fun and exciting. Of course, this is your decision to make.

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