The Differences Between Autoblow AI+, Autoblow 2+ XT and Autoblow VacuGlide

The Differences Between Autoblow AI Ultra, Autoblow AI+, Autoblow 2+ XT and Autoblow VacuGlide

Want to enjoy unlimited blowjobs? No, you don’t need a situationship, long-term partner, or any other form of relationship with another human being in order to receive the endless benefits thereof. 

Not since the invention of Autoblow by Very Intelligent Ecommerce Inc. (VIECI), that is. 

In fact, this brand fancies its product as “the world’s leading automatic masturbator” and goes on to say that they “know what men want”. 

VIECI’s claim to fame is that they focus on technology in an attempt to improve lives. And it looks like they’re doing just that with their Autoblow masturbators… they’re successfully meeting the needs of penis owners in dozens of countries worldwide.

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Comparing Autoblow AI Ultra, Autoblow AI+, Autoblow 2+ XT and Autoblow VacuGlide

Just like most things, each Autoblow masturbator has not been created equally. Each one has their own unique settings and functions, making them all intriguing in their own right. 

Nonetheless, if you’re struggling to decide which one is right for you, a nifty comparison guide may just be the helping hand (no pun intended) that you seek. 

Consider this an Autoblow AI Ultra vs Autoblow AI+ vs Autoblow 2+ XT vs Autoblow VacuGlide guide on the difference between them, and how to choose which Autoblow is right for you.

We’ll start with the Autoblow AI Ultra

Autoblow AI Ultra

The most advanced machine yet out of all four of Autoblow’s blowjob machines, the Autoblow AI Ultra is a full-shaft gripping stroker and comes with a state-of-the-art video syncing function. 

What does that mean exactly? Simply view your favourite blowjobs scenes with the free access to a library of content from amateurs on PornHub and have your new machine mimic the scenes as if you were right in the action.

So, just how does this magnificent piece of sex tech actually work? It’s been programmed to move like a human, using data from the world’s first (and only) machine learning study of the actions that occur during blowjobs. And that’s just it—first hand learning for countless hours equals incredible accuracy.

The Autoblow AI Ultra is close to 1.5 kilograms in size, and comes with four big buttons, making them easily accessible, while the machine itself is easy to use. It also offers 10 blowjob experiences pre-loaded to stroke you in various ways, giving you the option of variety and newness to really spice things up. That, plus the option to choose special modes for shorter penises, and lower stamina-building speeds.

Some more specifics include the fact that the Autoblow AI Ultra can connect to WiFi (hence giving you the ability to sync with PornHub videos), it has voice control (speak six voice commands to receive exactly what you crave), has remote control options to hand over the reins to anyone no matter near or far. It also allows you to experiment with interchangeable sleeves and is said to be the quietest model yet.

And for those who are fans of programming, you’ll for sure have fun with this device as it has an open API. 


  • It’s the the most advanced blowjob machine from Autoblow to date
  • It is WiFI-enabled
  • It comes with video syncing 
  • It comes with voice commands
  • It has remote control options for long distance fun
  • It’s a product of machine learning, studying the real act of blowjobs
  • It has big buttons for easy use
  • It has four buttons for easy use
  • It has options for shorter penises
  • It has options for those looking to build their stamina
  • Interchangeable sleeves can be used
  • It’s the quietest of all four machines
  • It’s fun for programmers and wannabe-programmers


  • It’s a little heavy, weighing in at around 1.5 kilograms
  • It should be plugged into the wall during use
  • You cannot create or save custom patterns

Unique features

  • It’s the most advanced blowjob machine out of the four Autoblow machines discussed here
  • It offers Internet and AI-capabilities, making it one of the most technologically-advanced blowjob male sex toys from the Autoblow collection
  • It has open API
  • It has options for those with smaller penises and those who want to build their sexual stamina

Autoblow AI+

It took quite a team of scientists, machine learning, and over 1000 hours of analysing blowjobs videos to create the Autoblow AI+. Yes, you read right… a group of smart individuals had the task of studying blowjob videos all for the greater good. That is, with their findings, they were able to replicate real-life blowjob movements in one small device: the Autoblow AI+.

The Autoblow AI+ has an adjustable penis gripper (which has been issued a US patent for the novel way it stimulates your penis), and the ability to choose the exact amount of tightness that you prefer using AI so your experience is true to life

Using it means to enjoy the blowjob experience as the machine strokes your penis in full complete strokes from top to bottom. Plus, it’s a clear machine, so you can see all the action as you enjoy your pleasure.

Additional add-ons that simply make this machine even more appealing is its Internet capabilities. With this masturbator you can access downloadable blowjobs (varying blowjob techniques, stroking methods, and patterns), voice control (tell it what you want), and remote control. The Autoblow AI+ doesn’t have adult video syncing though, unfortunately.

As per its offline capabilities, the Autoblow AI+ offers slower and more sensual speeds and the addition of a heated sleeve (after several minutes of use).

Other features include the fact there are interchangeable sleeves available and they work with all penis sizes, the machine uses a heavy-duty metal motor that’s built to last, and said-motor is quieter than its predecessor whilst being three times more powerful.


  • It’s the first time web-enabled features are on offer with an Autoblow machine
  • It has an adjustable penis gripper
  • You can choose the exact amount of tightness for a ‘real feel’
  • It’s a clear machine, so you can watch your shaft in action
  • It offers downloadable blowjobs, voice control, and remote control
  • It has interchangeable sleeves
  • It has a heavy-duty metal motor
  • It is quiet
  • It is 3x more powerful than its predecessor 


  • It doesn’t offer adult video syncing
  • It is a clear machine (if you are put off by seeing yourself in action)
  • It needs to be plugged in during use

Unique Features

Autoblow 2+ XT

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The Autoblow 2+ XT is the third improved version of the device since it was launched in 2014…and it was made with simplicity and being budget-friendly in mind. The good news is that it still gets the job done even though it doesn’t come with many thrills and frills. 

What this machine does have is an industrial-strength construction and the ability to use different sleeves interchangeably. It also has an all-metal motor rated to last for 500+ hours of use, and the ability to control the speed and intensity of the ‘up and down’ motion. Plus, it comes in three sizes: A, B, and C.

On the down side, the Autoblow 2+ XT markets itself as “not silent”. It also doesn’t have the Internet capabilities that the Autoblow AI has.

So when this male masturbator claims itself as being a “workhorse of a masturbator for men who enjoy the simplicity of single dial control,” they truly mean it. It works and it gets the job done in an uncomplicated and reasonably priced manner.  


  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • It is cost-effective
  • It has an industrial-strength construction 
  • You can use different sleeves interchangeably
  • It can be used for 500+ hours
  • You can control the speed and intensity of the motion
  • It comes in three different sizes


  • It’s not silent
  • It doesn’t have Internet capabilities like the Autoblow AI+ does, which means you cannot download different stroking methods nor use voice or remote control commands
  • It needs to be plugged in during use

Unique Features

  • It’s the cheapest of the three Autoblow blowjob machine
  • It has a shelf life of 500 hours plus
  • It comes in three different sizes

Autoblow VacuGlide

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The Autoblow VacuGlide should come with the tagline, “Go big or go home!” in our opinion. This machine is a suction-based stroker and offers so many tantalising blowjob options and technologically-advanced functions. Like the king of all Autoblow masturbators

This blowjob machine weighs in at an outstanding 5.8 kilograms, and offers a solid 0.3 centimetre-thick aluminium body. It has a customisable stroking distance and comes with three sizes of penis receivers so that it fits any penis owner perfectly. Not just that, but you can use this machine flaccid, as it’ll help you to get and keep an erection. This could be extremely helpful for those who are living with erectile dysfunction.

The VacuGlide is electronically-operated with its valves allowing you to vary the level of suction that you experience whilst your penis is being stroked. It’s quiet (with a mere low whirring sound that comes from the piston and motor), and comes with a neat backpack for discreet storage.

Additionally, the Autoblow VacuGlide has the ability to adjust its suction for immediate arousal and it comes with a ‘pause’ button, allowing you to edge your way into explosive orgasms. Plus, it offers hands-free play if you position the hose under your leg whilst lying down.

Note: this male pleasure device is geared more towards advanced users.


  • It has a customisable stroking distance
  • It has three sizes of penis receivers for all sizes
  • It can be used whilst flaccid as it can promote and help keep an erection
  • It uses a suction action and a stroking action at the same time
  • The suction can be adjusted
  • It has a ‘pause’ button if things get too intense or if you’d like to practise edging
  • It offers hands-free play
  • It’s quiet
  • It comes with a discreet backpack for storage


  • It weighs near-six kilograms
  • It doesn’t offer Internet AI capabilities like the Autoblow AI+ which means you cannot download different stroking methods nor use voice or remote control commands
  • It is very pricey

Unique Features

  • It has a customisable stroking distance
  • It comes with three sizes of penis receivers
  • It can be used either flaccid or erect
  • It uses a suction action
  • One can enjoy both a suction action plus a stroking action simultaneously 
  • It has a ‘pause’ button

    Which Autoblow Is Right for You?

    And now comes the ultimate question: which Autoblow blowjob machine is right for you? 

    Well, given the fact that all three of these Autoblow male masturbators are all quite unique, it shouldn’t be too hard to decide.

    Perhaps you should ask yourself the following questions below. If you answer ‘yes’ you may choose to take our recommendation. 

    Hopefully we’ve helped you find the perfect Autoblow male sex toy for unlimited blowjobs on the regular! And isn’t it something that we live in a world where this is possible? Outstanding!

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