How to Use the Autoblow A.I Men’s Sex Toy and Our Full Review

How to Use the Autoblow A.I Men’s Sex Toy and Our Full Review

While there are thousands of blogs and articles out there claiming to know the best sex toys for men, or toys that mimic the real deal for penis owner, we have to say… we’ve yet to come across a better pleasure product for men than that from Autoblow.

No, really. The Autoblow A.I Stroking Blowjob Machine is actually otherworldly. 

Autoblow A.I Men’s Sex Toy and Our Full Review

Today, we’re going to reveal every little detail about this magnificent artificial intelligence blowjob machine, so that you can revel in the sheer ecstasy that it brings. 

We’ll go into detail about how to use the Autoblow A.I Blowjob Machine, and give you a full review, as well as tell you why it’s better than your average run-of-the-mill sex toy for men

By the end, you’ll not only be fully informed, but ready to go out (or hover your mouse), pining to purchase. No lies.

What is the Autoblow A.I Sex Toy?

The Autoblow A.I. sex toy was brought into fruition due to years of research. After thousands of hours analysing blowjob oral sex videos, snippets, tutorials and more, the company, Autoblow, learned the ins and outs of the real-life movements that occur during an actual blowjob. 

After this, they got down to the good stuff! They put all their knowledge into this small machine, tweaked and tested it, and managed to create the world’s best blowjob machine. But they didn’t just do that. They marketed this sex toy in such a fun, light-hearted way, that it actually makes it even more appealing. 

Their promo video shows a collection of disgruntled men either frustrated with the whole dating experience, or annoyed because their partner won’t give (good) head. They then go on to describe the annoyances of manual masturbation, or the chore of using a sex toy that requires you to do all the work yourself. 

Then suddenly, the magical Autoblow A.I. appears. A motorised machine that uses its own onboard mini-computer to move its penis gripper and silicone sleeve to any of 250 different positions, resulting in the real-deal experience (one that’s highly orgasmic to say the least).

What’s their “magic sauce”? Artificial Intelligence! Ready to splash a bit of magic sauce on your member?

Autoblow A.I

How Does the Autoblow A.I Work and How Do You Use it?

To use the Autoblow A.I. blowjob machine is easy (it literally does all the heavy lifting for you!). Simply insert your lubricated penis into the silicone sleeve, press the play button to cycle through the 10 different blowjob experiences. Each experience delivers different stroking techniques. 

Here are the 10 stroking techniques of the Autoblow A.I

  • Full stroke: strokes the maximum length
  • Intense edge: three seconds of movement, two seconds of pause
  • Fast edge: 15 seconds of movement, two seconds of pause
  • Teasing slow stroke: two movements followed by a half second pause
  • Top stroke: strokes close to the opening of the sleeve at the base of the penis
  • Bottom stroke: strokes at the top of the sleeve near the head of the penis
  • Top and bottom stroke: alternates between top stroke and bottom stroke
  • Master stroke 1: a combination of full stroke, top stroke, and bottom stroke
  • Master stroke 2: similar to master stroke 1, but with different speeds
  • A.I. Mystery stroke: a random combination of all the different patterns and speeds

What’s also pretty darn exciting about this Autoblow A.I blowjob machine is that it allows men to practice stamina training. You can do this by pressing pause at any given time, allowing you to delay your orgasm. 

Why stamina training? It’ll help you to go longer and harder when you’re with your partner, and is also a possible way in which to treat premature ejaculation. When you’re ready for more action, press pause again to gain your momentum.

And finally, once you experience fireworks, clean-up is super simple. Just pull out the sleeve, spill out any liquid you’ve deposited inside into the sink, then wash the sleeve with soap and water.

Cherry on top? While the Autoblow A.I. blowjob machine comes with a silicone mouth sleeve, it also has two add-on sleeves (for additional purchase), so you can swap it out for a different-textured experience any time you like. 

The Autoblow A.I. Silicone Vagina Masturbator Sleeve transforms your blowjob fun into a simulation of penetrative sex. The interior is textured and feels just like the real thing. And then, the Autoblow A.I. Silicone Anus Masturbator Sleeve too has a textured interior, but feels even tighter for that amazing anal sex experience.

Then, when it comes to its power, this incredibly life-like sex toy for men doesn’t need batteries as it plugs into any electrical outlet. It also works with VR headsets (putting you right in the action). It’s built to last, using a heavy-duty all-metal motor, and is suitable for almost all sizes.

Autoblow A.I Blowjob machine

How Loud is the Autoblow A.I?

How loud is the Autoblow A.I. you ask? Well, it’s such an upgrade from its predecessor, the Autoblow 2, that it’s actually 50 percent quieter. Surprisingly, it’s also three times more powerful. However, in general, it is still relatively loud. 

And while we recommend this male sex toy to anyone who’s looking for a masterpiece in sex tech, we don’t think it’d be a good idea for those who live in close proximity to family, friends, or housemates under one roof.

How Do You Tighten the Spring Within the Autoblow A.I?

On the inside of the Autoblow A.I there are two sets of rounded beads on springs. These rounded beads are attached to the piston and the motor at the base of the toy. 

Using the motor, these beads are able to move up and down a total length of four inches either way, which then prompts the springs to work. They’re able to stretch, which is why (as previously mentioned) this blowjob machine is suitable for almost all sizes.

Having said that, there is no need to tighten the spring. This piece of art grips and creates friction for you at a level of tightness depending on your sleeve. 

In other words, purchasing one or two of the additional sleeves will give you varying levels of tightness to suit whatever you’re craving.

What Makes it Different Compared to Other Male Sex Toys?

As they say, the devil is in the details. There is undoubtedly no other male sex toy that uses A.I to such an extent that all the work is done for you in an effortless, life-like manner. 

Sure, there are dozens of male masturbators and other male sex toys available today, but have they done thousands of hours of research that involved looking at blowjob videos? We think not. 

Autoblow has crafted this blowjob machine with such precision that it’s almost impossible to compare it to any other male sex toy, and that’s the long and the short of it.

JOUJOU's Full Review of the Autoblow A.I

After giving you the full low-down of the Autoblow A.I blowjob machine, we’ve rounded up some key points to give you a well-rounded full review.

Pros of the Autoblow A.I Blowjob Machine

  • It has the secret ingredient: artificial intelligence
  • It gives you the element of surprise using its different “experience” buttons
  • It has a pause button allowing users to practice stamina training
  • It’s quieter than any of Autoblow’s other sex toys for men
  • It’s ergonomic 
  • It doesn’t require batteries
  • It has a mystery 10th setting, which is a combination of the other nine
  • It strokes, caresses, and sucks in unison mimicking the best blowjob of your life
  • The silicone is ultra-realistic, adding to the real-feel experience
  • It gives users the feeling of being deepthroated
  • It’s flexible enough to fit almost all sizes
  • It has interchangeable sleeves
  • It is three times as powerful than its predecessor 

Cons of the Autoblow A.I Blowjob Machine

  • It is on the louder side, which means it is not very discrete
  • You’ll have to hold the machine with both hands because it’s bulky in size
  • You may need to re-apply water-based lubricant every 10 minutes or so (if you last)
  • It is not compatible with silicone-based lubricant 
  • It’s not waterproof
  • The device is powered by the grid only
  • The device needs to be plugged into an outlet during use, limiting usability 
  • It doesn’t have a handle or table mount 
  • It may not work as well for those with a larger girth 

So, now that you’ve been given the 411 on the Autoblow A.I Blowjob Machine, what’s your verdict? Our opinion? This advanced piece of sex tech is at the forefront of sexual bliss. And while there are a few down sides, the pros far outweigh the cons. 

We also suggest taking a gander at some of our water-based lubricants to pair with your new favourite sex toy for men. Basically, it’s time to get that sexy, erotic, slippery automatic thrusting action going by taking advantage of all that this A.I has to offer.


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