Valentine Gift Guide for Him

Valentine Gift Guide for Him


Gift giving is difficult, and have you ever felt like men can be even more difficult to buy for?  Who wants another tie or wallet? It never fails, we get a week or two away from Valentine’s Day and we have no clue what to find our lover. JouJou has a long list of toys any man would love, but the hard part is finding the right one to match his personality.

You know your lover’s likes and dislikes as well as his personality better than we could, so we suggest picking the personality type and explore the possibilities from there.  We hope that we give you just the right direction for that perfect Valentine’s affection.


Experimental and Adventurous? This guy is up for anything as long as you don’t tell the people in your carpool or your hairdresser.

We suggest the njoy Pfun Plug. It was designed with the intention to massage the prostate, and the P-spot gets its groove on whether using manual control or hands-off with anal muscles.  

Reserved but open to trying new things?  This guy’s not done much experimentation with toys but he’s curious and wants to find something so you can join in on the toy fun.

TENGA Reusable Vacuum Cup in Gentle is a suction cup for the penis - yes you read that right - and it allows for hygienic  clean up with a quick rinse and dry. He can keep going on his own or with you. There are three options but we suspect your reserved guy might want to start Gentle before you work your way through the other options.

Dom? A Dominant won't generally make a sub buy toys but may if they already specified what was wanted or needed.

A Reversible Paddle would be a great gift for the Dominant Man who likes to give his sub spankings. Plus, didn’t he break your last one? It has leather on one side and neoprene on the other, so you can choose what you want to feel just by turning it over.

Sub? A Submissive is looking for that perfect, consistent subspace and put up with whatever you can dish out or pick out for them, by you'll choose the best for your partner no matter what.

He will be compliant and under your control while wearing this devious chastity cage. It's made of stainless steel and has a curved spine with enclosure rings among other features to surely put him in his Sub space. Just place him in the cage and fasten the base ring behind the testicles, then lock him up with the enclosed lock and key set. You decide when he is free…

Vanilla Ice cream? This guy isn’t interested in anything kinky and really only enjoys three positions in the bedroom only. This guy is missing out, but we make no judgments.

The Pornhub official collection turbo cock ring will be the perfect gift for the vanilla guy who will accept no penetration. This won’t require him to do anything different than normal. The stretchy silicone allows for comfort during sex while providing stimulation to your partner.

Kinkster or fetish guy? This guy has a kink that gets him off every time. His tried and true intimate desires can range from Latex fascination, quirophilia, three different things at once, etc. The list could go on and on…

The Pornhub Ultimate Bondage Set will be perfect for this fetish positive guy. Whether he’s new to bondage or a more experienced participant, it’s everything necessary for a full-on kinky session - rope, cuffs, ball gag, mask, and flogger - so you can dominate and be dominated.

The day for Valentine’s Day romance and good sex has arrived, so make it everything your special man hopes for with a gift chosen specifically for his desires.

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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