Submissive and Dominant Relationships Explained

Submissive and Dominant Relationships Explained

Submissive and Dominant Relationships Explained
Submissive/dominant relationships are a largely stereotyped kink that isn't exactly what you might think! Many people think sub-dom sex is violent and dangerous, but that's not always the case. In a consensual sub-dom partnership it looks a lot different than the assumption. The submissive´s role is to please the dom, but the dom also does a lot of work to show off for their sub. Spanking and hair pulling is not just for the dominant´s entertainment; in a well-matched couple, this is exactly what the submissive wants. Often the submissive chooses their dom, not the other way around! The dom does not always identify as male, contrary to belief; often males are submissive and it has nothing to do with how they rank outside of the bedroom. There is also after-care, in which the dom helps clean up and care for the sub partner. This is a huge part of the bonding experience for a romantic sub/dom couple. Submission and dominance are related to BDSM but they aren't exactly synonymous as the tools for submission and dominance don´t have to include things like whips and chains. It´s different for everyone! Here are a few tools to get you started:

The Scandal Bed Restraint Kit is perfect to introduce a new dom and sub relationship. It´s great for preparing each partner for the role and it isn't anything too intense yet. This kit includes a ball gag, blindfold, and body restraint with cuffs. Pin and tie your partner down, silence them, and make it so they can't see what´s about to happen next. This set is also easy to pair with lots of other toys.

Whip play is usually the next step. If you've already tried spanking, now it's time to turn up the heat. It´s important you buy a whip that will not be too painful for a beginner and can hold up to time. The
Sensua Suede Whip is the whip you need, with tassels made of leather so it can be gentle and teasing, or rough and stinging. The material is also easy to clean and will last a long time even with heavy use. This toy is also easy to pair with other toys that don't require your hands to use such as restraints, plugs and clamps, many vibrators, and more!

Restraints aren't just for the bed. The
Scandal Submissive Kit has cuffs, a collar and leash, and nipple clamps that pull from the collar. It´s perfect to order around your sub from all over the house, and can also be used to introduce pet play too. This is another kit that can be used alone or with other toys.

Air suspension is very common in more hardcore sub/dom play and this toy can help train both partners up to it. It's also great to start building up a sex dungeon if that´s what you're looking for. The
Fantasy Strap cuffs around your partner's wrists or ankles and is attached to an O ring on your ceiling. The other end comes out the O ring and is used to pull on your partner to the extent you desire. The strap can be secured and allow you to move around hands-free and do whatever you want to your partner with the toys you choose.  

Sub/dom relationships can take time to build up and rely on trust. It´s important neither partner rushes into anything too fast. This kink works for all gender in the roles they choose, and it pairs easily with lots of other types of play! These toys will help guide you along the way.   
Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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  • Randall

    My wife has been into the dom and sub scene for a little while now. I am trying to get into in hopes to make our relationship and connection even tighter. We are not using this to try save our marriage or anything strictly fun honest she don’t know I’m looking into it to try. This was very helpful is there any other advise you could give to help me understand little better and make it a better experience for us?

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