Sending Nudes: Playful or Dangerous? Facts and Figures Revealed

Sending Nudes: Playful or Dangerous? Facts and Figures Revealed

Long are the days of courting and using full sentences to try and get a gorgeous man or woman to go home with you. See you later face-to-face flirting, and bon voyage to buying drinks for someone cute at the bar in hopes of being recognized. 

We’re living in a brand new era. One where seeing someone naked and organizing a sexual tryst doesn’t even require you to be in the same room, city, country, or even continent. What a great time to be alive, right?

Now, we’re looking at social media channels, dating apps, and instant messenger to do all the dirty work for us. Heck, we don’t even have to use more than one or two words anymore in hopes of getting laid. “Wud?” “U up?” or a personal favourite, “Send nudes”. These terribly written words actually work, and let us tell you why… 

In a 2019 survey zoning in on just over 1,000 Americans, new information came to light about the way in which they send nude photos of themselves to people they know, and people they don’t know. 

It was found that 56 percent of women admitted to sending a nude photo which included their breasts, genitals, and face, and 33 percent of men had sent a dick pic that included their face. This is all fine and well, if you were a willing adult participant who was happy to do so, but there are more disturbing facts about to emerge… 

It was found that 62 percent of 18 - 29 year olds had received a nude pic without asking, which is an issue on its own. But 47 percent of women and 12 percent of men agreed to receiving a nude that they actively did not want. Regardless, the majority of adults under 30 (72 percent) are still sending and receiving these images. 

What’s also interesting, is the way in which dating apps and social media have encouraged the spread of sending nudes. It was found that one in five dating app users have sent their match a nude photo! 

So if sending and receiving these kinds of images is your thing (or not), you can head to:

  • Tinder, where 40 percent of users are swapping pics
  • Plenty of Fish, where 27 percent of users are swapping pics
  • OKCupid, where 19 percent of users are swapping pics
  • Match and eHarmony, where 9 percent of users are swapping pics
  • Bumble, where 4 percent of users are swapping pics

Among these dating app users, 37 percent had sent or received a nude photo from a match before they’d actually met. 

What’s scary about this, is the fact that seven out of 10 of these nude photo swappers didn’t go on to meet each other in real life, resulting in strangers walking around with nude photos of other strangers. 

The study also found that women are more than twice as likely to actually sell their nude photos, for an average of just under $74, than men: 17 percent of women vs. seven percent of men. 

And when the tables are turned, it was found that 30 percent of men would pay to receive a nude from someone they knew or their favourite celebrity, yet only six percent of women would do the same.

Onto more shocking statistics, one in 10 people were so keen on saving a nude, they took a screenshot of one that was meant to be temporary. The survey revealed that this method was the most popular way of getting a nude photo. 

After this, nudes were acquired either by:

  • Receiving it from a friend: 10 percent of men, and two percent of women
  • Taking one in-person: eight percent of men, and six percent of women
  • Taking a screenshot of a video call: six percent of men, and six percent of women
  • Buying it from a third party: one percent of men, and one percent of women

And for those who are sending nudes to those they’re in a committed relationship with, be cautious. It was found that half of the people held onto those photos even after they’d broken up with their significant others.

And what are ex-lovers doing with these photos? Revenge porn aside, some are using them as a means to get off. This seemed to rattle the majority of females, with many feeling disgusted, regretful, angry, and sad at the notion. Men, on the other hand, were predominantly flattered, sexually aroused, proud, and amused by the idea.

So, boys and girls, it seems as though it’s probably better to keep it in your pants and not on your screens, ey?

Article by: 
Helena Lorimer at JOUJOU

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