Bored in the Bedroom? There’s an App for That!

Bored in the Bedroom? There’s an App for That!


If you’re sexually active, the chances are pretty high that you’ve experienced a dry spell, aka a prolonged period of time without any sex, once or twice in your life. Or, perhaps you’re just plain bored in the bedroom?

And sure, there are some awesome ways you can get off by yourself, but sometimes a dash of spice is all that’s really needed in order to scratch the proverbial itch. 

So while we’d like to thank technology for all the cool things we can use today, like microwaves, Playstation, the telephone etc. etc. we’d also like to thank the creators of the app, Kindu.

What is Kindu?

Kindu is an app that has been created for couples to reconnect and explore their sexuality. And because so many of us feel ashamed, embarrassed or shy to talk to our partners about what we really want, this app is the perfect way to open up about your sexual preferences, fantasies, and desires without actually having the awkward conversation.

Interestingly, this app was created by a group of doctors who realised just how vulnerable one would need to be to disclose any sexual preferences, kinks, or dysfunctions to their partner. And so, Kindu was born… a non-judgemental way to keep intimacy alive and to encourage communication, connection, and fun.

How Does Kindu Work?

First, you’ll both have to download the app and connect with each other. Then, you’ll be given the option of swiping left or right on over 1000 romantic and sexual ideas.

The app works in a similar fashion to Tinder in that it will only reveal to your partner the sexual ideas that you have both said yes to. In this way, there is no way for one or both partners to give any intimate details away that may cause a negative reaction.

The Success of Kindu

Of course the proof is in the pudding, and so… we did the research to see if this sexual health app actually did make a positive impact on couples.

Some user reviews:

Really helped me explore my desires with a long term partner, and it suggested lots of romantic ideas too! A great idea, and well made.”

“Fun and sexy. It doesn't link you to anyone but your partner. It allows you to create customised wild cards, and has me thinking about my partner, and fun new firsts, everyday! I absolutely love this app.”

“Has practically saved a 20-year marriage that was becoming a routine. This app brought the "ZING" back into the bedroom.”

“My fiance and I are enjoying Kindu very much! Our sex life went from extremely boring to adult movie quality.”

With that, you can never go wrong with adding a sexy toy or two to the mix either… 

Sex Toys for Couples to Add Spice to the Bedroom

IDA Couples Massager: Passion is best when shared, and the IDA Couples Massager by LELO is something that’ll definitely evoke passion. It’s a device worn by her during sex, and the vibration pattern and rotation is controlled via remote control. Recommended by couples worldwide, this sex toy for couples will definitely be an added bonus in the bedroom.

WeVibe Match Couples Vibrator: For extra stimulation to the clitoris and the G-spot, this couples sex toy is worn by her during sex and allows for both partners to feel the rumbling vibrations during your tryst. It has 10 vibration modes, is remote-controlled, waterproof, and rechargeable. 

Couples Vibrating Play Ring: This is an elastic cock ring with an internal bullet that houses three levels of vibration. It’s been carefully crafted with a textured tip to give her direct clitoral stimulation, and helps him maintain stronger and bigger erections. 

Fantasy X-Tensions Vibrating Couples Cage: This multi-faceted couples sex is definitely something you’ll want to try. Not only does it add one inch to the length of his penis, but also enhances his erection while giving her direct clitoris stimulation with each thrust. With three speeds and a textured body, this is quite a cheeky little number.

Are you ready to take your bedroom time fun from zero to hero? Yay for after dark shenanigans!

Article by:
Helena Lorimer at JOUJOU

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