Introducing Vush: Our Review Of the Full Range and Why We Love The Brand

Introducing Vush: Our Review Of the Full Range and Why We Love The Brand

We’re seeing sex toy brands pop up on a near-day basis. And while some hardly even make an impact, there are a few that totally change the game. Vush is one of those sex toy brands. 

Truthfully, we’re obsessed with their sex toys, not just because they’re beautiful in design and how they function effortlessly, but also because of what they stand for. 

Let’s take a walk through the world of Vush, a relatively new sex toy brand that’s taken the world by storm.

What’s So Great About Vush? We Have Reviewed the Full Range for You

Vush is a sexual wellness brand that’s inclusive and brimming with intimate potential. One of their biggest goals is for you to love yourself, no matter who you are, where you come from, or who you love. 

They’ve been featured in some of the world’s leading and influential magazines, journals, and other media, and pride themselves on exploring the world of sex tech so that you don’t have to. Thank you, Vush!

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Vush also markets themselves as “for the beginners, for the nervous, for the curious, for the brave. For anyone who was made to feel shame about their body. For anyone who has been taught not to prioritise their pleasure.” 

They’ve opened up a space for any and everyone to embrace themselves, sexually and intimately, with their proactive philosophy, and it’s been met with open arms by all sex toy shops and resellers. We too are proud to have Vush pleasure products on our online sex toy store.

In short, they’re not just a sex toy brand, they’re an advocate for change. They want to change the conversation around sexual wellness by creating pleasure products that are worth talking about. Are we ready to talk about them? Yes! And actually, we can’t wait!

When did Vush Stimulation begin?

Vush Stimulation was created in Melbourne, Australia, and began their journey of empowering all bodies with their pleasure products in 2018. 

They’re an e-commerce sex toy brand that has seen amazing success due to their strong morals of encouraging self-love and self-pleasure. 

Who owns Vush Stimulation?

A lot of credit goes to Luke Vucinic, who is one of the founders and directors at Vush Stimulation

Alas, they’ve gone above and beyond because of their incredible and diverse team that continuously work on bringing out even more thrilling sex toys whilst spreading their message of empowerment and sexual satisfaction for all.

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What is a Vush toy?

A Vush sex toy is a pleasure product used to for solo or partnered play. 

Vush offers a range of different sex toys, from G-Spot stimulation, clitoral stimulation, and dual stimulation to other items that enhance one’s overall wellbeing. These include things such as intimate body washes and intimate care wipes. 

Are Vush toys waterproof?

Vush toys are waterproof (IPX7) for a bit of bubble bath fun and power showers, either solo or with a partner. An IPX7 waterproof rating means that they can be submerged in water for about 30 minutes.

Are Vush toys discreet and quiet?

Vush toys pride themselves on being extremely quiet and discreet. They thrive on offering pleasure products that have a quiet design, using whisper-quiet technology for those times when you need a little pick-me-up without any Nosy Nellies.

Our Vush product reviews

Now for the more enticing part… we can’t wait to introduce you to our line of Vush toys. What is it that you’re craving?

Shop JOUJOU VUSH Muse Rabbit Vibrator

Vush Muse Rabbit Vibrator

“Be your own Muse,” is the tagline for this magnificent and elegant-looking rabbit vibrator from Vush. It offers dual stimulation (G-Spot and clitoral), has eight different vibration patterns and five levels of intensity, showering you with blended orgasms on the regular. But what’s even more impressive is that both arms can be used for different kinds of clitoral stimulation. Its small arm is flexible with precision point vibrations for extra bliss, while the larger arm can be used externally, using gentle back and forth motions on the clitoris. If it is G-Spot stimulation you’re after, the larger arm will move effortlessly against the G-Spot, giving you firework-inducing big O’s. The best part? This Vush Muse Rabbit Vibrator is genderless and can be used in cisgender men and those assigned male at birth for some delicious prostate stimulation. 

Shop JOUJOU: VUSH MYTH G-Spot Vibrator

Vush Myth G-Spot Vibrator

Use this piece of art for internal stimulation or external stimulation, allowing you to play your own way while claiming your power. If it’s G-Spot euphoria you’re after, the Myth G-Spot Vibrator from Vush is curved in all the right places and has a unique texture, heightening your fun. And if it’s clitoral stimulation you’re after, simply place this beauty on your sweet spot to enjoy one or more of the 25 personalised vibration levels and intensities. It’s made of medical grade silicone, charges via USB magnetic charging, and has a low-battery warning for no abrupt disappointments mid-play.


Shop JOUJOU: Vush Rose 2 Rumbly, Precision Bullet Vibrator

Vush Rose 2 Rumbly, Precision Bullet Vibrator

Petite and pleasure-inducing, Vush Rose 2 is a bullet vibrator that’s gentle, flexible, yet oh so delicious. And the best part is, it’s genderless and suitable for all bodies. In other words, it’s ready to rumble when you are! Use it to externally stimulate your clitoris, shaft, balls, perineum, nipples, or any other zone, or you can insert it to experience something similar to being on Cloud Nine. Take a journey through its 25 levels and intensities, use it solo or with a partner, and enjoy its soft, medical-grade silicone on your skin or inside of you.

Shop JOUJOU: Vush Majesty 2 Wand Vibrator

Vush Majesty 2 Wand Vibrator (as seen in Cardi B’s music video ‘Up’)

Even with its appearance in Cardi B’s music video ‘Up’ that’s not even the best part about this wand vibrator from Vush. It’s the fact that it comes with a whopping 50 settings! That’s a lot of fun and space for experimentation. In fact, it’s been marketed in such a way that it’s perfect for beginner and regular players! Take it for a spin and feel the sense of empowerment that comes with holding and using this gorgeous pleasure product from Vush.

 Shop JOUJOU" Vush It’s All Good Intimate Body Wash

Vush It’s All Good Intimate Body Wash

Our bodies are magical temples, and we owe it to ourselves to treat it as such. That’s why Vush has come out with an intimate body wash that’s been formulated to really take care of and treat your most sacred spots. It’s a gentle wash that’s safe for your pits, bits, and any other part of your body that deserves a little TLC. It’s free of unnecessary pH-affecting formulas, is all-natural, fragrance-free, vegan and cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and moisturises and cleanses.

Shop JOUJOU: Vush You Do You Intimate Care Wipes

Vush You Do You Intimate Care Wipes

For those moments where you feel slightly uncomfortable, hot, or sweaty, Vush has your back (or rather, your front) with their You Do You Intimate Care Wipes. They’re perfect to use whenever and as needed, as it supports all the good stuff your body does on its own. In fact, you can use these intimate wipes post-sex, for toy cleaning, period refreshing, and more. They’re fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-free, 100 percent cotton, and have aloe extract and chamomile for its soothing and calming properties.

So, are you glad you’ve been introduced to the world of Vush? This pleasure product company really does care about you, the environment, and empowering all bodies. And using their sex toys will encourage and enhance this for you too!

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  • Jen Schwartz

    I’ve yet to explore any Vush products, but I’m already in love with their brand! Feminist values, aesthetically-pleasing pastel hues, and a price point well below most luxe pleasure products are all aspects to get excited about. Happy to see you’ve brought on their line and love your product descriptions!

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