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VUSH Collection

VUSH is challenging the way people think and talk about self-love, and championing pleasure as the next big thing in self-care. Everybody is a good body, and VUSH is always exploring new ways to help you celebrate that. VUSH wants you to love loving yourself.


VUSH is a sexual wellness brand that loves self-love. We want you to feel as amazing as we know you are, so we’re changing the conversation around female pleasure and sexual wellness. VUSH's range is designed to empower you to embrace your body, and our Self Love movement and growing community is there to support you every step of the way as we break the stigma and embrace more self-love together. These aren’t the sex toys you’re used to. VUSH's fully female design team create products that challenge what a sex toy has to be. They’re perfectly designed for your pleasure, cute enough to show off, and beloved by babes all around the world.