10 Waterproof Sex Toys for Solo Shower Time Fun

10 Waterproof Sex Toys for Solo Shower Time Fun

Sometimes, spending some quality time with ourselves is exactly what the doctor ordered. When we take the time to sit down alone, we can focus on the things that we often neglect but matter.

Reading, meditating, introspection, blogging, or even painting… all of these things are possible when we’re all on our lonesome.

What’s also possible when we’re alone, is some cheeky solo playtime. And we know that change is as good as a holiday, which is why we’re encouraging you to take your favourite toy into the shower! 

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Herewith, 10 of our favourite waterproof sex toys that’ll definitely shake things up!

 Shop JOUJOU: LELO Gigi 2 G Spot Vibrator

1. LELO Gigi 2 G Spot Vibrator

Looking for orgasmic satisfaction? The Lelo Gigi 2 offers versatility making it a favourite among users seeking pleasurable experiences in the shower. This fantastic G-spot vibrator for her screams luxury. Its sleek design and powerful vibrations make it an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their bath or shower experiences. With its waterproof feature, you can confidently enjoy stimulating yourself without worrying about water damage. 

Shop JOUJOU: WeVibe Touch X Lay-on Vibrator & Massager

2. WeVibe Touch X Lay-on Vibrator & Massager

A sleek sex toy that’s got gentle contours that fit different parts of your intimate zone perfectly. 

The WeVibe Touch X ergonomic design allows for comfortable handling and precise stimulation, making it perfect for solo play or intimate moments with a partner. With its powerful motor and 8 vibration modes, including four new intensity levels, the WeVibe Touch X offers a customisable experience tailored to your desires. Crafted from body-safe silicone, the WeVibe Touch X is soft to the touch and easy to clean, making it a reliable companion for exploring pleasure to shower fun time.

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3. Satisfyer Pro 3 Plus Vibration

Intense orgasms? Cue the Satisfyer Pro 3 Plus Vibration

The Satisfyer Pro 3 Plus Vibration, with its IPX7 waterproof rating, is an ideal choice for enhancing intimate moments in the shower or bath. This feature ensures worry-free enjoyment during solo play, allowing you to explore pleasure. With 11 pressure wave intensities and 10 vibration modes, this device offers a diverse range of sensations to suit your preferences. The Satisfyer Pro 3 Plus Vibration is not only safe but also easy to maintain. So indulge in sensual shower time fun with confidence, thanks to the waterproof capabilities of this stimulating device!

Shop JOUJOU: Ora 3 Oral Stimulator by LELO

4. LELO Ora 3 Oral Stimulator

Love being eaten out but don’t fancy the hassle of inviting a date over? The LELO Ora 3 is here to give you a helping mouth.

This sophisticated device offers a unique sensation that mimics the feeling of oral sex, delivering intense stimulation to the clitoris. With its ergonomic design and premium materials, the LELO Ora 3 ensures comfortable handling and a luxurious experience. It features 12 different stimulation patterns, allowing you to customise your pleasure according to your preferences. Additionally, the Ora 3 is fully waterproof and safe for water play.

Shop JOUJOU: Fun Factory Big Boss G5 XL Vibrator

5. Fun Factory Big Boss G5 XL

If deep penetration is what you lust after, Fun Factory is here with Big Boss G5 XL.

Its XL size offers a fuller sensation, making it perfect for those who enjoy a more substantial toy. With its curved shaft and pronounced ridges, the Big Boss G5 XL provides targeted G-spot stimulation for mind-blowing orgasms. This vibrator features 6 vibration intensities and 6 vibration patterns, allowing you to customise your experience to suit your desires. Additionally, it is suitable for use in the shower or bath for added versatility and excitement. Whether you're exploring solo pleasure or incorporating it into partnered play, the Big Boss G5 XL is sure to satisfy your deepest desires.

Shop JOUJOU: Lovense Hyphy Clitoral Stimulator

6. Lovense Hyphy Clitoral Stimulator

A promise of dual sensation in just one toy! Add Lovense Hyphy to your collection.

The Lovense Hyphy Clitoral Stimulator is a cutting-edge pleasure device that offers a combination of features for intense satisfaction. With its IPX7 waterproof rating, it's perfect for exploring pleasure in the shower without worry. This innovative stimulator features dual motor vibration providing ultra-strong stimulation at the tip of the clitoris and a powerful G-spot vibrator at the base. It comes with an attachment for versatile stimulation options, allowing you to customise your experience which is all the convincing we need!

Shop JOUJOU: Femme Funn Ultra Bullet Massager

7. Femme Funn Ultra Bullet Massager

A compact size but a discreet toy for shower play. Femme Funn is here to play! 

The Femme Funn Ultra Bullet is a sleek and powerful bullet vibrator, a small yet mighty perfect for on-the-go pleasure or discreet use at home. It features three powerful speeds and 17 vibration patterns that promise to deliver thrilling sensations and unforgettable orgasms.

Shop JOUJOU: WeVibe Melt Clitoral Stimulator

8. WeVibe Melt Clitoral Stimulator

Want a gentle suction but pulsating waves that will leave you breathless? 

WeVibe Melt Clitoral Stimulator is your game-changer! You can easily find the perfect setting to satisfy your desires with its 12 intensity levels of pleasure. Plus, it's app-enabled, giving you or your partner the power to control it remotely with the We-Connect app. Whether you're exploring solo or spicing things up with your partner, the WeVibe Melt promises mind-blowing pleasure every time.

Shop JOUJOU: Womanizer Wave Clitoral Stimulation Shower Head

9. Womanizer Wave Clitoral Stimulation Shower Head

Spice up your shower routine or add some excitement in shower play with this Womanizer Wave

This shower head is designed to enhance your self-pleasure experience with the sensual touch of water. This innovative shower head offers multiple settings, including PleasureJet and PleasureWhirl, which stimulate the clitoris with targeted, pulsating jets for intense pleasure. Additionally, the PowderRain setting provides a luxurious shower experience for indulgent relaxation. Womanizer Wave is also a lightweight ergonomic form for comfortable, single-hand control, making it easy to explore the satisfying sensations of water stimulation. It is surely an essential addition to your self-care routine!

Shop JOUJOU: Dame Pom Silicone External Stimulator

10. Dame Pom Silicone External Stimulator

Ensure a pleasurable experience at shower time! This Dame Pom is your ideal choice!

Thanks to its waterproof construction, compact size, and customisable vibrations designed to deliver pleasurable experiences in bath play. Moreover, the Dame Pom features five unique vibration patterns and five intensity levels, allowing you to customise your experience to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer gentle pulsations or powerful vibrations, the Dame Pom has you covered. making solo play in the shower even more enjoyable.

Whether you opt for a shower, bath, swimming pool, or jacuzzi playtime—these sensual toys are ready to accompany you. They’re not only waterproof, but elegant, classy, and super sensual! Have fun!

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Helena Lorimer at JOUJOU

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