6 Ways to Warm Up Your Fleshlight for Even More Pleasure

6 Ways to Warm Up Your Fleshlight for Even More Pleasure

Remember once upon a time when sex toys for men meant owning blow-up dolls? And in every instance, it was an embarrassing situation, one that was cause for ridicule. 

In fact, owning one of these life-size dolls was synonymous with someone being lonely and or unpopular. A joke, essentially.

But hooray for a change in the times because why shouldn’t men be offered sex toys to enhance their sexuality and stimulation? Seems only fair that they too are given the luxury of choice when it comes to masturbation and sex. 

And while there are way more sex toys for men available today, we’ll take a closer look at Fleshlights. More specifically, how to make it even more arousing for some solo fun.

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How to Warm Up Your Fleshlight for Even More Pleasure?

So you want to know how to warm up your Fleshlight for an even more lifelike feel and enhanced pleasure. Good news: it’s an easy task! More good news? There are a handful of ways in which you can do it. But before we talk about these different warm-up methods, let’s clear up a possible misunderstanding:

Did you know that Fleshlight is actually a brand? Many people tend to get that confused by calling various types of male masturbatorsFleshlight". This is incorrect, as there is only one sex toy that can be called a Fleshlight and that is the one created by the brand, FleshlightBut then, what does a Fleshlight do? It basically does what most male masturbators do…helps the user to enjoy simulated penetrative sex that feels like the real thing

The difference here however is that Fleshlight is quite possibly the best and most high-end male masturbator on the market today. And it comes with tons of benefits… 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Fleshlight?

  • It uses something called SuperSkin material so that the device feels like a real vagina in a body-safe way
  • It has an adjustable venting control system which prevents the buildup of potentially harmful internal hot air pressure
  • It gives off the right amount of suction to induce pleasure without causing friction or soreness
  • It has a channelled internal sleeve with bumps, grooves, nodules, etc. that stretches to enhance the real feel while accommodating different sizes 
  • It is discreet and easy to clean

And now that we’ve covered the basics, here are a few tips on how to warm up a Fleshlight for extra erotic stimulation.

What Do You Need to Warm Up Your Fleshlight?

Below you’ll find 6 different ways to warm up your Fleshlight and everything you’ll need in order to do so. 

One is an add-on that does all the heavy lifting for you, and the others are simply DIY at-home tips on how to warm up your Fleshlight

1. Buy a Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

Turn your Fleshlight into something hotter… literally, with a Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

If you choose to buy one, it’ll upgrade your device by warming up the SuperSkin Fleshlight sleeve so that it feels even more realistic—just like an incredible real sexual experience.

To use it, you’ll plug in the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer and place your Fleshlight over it. Then wait 10 minutes and, voila! 

Some of the specifics of the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer:

  • It can warm up your Fleshlight to 40 degrees Celsius in less than five minutes
  • It maintains the temperature 
  • It is USB-rechargeable 
  • It automatically turns off after a certain amount of time to prevent overheating
  • It has sturdy non-slip base pads, making it easy to use
  • It is water-resistant

2. Use an Electric Blanket

Using an electric or heated blanket to warm up your Fleshlight is super easy to do, and it’s mess-free. 

Plus, winter nights are way more cosy with an electric or heated blanket anyway, so it really is a win-win.

Here’s a how-to guide:

Grab your electric blanket and wrap it into a tight cocoon. It should resemble a tight funnel so that your Fleshlight can be placed inside.

Then, push your Fleshlight inside of the tunnel and turn your heated blanket on. Leave it inside the blanket for up to 20 minutes, and you’ll be left with a warm Fleshlight for an even sexier session.

3. Use Warm Water

This method can be a bit messy, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Besides, it works like a charm and is easy to do. 

In fact, it’s been said that this is the most popular way to warm up a Fleshlight.

To do it, you’ll need:

  • A bucket in which to pour hot water
  • Your Fleshlight

First, you’ll fill your bucket with hot water (not boiling, you may hurt yourself), then you’ll put your Fleshlight inside of the bucket for 10-15 minutes. Take it out, lube it up, and have fun.

That’s it, easy peasy.


4. Warm Up Your Lubricant First

This is one of the less messy options to warm up a Fleshlight because it doesn’t involve using the actual sleeve. 

And all that is needed is your favourite water-based lubricant, some boiling water, and your Fleshlight

How to warm up your Fleshlight using warm lubricant in 4 easy steps:

Step one: boil water to hot, making sure that it is not too hot so that you don’t burn yourself. 

Step two: pour the hot water into a bowl or a small bucket.

Step three: put your lube container inside the bowl or bucket for up to 20 minutes.

Step four: put the warm lube inside your Fleshlight sleeve and enjoy.

5. Use a Hair Dryer

While this isn’t the recommended method to use when warming up your Fleshlight, it is a creative option nonetheless. 

To warm up your Fleshlight with a hair dryer:

  • Take the top cap off of your Fleshlight
  • Grab your hair dryer and blow hot air inside of the sleeve

The perks of using a hair dryer to warm up a Fleshlight is that it is quicker than soaking it in hot water and it will maintain the warmer temperature for longer.

The not-so-perk is that it may not warm up evenly.

6. Use a Warming Lube

Another way in which your chosen lube can enhance your Fleshlight experience is to consider a warming lube

This type of lubricant contains ingredients that will give it a warming effect. 

Some warming ingredients could be: 

  • Glycerin and glycerol which will create a warming and tingling effect 
  • Capsaicin, a compound found in chilli pepper
  • Peppermint or spearmint extracts that enhance sensation
  • L-arginine, an amino acid that heightens sensitivity 
  • Cinnamon extracts to create a tingling sensation 
  • Ginger extracts that generate a warm sensation 

We recommend trying the Intimate Earth Melt Water-Based Warming Lubricant. It contains Cinnamomum Zeulanicum (bark extract) and glycerine that warms up the skin upon contact.  

Does It Actually Feel Better Heated?

While you have zero obligation to warm up your Fleshlight, many users argue that it feels a lot better. 

This is mainly because when the SuperSkin is warmed up it feels even more lifelike, which can increase overall pleasure in a big way.

Sensation aside, warming up a Fleshlights can actually extend the life and quality of your device. 

How so? If you use a cold sleeve, it may take you longer to heat it up to your body’s temperature, making the material feel less supple and less comfortable. 

Any Risks to Consider?

There are some risks to consider when warming up a Fleshlight. Of course, these risks are dependent on how you choose to warm it.

If you’re using water to warm up your sleeve or to warm up your lube, be sure that it isn’t boiling but rather, hot. You do not want to get burned.

If you’re using any other warming method, use the correct time as instructed. While a Sleeve Warmer has an automatic timer to prevent overheating, things such as an electric blanket may not.

If you’re using a warming lube, perhaps it’s a good idea to test a small amount beforehand. It may be uncomfortable if you use too much, so finding the perfect amount will be beneficial.

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Wait, Can You Heat It in the Microwave or Oven?

Unfortunately no. It may seem like the easiest way to warm up your Fleshlight, but the company itself has warned against using this method. 

This is because using a microwave or an oven will cause significant damage to your sleeve. 

For one, the silicone can melt which is not ideal, and secondly, even if the silicone does not fully melt, the integrity of the sleeve will be completely compromised.

Bottom line? Do not warm up your Fleshlight in the microwave or oven.

And so, before we bring this guide to a close: are you a newbie doing research on Fleshlights and how to use them with the curiosity to buy one? Here are our favourite Fleshlights… 

Fancy Buying a Fleshlight?

Want to enhance your masturbation game? Or maybe just change it up with a new toy? From real vagina Fleshlights to anal sex sensations, and even porn star replicas, Fleshlight has something for you.


Fleshlight Go Surge

The Fleshlight Go Surge is a travel-friendly Fleshlight because it’s discreet, portable, and compact. It also has a single-handed grip action making it easier and more fun to use. Basically, it is similar to the OG, but in smaller and sexier packaging.

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The Fleshlight Pink Lady Stamina Training feels like the real deal, allowing you to feel a replication of all the intense sensations felt during sex. It’s marketed towards stamina training but is in general a pleasure product that has the power to bring on bigger orgasms and stronger sensations. 

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Fleshlight Girls:

Fleshlight has graciously gifted the world with their line of Fleshlight Girls. Their tagline? “Get inside your favourite stars”. 

In other words, these Fleshlights are a replica of your best porn star’s real vagina. 

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TLDR? Indeed, warming up a Fleshlight before use is oftentimes way more satisfying and even more lifelike. 

Users report higher sexual satisfaction using a warmed-up Fleshlight because of its real feel and the sensation of masturbating with something that is of a body temperature

Yes, the temperature plus the SuperSkin material is a combo made in heaven.

Want to try it at home? By either using hot water, a warming lube, the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer, an electric blanket or a hair dryer, you too can experience the bliss associated with a warm Fleshlight

Simulated sex that’s the real deal!

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