Do Fleshlights Feel Like The Real Thing? The Answer To A Common Question

Do Fleshlights Feel Like The Real Thing? The Answer To A Common Question

Do Fleshlights feel like the real thing? That is likely the most common question that many men who are interested in buying a Fleshlight have. And that’s completely valid! In fact, it’s just like anything else you’re planning on buying. 

For example, you want to buy a toaster, you want to know if it works at a certain setting that you love. Or, you want to buy a pair of trousers, you want to ensure that it’ll match your favourite sweater or that it fits comfortably. Right?

So, to have the question; “Do Fleshlights feel like the real thing?” is completely normal. You don’t want to invest in something that isn’t going to do for you what you really want it to… and we get that.

Is there a difference between Fleshlights and the real thing?

Today, we’re going to give you the 411 on Fleshlights and whether they actually feel like the real thing. 

We’ll also take a look at the reasons why they may feel like the real deal, certain Fleshlights that’ll probably make you even more interested in owning one, and some other tidbits concerning the famous brand, Fleshlight

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Do Fleshlights Feel Real?

Allow us to answer it as best we can: a Fleshlight does and doesn’t feel like the real thing. But both of these answers are generally positive. Let’s explain:

How does a Fleshlight feel like the real thing?

Fleshlights can feel like the real thing because of the material that’s used. This material is called SuperSkin, and it’s Fleshlight's signature material. With this material, using a Fleshlight can feel as close to the real thing as what is possible. 

And if you’re the type of person who likes to watch porn, doing so whilst using your Fleshlight can, for sure, whisk you away to a place that makes you feel as though you’re actually having sex with the girl in the video. This is especially true if you’re mimicking the thrusts as seen in the video.

Another way that a Fleshlight feels like the real thing is the fact that it’s been made in such a way that it has a slightly tightened entrance. And when you insert yourself, you can experience somewhat of a resistance, similar to that of penetrating a vagina

Are there other ways, tricks and tips you can try to make it feel even more like the real thing? Indeed, there are!

If you warm up the sleeve and the lube before you use it, it makes it feel even more lifelike. You can do this by leaving the Fleshlight and the bottle of lube in warm water for a short amount of time. Or, you could opt for a sleeve warmer with your warmed up lube in order to heat things up a bit. For many, warming up a Fleshlight really brings it to life.

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Now let’s look at the ways in which a Fleshlight does not feel like the real thing:

For many, nothing feels as good as being in between someone’s thighs, feeling their skin, kissing, licking, and fondling them. This, of course, is something you cannot get from using your Fleshlight.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun with a Fleshlight! There are so many ways to enjoy new sensations and adventures with this sex toy for men. 

We suggest opting for the Fleshlight Shower Mount, which is an incredible invention by Fleshlight

The Shower Mount allows you to have hands-free fun, sticking to almost all surfaces, and being able to bend according to your very best position. Then, lock it so it doesn’t move, and you can thrust until your heart's content.

Then, in keeping with the topic, the Fleshlight has actually been said to feel even better than the real thing!

This is because each Fleshlight has different textures, designed to bring you various types of sensations and pleasurable experiences. It can enhance the real thing with its bumps, ridges, and bristles that aren’t offered when having sex with someone with a vagina. 

In other words, a Fleshlight is often more stimulating than a vagina. It’s tighter and it has all sorts of exotic shapes on the inside that are just not possible to experience with a woman. 

Having said that, many men have revealed that it takes them a mere two to three minutes to ejaculate after using a Fleshlight, whereas penetrative sex with their partner takes them longer.


What makes a Fleshlight feel so real?

As we mentioned earlier, Fleshlight uses their signature material called SuperSkin. SuperSkin is well-known for its highly realistic feel that actually looks and feels like the sensation of human skin.

In this way, using a Fleshlight as opposed to any other male masturbator will always have a leg-up when it comes to making one’s masturbation routine feel like the real thing.

SuperSkin is latex-free, extremely soft, smooth and non-allergenic, which is great news overall. It’s also relatively easy to clean, requiring only a wipe down with warm water and antibacterial soap.

Why else do we love SuperSkin? It automatically absorbs external temperature. So, as we mentioned putting it in warm water for a moment, you too could use ice cubes to enjoy a different kind of sensation, if temperature play is something you’re interested in.

Fleshlight offers you the chance to be with your favourite porn stars

Real-feel aside, if you’re on the fence about buying a Fleshlight, allow us to remind you that there’s an actual Fleshlight Girls Star series that allows you to be “intimate” with your favourite porn star. 

At present, you can have your way with:

The Fleshlight Girls porn star range is an exact replica of these adult actresses’ intimate parts, and thus you can feel what it would be like to have vaginal or even anal sex with them. Dream come true!

Can you include your fleshlight in your sex life?

You most certainly can include your Fleshlight in your sex life… in a number of different ways. 

How to include your Fleshlight in your sex life:

Other handy fleshlight information

As a recommendation, if you are looking for a Fleshlight that feels as real as being with a woman, we advise that you go for the Fleshlight Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit

This is a sex toy for men that’s been designed to replicate the intense sensation of intercourse but without being too intense with loads of ridges, bumps, and grooves. 

The Fleshlight Pink Lady Stamina is also great for those who are beginners, those who want to increase their sexual stamina, improve their performance and techniques, and those who want to have an intense orgasm.

Then, we have another trick we’d love to share with you if you’re looking to enhance that real feel. That is, to add either Renewing Powder or a touch of cornstarch on the device. This removes and prevents any stickiness, and helps to keep that skin-like sensation. 

Essentially, owning and using a Fleshlight is the very best when it comes to finding a male sex toy that’s as close to the real thing as possible. And there are so many amazing ways in which to use it too! Our suggestion: investing in a Fleshlight is something you simply won’t regret!

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