7 Tips for a Sexy Valentine's Day

7 Tips for a Sexy Valentine's Day

Takeaway - We've all had sweet Valentine´s Day and we've had lonely ones. This year kick it up a notch and make it a spicy, sexy day your partner will always remember. This day only comes once a year so make it unforgettable!

Do you find that Valentine´s Day is usually high-pressure but you fall short every time? Take some advice from a woman on what the secret formula is - your partner will never forget the evening or the time and thought you took to make it perfect for her!

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1. Don´t forget the usuals - Send her flowers at work and maybe even take it to another level with something silly but sweet like a singing telegram. Flowers are been-there-done-that but women like to be remembered, and they like everyone to know they´re remembered. Flowers at work are always the right move. Choose a gift for her that´s meaningful, but not a life necessity. A new washer or the lamp she´s been eyeing are useful and important, but they aren´t romantic - prepare a gift to present her with after work that requires thought into her deepest desires. It might be jewellery, it might be plane tickets, it might be a rare book, her favourite perfume, or the heels she´s been dreaming of. It depends on your woman but what matters is that you took the time to notice.

2. A night on the town - Dinner and a movie has been done and it´s tired. What´s your woman really missing? Now´s the time to book reservations at her favourite upscale place. Don´t forget to bring along her gift. Is there a play or concert she wants to attend or any other special event? Think outside the box - maybe she´d love a night under the stars at the planetarium or in a rowboat, a walk on her favourite bridge or a moonlit picnic in the park. What art exhibits are opening? Think of what she wants but rarely asks for and personalise the night for her - after all of these suggestions, maybe she´s an introvert in a highly social job and just wants a night at home. What she yearns for and doesn't voice is what is truly romantic and thoughtful.

3. Home for sexy time - Get the house set up before you leave, and don´t let her in to see it. Have her meet you or pick her up directly from work for the date night we discussed in number 1. Set some music with a timer or from your phone so that her favourite sexy tunes are playing when you open the door. Make sure she´s blindfolded with the Scandal Blackout Eyemask so you can quickly light the massage candles like Dame Massage Candle you've already set out! Have flower petals set out (her favourite flower, not just roses or whatever flower you pick up at the store) and take the blindfold off (but save it for later!), so she can follow the path you've already created to the bedroom, where you've set out her favourite negligee - or a new one you've chosen especially for her.

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4. Blindfolded orgasms - Remember that blindfold you saved just a bit before. Once she´s slipped into that negligee, put the blindfold back on. When sight is hindered, other senses are heightened. She'll struggle to contain her excitement as she waits for whatever deliciousness you have ready for her next. To begin, wait in front of her without touching, letting her sense or smell you but having no other indication of your presence. When you can no longer wait, spread her legs slowly and work your way up her thighs. Kiss her gently between her legs until she begs for more. Save yourself because you have a lot more planned and women find multiple orgasms much easier than men - use a vibrator to bring her to the edge over and over. If she has a favourite vibrator, feel free to use that, or get her a top-of-the-line Lelo Soraya 2 Rabbit Vibrator for the occasion.

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5. Tie her up - Keep it in the bed if there´s no other furniture in the bedroom but I suggest moving to a hard-backed chair (perhaps a kitchen chair you've moved there). Take the blindfold you already used and use it to tie her hands behind her back. Kiss her everywhere, especially the places that usually get ignored like her feet, knees, and arms. If she starts to beg for more, masturbate in front of her and put your penis in her mouth if she´s asking for it. Let her break free when she can´t take anymore. If you haven't already broken them out, now's the time for her favourite massage oil. We like Intimate Earth Naked Fragrance Free Massage Oil and Drip Oil Based Organic Coconut & Hemp seed Lubricant.

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6. Let her dominate you - By this time you'll have brought her to orgasm several times without letting her go quite over the edge, so she'll want to be in control. Let her turn the blindfold on you. Have her flip you onto your stomach and spank you to punish you - even keep the Bondage Couture Paddle or the Scandal Flogger nearby to put the thought into her head. Put all the suggestions into her head but tell her you won´t let her do it - then let her. She'll end up riding on top and demanding complete control while you restrain the ear-to-ear grin.

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7. Wind down with a little more romance - Once the mind-blowing sex has slowed, make your way to the bathroom and draw a warm bubble bath - more candles, flower petals, and mood music are a must - then call her in to join you. You´re both in the afterglow of sex and full of smiles, but you´re sweaty now and probably covered in one another´s fluids! Clean each other off while you continue to explore every inch of her and she returns the favour. The Intimate Earth Bloom Peony Blush Massage Oil can also be used in a luscious bubble bath. When the water starts to chill and you´re both feeling sleepy, jump out just a minute earlier than her and straighten the bedsheets so she can crawl into a comfortable bed for the deepest, happiest sleep she may have ever had. Go back into the bath, lead her out, dry her, and fall asleep with the woman of your dreams, happy after the best Valentine´s Day of her life, in your arms.

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Valentine´s Day comes once a year and you´re lucky to have this woman in your life every day - so let her know! Make this day one that stands out from the rest!

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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