Sometimes A Romantic Couples Getaway Is A Must

Sometimes A Romantic Couples Getaway Is A Must


Sometimes couples need to get away from everything and take a short vacation somewhere else. You may have already tried toys to spice up your sex life or toys for traveling alone, but now you need something for a couples retreat! This is a time for you to relax with your partner and get back down to just enjoying each other's company without being stressed. You should spend your trip taking time with each other over a nice meal, good movies, and exploring the area you are in. Sex is the icing on the cake, to tie it all together and complete it! Here are the best toys for a romantic getaway.

Romance is about taking things slow and getting closer. While it might seem cliche, there is a reason that body massages are so highly favoured! There is nothing as relaxing yet exciting as a nice massage. Oils help the massager work in deeper and make the movements glide across the skin, allowing the receiver to have maximum pleasure. The back and either side of the thighs are perfect areas to work in, as they are very sensitive and lead up to even more sensitive places. The Naked massage oil is perfect for at home and in travel. It is fragrance free so it won't bother sensitive noses, and gentle enough for sensitive skin. This product is not greasy and will not stain your borrowed sheets. It is perfect to use during your hotel stay and bring home to use again later!

The Kama Sutra pack is perfect for massage fanatics and those who would prefer to only do it on occasion. This set includes mini bottles of lube, massage oil, lotion, body powder, and a feather tickler. They are small enough to be allowed on a plane but are big enough for multiple time use. The powder leaves behind a soft smelling fragrance of honeysuckle, and can be applied with the tickler creating fluttery sensations. A nice small massage can be done with the oil and skin moisturised by the lotion. By then you two should have gotten nice and comfortable, all that's left is the lube!

One thing couples have trouble with is that a toy is meant to be operated by both, but only pleasure one! This can be especially difficult during a getaway if one partner is satisfied and the other left wanting. Thankfully, that problem is moved out of the way with the Alone Together set! Designed by Lelo, this pack includes a high quality silicone vibrating penis ring and NOA, a vibrating toy that is worn during intercourse. Both toys are meant to stimulate the wearer as well as their partner. Combined together they are sure to blow your mind and create one of the best getaways you ever had. This toy is perfect for couples, and introducing it during a getaway is a great way to gift it to your partner. You also get to use the toys later, individually or together!

Another small gift for your partner is the B Balls. They would be perfect to test out during your getaway as they can be worn under your clothes! They will tease and pleasure your partner, guaranteeing fun times when you both are alone again. The B Balls are designed to vibrate with your movements, so they can be worn during walking, mundane activities, or during sex. It increases stimulation in the area, creating more excitement and can lead to an even stronger orgasm.

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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