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      Femme Funn believes that your intimate curiosities and fantasies should always be explored with full confidence.

      Femme Funn is committed to your desire to explore new experiences.

      Femme Funn's array of vibrant, powerful Sex toys, along with our ever-growing will to innovate, will electrify your intimate life with new sensations, indulging your every wants and need, known, and unknown.


      FemmeFun dares to go where not many will with their fantasy-inspired pleasure products. They began creating magic in 2015 and since have shaken up the sex toy industry with 15 plus products that rumble, stir, and shake to give you the bliss you’ve been craving.

      FemmeFun is all about removing the sex toy stigma, and giving you the power and confidence to indulge in toys that are so delicious, you’ll be floating into Seventh Heaven. FemmeFun also encourages everyone to go into adventures unknown with their sexuality. 

      With a keen eye for details, and a fascination with sex-tech, FemmeFun offers toys that are beautiful and passionately climatic.

      What FemmeFun Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

      What’s your pleasure, treasure? You name it, FemmeFun has it! They offer tantalising rabbit-style vibrators, bullet vibes, realistic-looking dildo vibrators, anal beads, and anal plugs. 

      Never miss the opportunity to enhance your sexuality with FemmeFun

      FemmeFun Rabbit-Style Vibrator Sex Toys

      Discover a delightful range of rabbit-style vibrators at FemmeFun. These delicate and erotic toys are for the modern woman who wants to experience the best of both worlds. That is, a clitoris and a G-spot orgasm (aka a blended orgasm).

      The FemmeFun Delola Dual Density Rabbit Vibrator is truly innovative with its flexible head decorated with delightful ridges ready to seduce your special spot. Its second head is soft and thick, made to tease and tempt the clitoris into orgasmic bliss.

      We also love the FemmeFun Pirouette G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator, and we’re sure you will too! This pleasure product comes with three mindblowing motors, dual clitoral heads that can twist and turn in a 360-degree motion, and offers wireless control capabilities. Just like an elegant ballerina, this pleasure product will take you on a sensual dance to Pleasure Town.

      And if it’s more targeted G-spot stimulation you’re after, the FemmeFun Ultra Rabbit Come Hither G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator was made for you! This masterpiece has 46 different function modes, 3 motors, and moves seductively in a “come hither” motion to really stimulate your sweet spot. It also seduces your clitoris with a second arm containing its own motor, allowing you to tailor your pleasure however you like it.

      Need more power in your life? The FemmeFun Booster Rabbit Vibrator was made to give your erogenous zones a tornado-like experience… a whirlwind of different stimulation that’s boosted with extra power. A sex toy that’s ready for you to hit “turbo” when you crave that extra bit of pleasure.

      FemmeFun Thrusting Rabbit-Style Vibrator Sex Toys

      Thrust into all kinds of sexiness with the FemmeFun Essenza Ribbed Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator . It’s got all of the features you love about their FemmeFun rabbit-style vibrators, yet has an added thrusting function with 7 thrusting speeds. 

      Go slow or take yourself on a sexual journey all the way to a fast-paced orgasmic experience. 

      FemmeFun Thrusting G-Spot Vibrator Sex Toys

      Go the extra mile with the FemmeFun Cadenza Ribbed Thrusting G-Spot Vibrator ! This lovely sleek pleasure product gives you an exhilarating feeling of bliss as the vibrations and pulsations thrust and tease your most intimate space. 

      Choose from the 7 thrusting speeds, and turn your sexy time into a glorious escapade into erotic desire.

      FemmeFun Bullet Vibrator Sex Toys

      You simply cannot go wrong with a bullet vibrator! It’s small enough to fit into your purse, or to take along with you on any travel adventure. And the line from FemmeFun are deliciously stylish and pleasure-inducing.

      The FemmeFun Ultra Bullet Vibe has 20 different vibrations and pulsations, and with its tech-savvy memory function, this nifty device remembers your favourite setting and allows you to pick up where you left off with its one-touch button.

      The FemmeFun Bougie Bullet Vibe is also a favourite, coated in a luxurious aluminium and available in a sleek rose gold or soft light blue. And don’t forget the FemmeFun Booster Bullet Vibe , a pleasure-inducing toy that’s flexible, and made from soft silicone. 

      Both the Bougie Bullet and the Booster Bullet have 20 settings and memory capabilities, so you’re always ready to go!

      FemmeFun Life-Like Vibrating Dildo Sex Toys

      Create a stir of lust and passion with FemmeFun and their range of life-like dildo vibrators. We have our eye on the FemmeFun Turbo Baller 2.0 Vibrating Dildo and the FemmeFun Turbo Shaft 2.0 Vibrating Dildo .

      These two more traditional-looking sex toys have 8 pleasure settings, wireless capabilities, a 360 rotating function, and a turbo button to shift things into higher gear.

      FemmeFun Anal Sex Toys

      Enjoy a different kind of stimulation with FemmeFun and their line of sleek anal sex toys. For your pleasure, choose between the Femme Fun Plua Anal Plug , the FemmeFun Vibrating Anal Plug , or the FemmeFun Vibrating Anal Beads . Or why not bag them all? 

      Each anal sex toy from FemmeFun offer unique kinds of euphoria, depending on what you love most during your anal adventures.