What are penis sleeves and how do they work?

What are penis sleeves and how do they work?

You may believe that using a penis sleeve is for someone who is perhaps embarrassed or ashamed of their size. But actually, a penis sleeve is a fascinating multi-use male sex toy that can enhance your and your partner’s sexual bliss. Like a sex life upgrade, shall we say?

And personally, we’re big fans of penis sleeves because it allows the wearer to make a really big impact. 

There’s almost no cons involved when it comes to wearing a penis sleeve, so why don’t we explore what these marvels are, and how you can use them to create even more lustful adventures?

What are penis sleeves and how do they work?

A penis sleeve is a sexual aid, often made of silicone. To use it means to place it over the penis much like a condom, and it can be used during either masturbation or during penetrative sex. 

In short, they work as a means to add either thickness and/or length to your penis.

The best part of using a penis sleeves? There’s no medical or surgical treatment required. Unlike some who may opt to get their penis enlarged, a penis sleeve is an inexpensive treat that can be worn if and when, without any worries or doubts. They’re also easy to put on, take off, and to clean

In other words, what’s not to love?

So, now that we know what a penis sleeve is, let’s talk about how they work!

Using a penis sleeve is straightforward, and whether you choose to take your measurements or not, the majority of penis sleeves should fit almost all sizes. 

There are different kinds of penis sleeves which will affect how it works and how it’ll feel. 

Different kinds of penis sleeve designs:

  • some penis sleeves vibrate
  • some penis sleeves have added textures, nubs, or nodules for extra stimulation
  • some penis sleeves are smooth
  • some penis sleeves can stimulate a female partner’s G-spot or clitoris during sex
  • some penis sleeves have a firmer material for even harder penetration
  • some penis sleeves are soft and rubbery
  • some penis sleeves are open-ended 
  • some penis sleeves are are close-ended
  • some penis sleeves are simply a rigid rod with two rings for the testicles
  • some penis sleeves are larger in girth
  • some penis sleeves are larger in length
  • some penis sleeves are larger in girth and length

And while a penis sleeve is predominantly a means to increase either girth or length, there are several different reasons why someone may use a penis sleeve

For example, they could be useful for those with erectile dysfunction, those with a smaller penis, those who experience premature ejaculation, or those who have a partner that would like to experience a different kind of penetrative sexual pleasure. 

They’re also great for improved circulation to the penis, and to enhance the feeling of masturbation. We’ll touch on that more a bit later…

Other names for penis sleeves

There are other names for penis sleeves, such as cock sleeves, penis sheaths, sleeve extensions, and penile prosthetics. 

Sex toy brands and companies may market their penis sleeves with any of the above names, but the most common are: ‘penis sleeve’, ‘cock sleeve’, ‘penis sheath’, and ‘sleeve extender’. 

Why is penile prosthetic not often used to describe penis sleeves? Well, let’s face it, it doesn’t sound too sexy now does it? 

Either way, if you see your favourite sex toy shop describe a sex toy using any these terms, it is merely what we’re talking about today: penis sleeves.

What are the purposes of penis sleeves

A penis sleeve is great because it serves a number of purposes. We’ve mentioned them briefly, but now: let’s get down to the ins and outs regarding why people use penis sleeves.

Using a penis sleeve for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a lot more common than one may imagine. And actually, it’s not just something that happens because of aging. Men of all ages experience ED for a number of different reasons. In fact, ED affects around 30 million men in the U.S. alone. Having said that, a penis sleeve is a great way to amp up and get going, whether you’re flying solo or with a lover. A positive way to look at it is to not see it as an aid for ED but rather, a way to experiment with new sex toys.

Using a penis sleeve for those with a smaller penis

A penis sleeve can be used as an extender for those who are on the smaller side. This is because it adds length and/or girth to your penis, which allows for deeper penetration with a partner. What’s also amazing is that you can choose what size you’re after, allowing you and your lover to curate the kind of sexual experience you’re after. 

Using a penis sleeve for those who experience premature ejaculation

Some penis sleeves can lessen the sensations during penetrative sex, which can help penis owners who tend to experience premature ejaculation. In this way, you can enjoy longer sessions, and have even more fun alone or with a partner. It’s also a great way to practice stamina training.

Using a penis sleeve to create a different kind of sexual experience with a partner

Just as we suggested looking at penis sleeves as a sex toy as opposed to an embarrassing sexual aid, it’s a great idea to use one as a means to try different sexual experiences. It need not be an awkward conversation, but merely the opportunity to try someone new and see how you like it.

Do they actually work?

The big question that surely anyone considering buying a penis sleeve may have is: do they actually work? Indeed they do! 

Penis sleeves are excellent for the bedroom for a number of reasons, and can bring about even more sexual satisfaction than before. As we mentioned, penis sleeves are great not only for those who want to extend their length and/or girth, but also for those who experience ED, premature ejaculation or for those who want to change up their intimate routine. 

Not just that, but they’re a non-invasive way to treat and improve upon all of the above without any medical treatment, such as medication or surgery. 

And, when it comes to a man’s mental wellbeing, a penis sleeve can actually restore their sexual confidence that may be lost for a slew of reasons. It can satisfy a partner even more effectively, give men the chance to explore, and allow them to discover new ways of satisfying themselves.

Do women like penis sleeves?

Do women like penis sleeves? Well, the answer to this question isn’t simply a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ because everyone is different. What we can say is that many women do indeed enjoy having penetrative sex with someone wearing a penis sleeve. And this is for many reasons.

For one, it gives them the chance to experience deeper penetration, and could possibly aid in even more stimulation of the G-spot, resulting in bigger orgasms. It’s also amazing when a woman can see her male partner feeling confident, which is entirely sexy. 

Additionally, because there are so many different types of penis sleeves available, women have the chance to feel new sensations. For example, using a ribbed or vibrating penis sleeve means more stimulation during penetration.

How to use penis sleeves

As we mentioned, a penis sleeve is a sex toy used to increase one’s length and/or girth. They come in various sizes, and the most important part is finding one that fits you comfortably. 

To do this, we suggest measuring your penises length, circumference, and diameter when you’re fully erect. If used correctly, you can add up to 30 percent more of your current thickness or length.

When you’re ready to try one, the steps are easy. Simply apply a generous bit of lube on the inside of the penis sleeve so that your penis can get a nice glide. 

You shouldn’t be fully erect when you insert yourself, which means that you can grow once the sleeve has been put on. Once your penis sleeve is on, and sits comfortably, you can apply even more lube to the outside to make your masturbation or penetrative sex experience nice and slippery.

Some penis sleeves may come with a scrotum ring. If so, insert your testicles inside the ring which will give it a firmer grip and help keep it in-place. 

Other penis sleeves may come with a belt which can be tied around the waist. Choosing the right penis sleeve for you, with or without the extra props, is completely up to you. 

All of the added bits and pieces are merely for men to find their most enjoyable and care-free experience.

Take note: Once you’ve placed the penis sleeve over your penis, it should stay in-place without moving backwards or forwards. If it does, then it is not the right size or fit for you.

Our recommendations

Shop JOUJOU Fantasy X-tensions Perfect Penis Sleeve

Fantasy X-tensions Perfect

This penis sleeve comes in one inch, two inch, and three inch extensions, so you have the freedom to choose your best fit. It also increases your girth by 33 percent, resulting in quite a difference when it comes to penetrative sex. We love the Fantasy X-tensions Perfect because it’s got a customisable extension that can easily be trimmed at the base, is super stretchy to accommodate most sizes, and is made of ultra life-like Fanta Flesh, making it feel like the real deal.

Shop JOUJOU Pipedream Fantasy X-tensions Magic Pleasure Penis Sleeve


Fantasy X-tensions Magic Pleasure Sleeve

A magical erection enhancer, the Fantasy X-tensions Magic Pleasure Sleeve is a 5’5” enhancement sleeve, super stretchy, and spoils you with excellent girth dimensions. It’s lined with hundreds of tiny ticklers on the outside to tease and please your partner. What’s even better is that, when you turn this sleeve inside out, it can be used as a solo stroker!

Shop JOUJOU Perfect Fit Fat Boy Sheath Penis Sleeve

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Sheath Sleeve

This penis sleeve was made for those who really want to add girth to their penis. It’s made of super soft SilaSkin, has a closed tip, and a thick loop that wraps around the base of the scrotum which adds an extra bit of sexual pleasure for the wearer. It’s also possible to get one that has a Micro Rib texture, so you can give your partner new kinds of intimate thrills during your lovemaking, or experience some cheeky fun by yourself. It comes in three different styles: thin, checked, or ribbed, and two different sizes: 5.5 and 6.5.

Shop JOUJOU California Exotics Novelties Adonis Extension Smoke

California Exotics Novelties Adonis Extension Smoke

It’s soft, it’s sensual, and it’s ribbed for an even bigger sensation. The Adonis Extension Smoke by California Exotics Novelties adds a full two inches to your penis, has an accentuated penis head, is made of unscented TPR, will comfortably fit almost any size, and is inexpensive. For that reason, it’s a great penis sleeve for beginners who want to get a feel for this kind of sex toy for men.

Shop JOUJOU California Exotic Novelties 3 Piece Penis Sleeve Extension Kit

California Exotic Novelties 3 Piece Extension Kit

Want to have your cake and eat it too? This 3-piece extension kit is perfect for those who are all about exploration. They’re all super tight, close-ended, have various ribbed textures, and work by extending one’s length and increasing one’s girth. Each one has a different pattern inside and out, so go ahead and enjoy whichever one tickles your fancy during your solo time or partnered play.

Shop JOUJOU Oxballs Swell Adjust-Fit Cock Sheath

Oxballs Swell Adjust-Fit Cock Sheath

If you’re looking for a penis sleeve that doesn’t resemble something phallic, nor does it contain any veins, then the Oxballs Swell is the hunky junk for you. This is a slick and innovative penis sleeve that is ultra smooth, but once it’s pushed all the way to the base, swells with rubber nubs all over the thick base. It increases length and girth, is made of a TPR/silicone blend, and is stretchy for your best comfort.

Ready to dive into a penis sleeve and experience a different kind of fun? There’s no harm in giving it a try, and we think you (and your partner) will absolutely love it!

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