Exciting masturbation techniques

Exciting Masturbation Techniques

Takeaway: Last February we talked about how to have a sexy Valentine’s Day while flying solo. Now for the ladies, here's a guide to spice up masturbation for Valentine’s Day and forevermore after!
We don't talk about it too often, but we know that masturbation and self-pleasure don't have to be the same every time, right? Sure, we all know what we like best, but there's a world of self-discovery out there if you've only tried a few ways to get yourself off!
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Everyone knows how to touch ourselves just right, clothing still possibly on and maybe not even in the comfort and privacy of our own bed. And let's get real, that's exciting! But we've all done it! What if you try that some tried and true hand between the legs method except with the other hand? It may take some adjusting to, but your body will wake to the touch like an exciting new partner, and you'll likely find yourself coming to a slow-building stronger orgasm than you've had in awhile with the same routine! Try it once and then switch it up so your body continues to respond in exciting ways.

Ladies, then you can try the long way around! Lie face down and then enter yourself from behind. This position with the pull of your own flexibility excites the perineal area in ways you aren't accustomed to and can't recreate with other methods. If you need a little more to get yourself off, you've got two hands! Pleasure yourself from the front as well. Use a lot of lube in this and any masturbation position - just like with partnered sex, the slip-and-slide effect is further arousing! We love the Sliquid Sassy Natural Ultra Thick Water-Based Lubricant which you can use for masturbation or with toys for a friction-free intimate encounter. or if you're following our advice today, all of the above!
Have a one-woman three-way while you're at it! With one hand playing with your nipples and your knees pulled up to your chest, you can use the other hand to play with your clit and double-penetrate yourself at the same time. One of the most arousing self-love positions there is, you'll come over and over - and come back to it again. If you're uncomfortable with anal - well you don't know what you're missing but - this position is also great for multiple-finger entry and G-spot stimulation. Beckon “come hither” to yourself on your forward vaginal wall and you'll see what we mean. Use a mirror too; it's incredibly arousing to see yourself get off. Try nipple clamps if you want a free hand to explore other erogenous zones - double-down between your legs, hold your legs in place if you're less flexible, or suck on your fingers while leaving slick sensual trails all over your body. The Zalo Nave Vibrating Nipple Clamps take the pleasure a little further with luxurious liquid silicone and feature ZALO easy-to-use EasyClamp technology, just gently squeeze the clamp's bottom sides to open it, then affix it to your nipples or any other sensitive spots on your body. You can also try Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Nipple & Clit Jewellery if vibration sounds like too much but you're looking for greater clitoral stimulation too. We say go for the vibration and clit love! More is better!
Then there's the standard masturbation position, but for some reason we usually lay on our backs to do it. Lay on your belly and allow your body weight to press directly onto your hand. Cross your legs and give yourself more side-to-side stimulation as well. Drag pearls between your legs - it feels amazing on the clit but it's a gentle and craze-inducing stimulant for the anus as well.
But just like with partners, switch it up during sex too, not just each time. Try the diamond position -on your back, plant your feet pads together with knees outward and flat to the bed (or as far as you can, the more you relax the further you'll find yourself opening up)! Instead of the usual up and down or circular motion, move side to side over the clitoris. Try a vibrator in this position; anal stimulation is very exciting too. The Wallbangers Deluxe Bunny has a silly name but is a serious game, and you'll like the Anal Fantasy Collection Deluxe Vibro Balls Anal Beads, which can easily be used at the same time.
Women love to straddle their partners for direct and wide-open stimulation. Jump onto the arm of your couch for the same effect. It will remind you of those childhood days when you secretly discovered the pleasures of climbing a tree. Use a mirror and nipple clamps for this one too - it's especially exciting!

Whether in a relationship or living single, variety is the spice of life when it comes to any pleasure, and even extremely sexually active couples frequently engage in masturbation. These techniques can be just as exciting for partners who like to watch one another get off! Do you have any other masturbation techniques or particular success with one of our suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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