Lelo Loki or Lelo Hugo? Which Male Prostate Massager Is Right for You?

Lelo Loki or Lelo Hugo? Which Male Prostate Massager Is Right for You?

So you’re in the market for a new prostate massager. Yay you!

And for those who don’t know, the male prostate is a walnut-sized gland found inside of the anus. The main function of the prostate is to produce a fluid that, together with sperm cells and fluid from other glands, make up semen. But that’s not all the prostate is capable of… 

Those who embrace prostate play are in for some super huge orgasms—one’s that are usually full-body! The prostate, in other words, is one of the biggest pleasure spots for penis owners. And prostate stimulation is indeed well worth the amazing climaxes

So, today, we’re going to be looking at two of the most popular prostate massager—the LELO Loki and the LELO Hugo.

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Choosing Between LELO Loki and LELO Hugo: Which Male Prostate Massager Suits You Best?

When comparing the LELO Loki vs the LELO Hugo, there are a number of different things to look at. Both of these prostate massager are excellent, and no doubt they’ll both be able to give you spine-chilling amazing prostate orgasms. But, they do come with differences. 

By learning about the similarities and differences between the LELO Loki and the LELO Hugo, you’ll be able to find the perfect prostate massager for you.

Introducing the LELO Loki

LELO Loki is a vibrating prostate massager that is irresistibly tempting. It’s angled in such a way that it targets your prostate with absolute ease and precision, and is coated in premium body-safe silicone for that luxurious feel. 

The LELO Loki offers six vibrational settings, is 100 percent waterproof, and 91 percent of its users recommend this sleek and blissful sex toy for men who seek prostate orgasms

Introducing the LELO Hugo

LELO Hugo is a remote-controlled prostate massager, making it a hands-free pleasure product for men who seek bigger and better prostate orgasms. Better yet, its remote control works using SenseMotion technology, which means you can control the intensity of the vibrations with a simple flick of the wrist. 

The LELO Hugo has two motors—one in the base and one in the tip—making it even more sexy, eight vibrational settings, is 100 percent waterproof, and comes in a medium size that’s great for all levels of experience. In terms of ratings, 89 percent of users recommend using this intense yet sensual luxury prostate massager for men.

What are the core differences between the two?

While both the LELO Loki and the LELO Hugo are both excellent, high end, and luxurious, there are some differences between them.

The core differences between the LELO Loki and the LELO Hugo include:

  • The LELO Loki is handheld
  • The LELO Hugo comes with a wireless remote control, making it hands-free
  • The LELO Loki has one motor
  • The LELO Hugo has two motors
  • The LELO Loki  does not offer perineum stimulation because of how it is designed
  • The LELO Hugo does offer perineum stimulation because of how it is designed 
  • The LELO Loki  has six vibrational settings
  • The LELO Hugo has eight vibrational settings
  • The LELO Loki  is perhaps better for solo play
  • The LELO Hugo is suitable for couples play because of its remote control
  • The LELO Loki can be moved around whilst inside of you because it is handheld
  • The LELO Hugo stays in-place because it is controlled via a remote


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Which one is more discreet?

When it comes to Loki vs Hugo, the LELO Loki is more discrete because it is smaller in size and is a one-piece male sex toy

The LELO Hugo however is larger in size and is a two-piece male sex toy with its round remote control

And as for noise levels, both the LELO Loki and the LELO Hugo have a maximum noise level of 50dB, making them equal in noise discretion. 

Which one is more suitable for beginners?

If you’re new to prostate play, then we suggest going very slow. So slow, in fact, that perhaps waiting to use a prostate sex toy is a good idea. 

First, you may want to experiment with stimulating the area, moving onto using a finger or two. Always remember to use a generous amount of lube.

Then, when you’re ready to experiment with a prostate sex toy for one of your sexiest pleasure spots, you can dive into the world of LELO’s incredible sex toys for men. Aka, Loki o Hugo!

In our personal option, the LELO Hugo may just be the better option for beginners—despite some users describing it as having the strongest prostate vibrations that they’ve ever experienced. A solution? Simply use the lowest setting to aid in comfort! Plus, Hugo is a great toy to use with a partner given its hands-free remote control, and it gives off some sexy perineum stimulation for added euphoria. 

The LELO Loki would be an excellent prostate sex toy for more experienced anal players, so once you’ve mastered the LELO Hugo, why not give the LELO Loki a test drive? It’s bigger in size, so you may just love it after some prostate play experience. 

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Alternative products to consider

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Anal Fantasy Elite Ultimate P-Spot Milker

If it’s next level prostate stimulation you’re looking for, this sex toy is waiting for you! It’s one of those toys that give you that sense of fullness and pleasure, effortlessly! It has nine different variations of movement to rub, stroke, and caress your prostate as well as your perineum. Enjoy double the stimulation for bigger and better prostate orgasms.

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We-Vibe Vector+ Vibrating Prostate Massager

Go for gentle, rumbling, or more intense sensations with We-Vibe The Vector+ offers both prostate and perineum stimulation, perfect for solo play. But, if it’s partnered fun you’re after, this prostate massager comes with a remote and the ability to control it via an app. Simply surrender your lust to your lover, and allow them to take you to new heights of ecstasy. 

Lovense Edge 2 Adjustable Male Prostate Vibrator

Lovense Edge 2 Adjustable Male Prostate Vibrator

Hands-free, powerful, comfortable! Lovense has done it again with an adjustable male prostate vibrator that’ll make your eyes roll in pleasure. The Lovense Edge 2 has an adjustable head for targeted prostate play, a Bluetooth antenna when you want someone else to take the reigns, and dual motors for stronger and more powerful sensations. 

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Svakom Iker Prostate Massager

Made in such a way that it sits effortlessly inside of you, the Svakom Iker prostate massager is anatomically perfect to reach your P-spot whilst massaging your perineum at the same time. This gem can also be controlled via an app, so you can play by yourself, hands-free, or with a partner. 

Nexus REVO SLIM Rotating Prostate Massager

Nexus Revo Slim Rotating Prostate Massager 

If you’re looking for a prostate massager that comes with all the bells and whistles (not literally), then you simply must consider the Nexus Revo Slim Rotating Prostate Massager. Yes, it targets your prostate like a king, but it also has two rotation speeds, giving you an extra oomph! Intimidated? Don’t be! This prostate massager is slim, making it perfect for beginners and experienced prostate players. 

Shop JOUJOU: LELO Loki Wave 2 Come Hither Vibrating Prostate Massager

LELO Loki Wave 2 Come Hither Vibrating Prostate Massager  

We’ve talked a lot about the LELO Loki above, but did you know that there is an additional toy within this range from LELO? Meet Loki Wave 2. This dashing gem works just as beautifully as the Loki but it has a leg-up. That is, it does a “come hither” motion whilst inside of you. This finger-like motion prompts even more arousal, and thus even stronger prostate orgasms.


Essentially, both the LELO Loki and the LELO Hugo are both excellent prostate sex toys for men—there’s no denying that. 

But if you’re on the fence about which one to choose, we hope that our list of similarities and differences between the two will help you to decide. 

Alternatively, maybe you’re keen on trying one of our other recommendations? There’s no harm in experimenting! 

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