Top 12 First Date No-No’s… According to Women

Top 12 First Date No-No’s… According to Women

The rise of online dating has given us all the opportunity to get our flirt on more than ever before. Swipe left, swipe right, go on a date, repeat. First dates aren’t such a hot commodity anymore, as they’re being organised left, right (and centre).

What does that mean for you? Well, if you’re not all that invested in the person you’re going on a date with, the chances of getting a second (and third, fourth etc.) first date imminently is very high. 

But if you are invested in your first date, you’ll be happy you came across these 12 tips from women. 

Basically, the wonderful world of Reddit has given us the ability to learn all about first date no-no’s for men, according to women. Are you listening?

Getting way too emotionally invested in the first date. Not good to have sky-high expectations riding on how it goes; you're pretty much guaranteed to be disappointed.” - bootyshorts

Answering all my questions without asking me one back.” - tailorDr

Repeatedly commenting on my appearance.” - madeofknives

“The 'has anyone told you how pretty/cute you are'. I feel like these guys are really stupid because if you're noticing it pretty early on, chances are most people have. And they expect you to be really grateful and it's just odd. Better to skip this comment entirely.” - meet-meinmontauk

“Don't go all-in right away. And I'm not saying that you should play games or be a jerk, ‘because women like that’. If I meet a guy and he instantly starts offering me the world and going overboard with gifts and fancy plans, I lose interest. That doesn't feel sincere to me. It feels like he's happy to have found someone, not that that someone is me. And if he's offering all of that to me so quickly, what's to stop him from offering it to someone else when he does really get to know me and see that I'm not some magical goddess queen, but a real person who maybe doesn't live up to the extremely high expectations he set?” - Lisabethhh

“Commenting on what I put in my coffee or how I eat my food. You're not going anywhere near my mouth if you make fun of what I already put in it....” - beberoo

“Interacting badly with the waiter/waitress or any stranger you both interact with.” - loutheplumbus

Talking about sex or inviting us home makes it seem like you're primarily interested in a short-term, more casual relationship. This isn't necessarily a flaw, but maybe not ideal if you're looking for something serious.” - unknown user

“Taking me to the movies! I want to talk and get to know you, not sit and watch a movie.” - avelvetsphynx

“Whinging about how crazy exes have done you wrong. Yeah, some people are unpredictable. But if more than one of your exes went "crazy," there's a good chance you're looking for the wrong thing, don't pay attention (at all), or are actually the crazy one.” - debridezilla

“Inappropriately timed kissing. One time I was out with a guy I was getting along with, then, in the middle of me sharing a story, he kissed me. I spent the whole kiss wondering if he was trying to shut me up and itching to finish what I was saying. He kept kissing me like that for the remainder of the evening to the point I just stopped talking and then he was like, ‘Why are you so quiet?’ Another couple of dudes just like jumped in for the kiss when I didn't see it coming at all, both times quite surprised, no preamble to it. I don't know maybe I'm being too romantic in thinking that there's got to be a better time for that first kiss? Not just to like, get it out of the way.” - HempBlonde

“I don't want to see a picture of your penis. No matter how many times you ask.” - playmeepmeep


Are you officially enlightened? Great! Don’t forget to fix up, look sharp, and stay safe. Perhaps rubbing one out beforehand too would calm the nerves, if any? We’ll let you decide on that one… 



Article by:
Helena Lorimer, Sexual Health and Wellness Expert at JOUJOU

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