There’s a Brand New Tinder Feature for Aussies this Season!

There’s a Brand New Tinder Feature for Aussies this Season!

Be honest! Even if you’re not on Tinder…you’re on Tinder!

This app, that’s revolutionised the face of dating in the modern world, has basically taken the world by storm.

It’s turned the notion of online dating from 40-something’s looking for love into something accessible, cool, and easy for people of all ages to use and all over the world. Let’s face it, it’s actually scary!

And even though the basics of Tinder have remained the same throughout its lifespan, this company is continuously coming up with different ways for you to meet new people.

Remember the group date feature? What was that called? Ah, Tinder Social. Well, that was essentially a big flop and no longer exists. But! Tinder has actually done something right for Aussies looking for fun this season!

As from June, 21 you can use Tinder to find friends, partners, hook-ups or travel friends going to the Splendour in the Grass festival in Byron Bay. This is part of the whole “Festival Mode” setting that Tinder is rolling out, making it easier for people to find festival (f) buddies.

What’s cool about this feature? For one, if you’re lacking friends (who want to go to the festival), you can find a handsome or gorgeous stand-in.

You’ll also have someone who wants to jam with you when it comes to your favourite music genre. And lastly, if you so wish, you can have a cuddle buddy to keep you warm during the middle of winter.

How Does Festival Mode Work?

It’s a super easy function that, if you slap a little badge to your profile stating that you’ll be going to XYZ festival, like-minded individuals can find you.

And because we all know that Tinder only accepts respectful folk on their platform (can you hear the sarcasm?), using this feature means agreeing to their little policy, “I Expect Respect”. In short, d-bags need not apply and thank you.


Another Trick up Tinder’s Sleeve

With more tantalising news to follow, Tinder has announced that they’ll be playing a more in-your-face role at the Splendour Festival this year. But, they’ve been sworn to secrecy…

What have they got up their sleeve? Perhaps an MTV 90’s re-awakening game of Singled Out or DisMissed? Well, that would be pretty fun, to say the least.

And with that, we thought we’d give you a few handy tips on how to safely and discreetly bring and use your toys to any festival. Just in case you don’t find ‘the one’ on Tinder’s festival initiative. Or…you do!


Pack Light

It’s already a given that you don’t want to rock up to a festival with three over-sized pieces of luggage – which means that your toys too shouldn’t take up lots of space. 

For women, smaller toys such as Lelo’s Lyla 2 Sensemotion Bullet Vibrator or a Vooom Bullet are excellent choices. Both of these nifty toys are small but impactful. 

Hint: The Lyla 2 has a wireless control function and is waterproof. 

For men, a cock ring is easily packable while preparing for some festival fun. Consider the PornHub Vibrating Cock Ring that has textured nodules for clitoral stimulation.

Or, for solo fun – a Silky Egg by Tenga can fit right in your pocket, and can give you all the pleasure you may ever need.


Don’t Forget the Essentials

Having fun…is fun, but don’t let the hype of getting some strange while at a festival stop you from being safe.

Condoms, lube, and a cleaning spray for your toys is a must, especially when at a muddy festival. And a packet of wet wipes and or tissues is not a bad idea either.


Vibe to The Beat

Technology just keeps on getting better and better! And we’ve got the perfect little toy for you to take to a music festival… The Siri 2 Handheld Music Vibrator by Lelo. 

This wireless device is controlled by sound! Need we say more?

So basically, whether you’re attending a festival solo or simply looking for a warm body on Tinder for the event, you have absolutely no reason not to get off! Play safely, and have fun! 

Article by: 
Helena Lorimer at JOUJOU 

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