Get to Know Ben Wa Balls (Kegel Balls) and How to Best Use Them

Get to Know Ben Wa Balls (Kegel Balls) and How to Best Use Them

Today, we’re going to go on an adventure to discover the ins and outs of the infamous Ben Wa Balls, sometimes known as ‘kegel balls’, ‘love balls’, or “balls and eggs”.

Now some of you may be familiar with these delightful pleasure products from the film, 50 Shades Darker, with Anastasia squirming around at an auction with sexy metallic balls inside of her. 

But they’re not as scary or intimidating as they may seem, we promise! With our simple guide on Ben Wa Balls, you’ll be wearing them and reaping the benefits like a pro in no time.

What are Ben Wa Balls (Kegel Balls)

So, what exactly are Ben Wa Balls? Well, decades earlier, a certain Dr Kegel discovered that pelvic floor exercises had the power to help those with problems related to pelvic floor weakness or dysfunction. 

Pelvic floor exercises were then prescribed as the first line of treatment as well as prevention for problems such as urine incontinence, faecal incontinence, and mild to moderate uterus prolapse. Kegel Balls (or ‘Ben Wa Balls’) were later introduced as weighted tools that could assess and train the pelvic muscles gradually. 

Fast forward to today, Ben Wa Balls continue to gain popularity as a sex-enhancing toy as opposed to a medical device. In fact, they’ve been featured in a slew of other films and TV shows, not just 50 Shades.

So, how can you add these sexy weighted balls into your sexercise routine? Firstly, you’re going to want to learn about the different selection of Ben Wa Balls. After that, you can choose the correct size and weight, according to your needs. How to use them? Well, keep reading…

What Do You Do with Ben Wa Balls? 

Ben Wa Balls should only be inserted into the vagina, as the shape and design is tailored specifically for that part of the anatomy. 

You can insert them and move around naturally for a moderate period of time (around five to 10 minutes), or you can perform kegel exercises with the ball(s) inserted inside of you.

On a sexual note, you can enjoy using these weighted balls with your partner to heighten sexual pleasure for even better sex, or you can use them during your solo sessions! 

Then, one can also experiment with Ben Wa Balls after childbirth! Studies show that eight weeks of doing kegel exercises post-pregnancy increased a woman’s sexual satisfaction, and may also remove some feelings of insecurity surrounding the tightness of the vagina.

How to Prepare to Use Ben Wa Balls

You may want to learn how to do kegel exercises without the use of Ben Wa Balls before you spend your hard-earned cash on them! 

Doing kegel exercises is easy, and the best way to describe how to do them would be: imagine you’re peeing, and stop mid-stream. This is you using your pelvic muscles. Doing your kegels is essentially stopping your pee mid-stream (without actually being on the toilet). You can do your kegels anywhere, anytime!

Then, when you’re comfortable with your DIY kegels, you could opt for some sexy weighted balls. 

How to Insert Ben Wa Balls Safely

The first course of action is to ensure that your Ben Wa Balls are clean, and of the right size according to your comfort level. To insert Ben Wa Balls, you should lie on your back, add a generous amount of lube onto the balls. 

Having proper lubrication will ensure that you contract your pelvic muscles correctly, as the more lube you use, the more muscles you’ll need to keep them from slipping out. Then, you can insert them into the vagina.

Once inserted, you can hold for about five seconds, then release the muscles, rest, and repeat. Do this about five times in a set, and around three sets per day.

How Do You Remove Ben Wa Balls? 

Removal of Ben Wa Balls is easy and generally doesn’t cause any discomfort. 

First, make sure that you are in a position that allows for proper downward expulsion. You want your lower body to be lower than your center of gravity. You can be standing, squatting or even lying down. 

Secondly, if this is your first time using Ben Wa Balls, or you feel nervous, you can accompany the removal process with some breathing exercises. 

Take a deep breath in and upon breathing out, gently pull out the long cord, allowing it to glide following the natural contours of your vagina. 

Can You Walk Around with Ben Wa/Kegel Balls? 

You can definitely walk around with Ben Wa Balls. Just make sure that your pelvic muscles are strong enough to walk around with them.

Take note however, that it’s important to have them in for a short duration of time in the beginning, and increase the time/weight once you are more comfortable and confident. The key here is to loosen up your body and work with it, not against it!

Additionally, walking around with these weighted balls inside of you has the capacity to make one feel more exhausted than normal. This is because you’ll be holding your pelvic floor muscles even tighter than if you were doing kegel exercise without Ben Wa Balls. We suggest limiting your walking time, especially in the beginning, to find your best level of comfort.

How Far Up Do You Put Ben Wa Balls?

The insertion of Ben Wa Balls should be similar to the insertion of a tampon. Since all Ben Wa Balls come with a very distinctive feature of having a bulb or a ball that is followed by a long neck that tapers into a retrieval cord, you should not force them further inside if it is already settled in your vagina. 

Take a deep breath while pushing them in, and you will feel the pressure from the balls as they enter. Make sure the retrieval stem is out, after which you can stand up slowly and do some kegel exercises to have a feel and understanding of your new sex toy!

How Long Does it Take for Ben Wa Balls to Make You Tighter?

Firstly, do Ben Wa Balls and kegel exercises actually work? Yes! If you follow the recommended routine and consistency, you’ll be able to feel the difference, as your pelvic floor muscles will become stronger, tightening your vagina.

Experts recommend five-minute sessions, three to four times a week, in the beginning. And according to a survey, your regular sex partner will be able to feel a difference after a mere two weeks. Better sex on the cards with these weighted balls? Indeed!

With a regular regime and usage, you will feel better, more intense orgasms and that is when the real fun begins!

If you are using weighted balls to correct or manage medical conditions, it might take up to one month before you are able to feel a marked difference. This is completely normal, slow and steady does it! 

Product Recommendations: Our Favourite Ben Wa Balls


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Elvie Kegel Exerciser 

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Diamonds Weighted Training Kegel Set

The Diamonds Weighted Training Kegel Set is a great sex toy for beginners. The weighted balls are made from super soft silicone and have a flexible retrieval cord that’ll make insertion and removal feel completely natural and easy. The set comes with six different individual weights, allowing you to work your way up starting from the lightest weight, then finally, the heaviest, which will aid in bigger and better orgasms! And have we mentioned that this set blushes in various shades of pink? A gorgeous pleasure product for those who want to go the distance when it comes to training their pelvic floor muscles.


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Fifty Shades Of Grey Inner Goddess Glass Pleasure Balls

These Ben Wa Balls, that weigh 77 grams, are definitely for the more experienced go-getters out there. Made from borosilicate glass, this sex toy is sturdy, safe and non-toxic making it suitable for long-term wear. The black silicone harness is also non hypoallergenic to support the cause. And, if you’re a lover of the 50 Shades series, you could recreate the aforementioned scene from the Fifty Shades Darker film, if that’s what you fancy? Now all that is left is to find a dress and an auction to go to!


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She-ology Interchangeable Weighted Kegel Set

The She-ology Weighted Kegel Set has easy retrieval cords attached to them, so you can simply wrap the cord around your fingers to make it extra secure. This fully-customizable kegel set comes with six different weights that can be interchanged as you desire. The holder also comes with a single or double ball holder, giving you full control over your workout. With an included kegel exercise guide, this superior body-safe silicone pleasure product will be the workout you never knew you needed.


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We-Vibe Bloom Vibrating Kegels

Combining vibrations and weights, these vibrating kegel balls were made for fun and stimulation. It comes with three different weights, and 10 different vibrations, so you can challenge yourself and your inner fitness. It’s been designed for absolute comfort, spoils you with rumbly vibrations, and is USB-rechargeable. It also comes with the free We-Connect app, that gives you the chance to customize your own vibes, or use the preset ones. What’s also a plus is that it’s 100 percent waterproof, so you can exercise whilst indulging in your bath time solo self-care sessions.

Are you ready to venture into the world of Ben Wa Balls? Perhaps you’ve been practicing your kegels for as long as you can remember, and are ready to take it up a notch? 

Well, when you’re ready to take the leap, you’ll definitely reap many rewards, physically and sexually! So we say, go ahead and live your best life with your favourite Ben Wa Balls.

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