Things Men Need to Know About Masturbation (and How to Make It Better)

Things Men Need to Know About Masturbation (and How to Make It Better)


Masturbation – an activity that many enjoy on a regular basis! And why not? It feels good, it’s a fun way to pass the time, and it gets all of those ‘happy’ hormones swimming around so that we feel happier and less stressed.

It’s so good, in fact, that some may go as far as to say – the more times you rub one out, the merrier your life will be. In actuality, that isn’t quite true.

Here are a few things that all men need to know about masturbation in order to have a happy and healthy sex life, as well as several tips on how to make their solo fun time even better.

Naturally, each man is different, and the time that they take in order to ejaculate varies greatly. But there are actually a few factors that could cause you to ‘lose control’ to such an extent that it’s kind of a disappointment in the bedroom.

  • Pre-ejaculation: Those who frequently masturbate may find that they start to climax earlier, which can lead to the body regularly repeating the same pattern. This can result in pre-ejaculation, which is no fun for your partner.
  • Porn: While watching porn is all part of the fun and aids in a lot of pleasure, it’s true that a lot of videos portray foreplay, sex, and every day life in a warped way. In turn, this can set a man up for failure when it comes to sex-in-real-life, as they’re expecting the full nine yards from a woman who they wish could deep throat like a champ, and squirt for days on end.
  • Addiction: With pornography and the rise of hook-up dating apps being so widely available these days, it’s so easy to become addicted to masturbation and sex, which can have a negative impact on your career, social and personal life.
  • Skin irritation: Just like if you scratch an itch too much, it’ll cause redness – if you continuously masturbate vigorously, you can cause irritation and chafe. On the more intense scale, it could even lead to Peyronie’s disease, which is scar tissue that forms inside the penis, causing it to bend. What’s the lesson here (besides not to masturbate 24 hours a day)? Lube is your friend.
  • Lube: To further prove this point, you should always use lube while masturbating, as it mimics the sensation of being with a woman. By going from dry to moist, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure in the bedroom.

Feeling a bit despondent? Don’t! As mentioned, masturbation and climaxing is actually a really great thing, good for the body and the mind – when done in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with one’s wellbeing.

So here are several ways you can spice up your masturbation routine to ensure only good times, and a healthy sex life.

  • Visualization: Allow your imagination to run wild instead of using porn as your go-to. This will be a more realistic experience that’ll most likely help you to last longer. Also, you can imagine way dirtier things instead of searching for the perfect porno.
  • Use Toys: While the good old-fashioned way is always a winner, with time comes new technology. And today, there are so many different toys you can experiment with to find your next muse.

Try the simulated sexual experience to feel different sensations, such as the Pipedream series of flesh-like toys. Pussy, anal sex, or mouth fucking – whatever you fancy, you can find it. You can even give a Vibrating Cock Compressor a go.

And for the more covert toy, an Apollo Power Stroker that gives the sensation of being deep-throated, or a Deep Throat Cup that’s like a tight vacuum effect. All great choices!

  • Touching: try stimulating other parts of the body to delay gratification, such as the chest, testicles, or nipples.
  • Technique and Location: Give yourself a bit of change up by swapping hands, or doing the deed in a different location, such as the shower. Even small changes like these can bring about positive results.

And there you have it – all the things you need to know about masturbation… how not to do it, and how to make it even better than you’d ever imagined. It’s all about self-control and tons of climaxing pleasure!

Article by:
Helena at JOUJOU 

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