Do Women Actually Like Penis Sleeves?

Do Women Actually Like Penis Sleeves?

Luckily for us, the world of sex toys is rife! There are a plethora of different pleasure products to indulge in for blissful activities, either solo or with a partner. Yet often when one thinks of sex toys, their minds usually wander to things such as the obvious. 

For example, a simple vibrator (probably phallic-shaped), maybe a strap-on, possibly even some kind of male masturbator like a Fleshlight, or a cock ring for stronger erections

But for those of you who have pondered over here to find out what women really think about penis sleeves… welcome! You’re probably entirely curious to find out what your female companion may be thinking about this sex toy

As tempting as it would be to answer this question flat out with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, that’s not really how it works when an answer is purely opinion-based. 

So instead of giving you our personal thoughts, we’ve gathered the opinions of women all across the world. 

From forum-based websites to Q and A sites, you’ll be able to read the thoughts from women who like and don’t like penis sleeves and why.

But first, let’s start with some basics… 

BLOG: Do Women Actually Like Penis Sleeves?

What Is a Penis Sleeve?

A penis sleeve is a type of silicone sex toy that’s worn over the penis during sex. 

There are other names for penis sleeves that may be familiar to you, such as a:

A penis sleeve has two main uses:

But before you decide to buy a penis sleeve it’s important to find the right size. For this, using a tape measure against your penis and then comparing it with the product dimension is encouraged. It should fit snugly when the penis is fully erect. 

Why Would You Consider Using a Penis Sleeve in Your Sex Life?

We briefly mentioned the reasons as to why someone would wear a penis sleeve, so let’s get more into that.

Wearing a Penis Sleeve to Extend Length And/or Girth

For those who feel insecure about their length or girth, wearing a penis sleeve may help them to gain more confidence in the bedroom. On the other hand, their partner may be seeking a little extra length or girth during penetration.

Wearing a Penis Sleeve for ED

For those who are living with ED, it’s important to find a penis sleeve that can be used when flaccid. Once placed over the penis, one will be able to have penetrative sex because of the rigidity of the penis sleeve.

Wearing a Penis Sleeve for Premature Ejaculation

A penis sleeve that covers the entire penis could help those who experience premature ejaculation because it reduces sensation during sex. This may lead to lasting longer in bed thus reducing the risk of premature ejaculation.

Do Women Actually Like Penis Sleeves?

And finally, the question of the hour: do women actually like penis sleeves?

One woman on Quora weighed in by saying:

“Yes! They can be/are a wonderful addition to a couples sex life but for that to happen, you both need good communication. Then it opens up a whole new world! Just use your imagination ;)” 

A few women on another forum answered the question by saying:

“It's not for me. I like glass dildos and vibrators during foreplay, but I much prefer the real deal for sex. They just don't appeal to me.”

“Personally, no. I enjoy either toys or the real thing, but not both. My current OH is naturally well-endowed and nothing beats the feeling of him inside me. But even when I've dated "smaller" guys before I'd rather have them naturally than them with an extension.”

“Yeah I'm another one who prefers nature. For me, there's nothing better than the feel of the real thing inside.”

And then, moving over to Reddit:

“I personally find them to be very sexy and would love it if my partner wanted to try them!”

“Love having the option of something different but that is still attached to my husband. It’s fun to experiment and we both enjoy using the sleeves.”

“Absolutely not even a little.”

“​​My fiancé tried it once with me and it was okay but not really something I would like all the time. It definitely doesn’t replace the actual feeling of him that I love.”

Having only looked at a few opinions, it’s still fair to say that they are mixed. And what that really tells us is that a conversation between partners is necessary. While one woman may love the idea, another might just not.

Either way, wearing a penis sleeve does have benefits for both men and women… 

BLOG: Do Women Actually Like Penis Sleeves?

Benefits for the Man and Woman

Wearing a Penis Sleeve: Benefits for Women

  • A penis extender with a bigger length and girth can aid in easier stimulation of the G-spot and the A-spot
  • Some penis sleeves have an internal ribbed chamber or a vibration function for more vaginal pleasure 

Wearing a Penis Sleeve: Benefits for Men

  • A penis sleeve is a less invasive way to try to combat erectile dysfunction. Plus, it has no health risks or complications involved so there really is no harm in trying

Wearing a Penis Sleeve: Benefits for Both Partners

  • A penis sleeve with a thicker material can help prevent premature ejaculation as it reducences stimulation, allowing for longer sessions 

Are Penis Sleeves Easy to Put On?

Penis sleeve are very easy to put on. By following these basic four steps, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Step one: put your penis sleeve over your partially erect or flaccid penis.

Step two: adjust your penis sleeve so that it is in-place. Depending on which one you have, it may involve attaching a stretchy ring around your scrotum, placing your testicles in a flexible hole, or using a harness to keep the sleeve in-place.

Step three: apply lube to the inside or outside of the sleeve (or both).

Step four: once your penis is erect, it should stay in place with minimal effort.

Product Recommendations for Beginners

Shop JOUJOU: Fantasy X-Tensions Elite 7 In. Sleeve With 1 In. Plug

Fantasy X-Tensions Elite 7 Inch Sleeve With 1 Inch Plug 

Made with hygienic Elite Silicone, this penis sleeve was made for extra length and girth providing maximum pleasure. It’s also been made with ED and premature ejaculation in mind, making it a useful and sexy sex toy for both partners. It’s ultra-realistic with a lifelike texture, adds up to 66% girth, 1 inch of length, and stretches to fit most sizes.

Shop JOUJOU: Fantasy X-Tensions Elite 6 In. Extension With Strap

Fantasy X-Tensions Elite 6 Inch. Extension With Strap

This super stretchy penis extension increases one’s length and girth for more fireworks in the bedroom, and goes the extra mile with a removable extender at the tip. In addition, it has a flexible ball strap that wraps comfortably around your balls to give a more secure fit. For “more” in between the sheets or assistance with ED and performance anxiety, Fantasy X is here to save the day. 

Shop JOUJOU: Fantasy X-tensions Perfect

Fantasy X-Tensions Perfect

The Perfect choice for those who want to have it their way. This penis extender is customisable, so it can be trimmed at the base to create the perfect fit. Plus, it’s stretchy enough to fit almost all sizes. It’s lifelike, adds 33% more thickness, and 1 inch of girth. Another perk? It comes with a free lube and toy cleaner

Shop JOUJOU: Fantasy X-Tensions Elite 8 In. Sleeve With 2 In. Plug

Fantasy X-Tensions Elite 8 Inch Sleeve With 2 Inch Plug

A customisable penis extender that can be trimmed at the base to find that perfect fit! The Fantasy X-Tensions Elite 8 In. Sleeve with 2 In. Plug was made for those couples who want to go big, yet have the choice to change it up. It increases girth by up to 66%, has an 8 inch length plus a 2 inch removable extender, and stretches to fit almost all sizes.

Having gone through the ins and outs, as well as some opinions about penis extenders, the conclusion seems to be that they can be super helpful and they can be beneficial for both men and women. They are also easy to use and are basically risk-free.

At the same time, everyone’s opinion on them differs, which ultimately means that an open and honest conversation with your partner would be great before you buy or whip one out. 

Either way, we wish you a super satisfying and amazing sex life!

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