Different Vibrators, uses, and benefits

Different Vibrators, uses, and benefits

Takeaway: There are different vibrators on the market for different needs and uses; they're versatile toys to improve both health, sex, and personal satisfaction! Check out our recommendations on the perfect vibrator to match your requirements!

More than half of women use vibrators, and almost 4 out of 5 who do so are in relationships. Further, about 75% of women don't achieve orgasm without manual stimulation or toys during sex. Vibratory also have multiple health benefits, as orgasms can reduce stress, dull migraines, ease menstrual cramping, and lower blood pressure to name a few perks. But there are hundreds - maybe thousands - of vibrators on the market, and with many offering the same features, the choices can be overwhelming. With this in mind, we’ve explored the various reasons women use vibrators and the best of the most popular selections for each particular need.

  1. Clitoral stimulation. WomanizerPro40 is a clitoral vibrator that requires no hands! Known as “the world's most advanced clitoral stimulator, it includes a variety of pulses and suctions. It triggers multiple orgasms, and this version is waterproof.

  2. G-spot stimulation. The Bodywand wandPLUS G-spot is curved perfectly and just the right length to go right to the G-spot, ensuring deep multiple orgasms every time. It's quiet and much stronger than the average vibrator!

  3. All-in-one stimulation. The Advanced Waterproof Jack Rabbit is an update to the classic we all know and love and stimulates vaginally and clitorally at the same time. This insertable features rotating beads at the shaft base to add internal stimulation, while the now widely recognised bunny ears move at 7 different speeds and patterns for clitoral pleasure.

  4. Doubles as body massager. The Bodywand 2.0 eases tired or stressed muscles when not enjoying it for some of the deepest clitoral orgasms you may ever have. It plugs into the wall with a long extension cord, so no worries if the closest outlet to the bed is on another wall. With 64 pattern and strength variations, there are more attachments you can purchase for even more exploration.   

  5. Anal stimulation. The Beaded Backdoor Rabbit is similar to #4, but it's meant for the bum. It can be used for men or women, accessing both the P-spot and G-spot, with bunny ears for clitoral stimulation or ball play. It's a favourite for ass play!

  6. On-the-go pleasure & health benefit. Sometimes we need a quick pick-me-up or we can't get a person or last night’s fun off of our mind. Sometimes we need to relax, relieve cramps or ease a headache. Enter the Mia-2 Lipstick Vibe by luxury brand Lelo. Discreet in size and disguise, it really looks like you're carrying a lipstick to the bathroom to freshen up. You can charge it via USB at work or in the car, and it's whisper-quiet so no worries if someone walks in as long as you can control your own noise!

  7. Insertable's. The Silicone Remote Bullet is a small insertable you can leave in throughout the day. It’s controlled by a small remote so you can turn on and off as you wish and has a retrieving cord. It's small enough to carry on your purse so you can be completely discreet.

  8. For couples. We talk about this one a lot, but we just can't stop because the innovation is amazing for couples. The WeVibe Sync Couples Vibrator can be used whether with your partner or across the globe. This is designed to be able to have a custom fit on the wearer to add more stimulation during sex and includes a remote control that works up to 3 meters away, with an app to use over longer distances.

There are a few more categories we could have covered; wearables have become such a broad category of strap-ons and remotes, insertable, panties, strapless and other technologies that you should check it out yourself to suit your interests! We’ve adequately covered vibrators for travel in a previous article, while several here work well also.

There are TONS of vibrators on the market and they vary in price point, quality, features, and availability before we even discuss whether it will suit your needs. With these eight recommendations for the best of every category, we know you’ll find the perfect vibrator to keep you coming over and over (back to JOUJOU for more lube and to check out other vibes from other categories)!

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