A Handy Guide for Picking the Perfect Sex Toy

A Handy Guide for Picking the Perfect Sex Toy


We all have our favourite toys. The time-tested, self-approved batch of toys that you keep in a special place tucked away for frequent use.

What? YOU DON’T?

Here are some tips on toys if you haven’t had them in a long time, never owned a toy, or are exploring other regions of your body for which you don’t have a toy. Some questions you might want to ask yourself when buying toys should be: Who? What? When? Where? And why? Keep track of your answers so you’ll have an easier time picking things online.

Who do you want to stimulate? Is it you, someone else, or both? Who you are wanting to stimulate will make the difference significantly in the toy you may want. Every person gets turned on in different ways, so what you like may not do it for the rest. If you plan on buying a toy for someone else, use their preferences as the “who, what, when, where, and whys” of sex toys.

What kind of stimulation do you want? You could go for adjectives like hard, medium, soft, vibrating, sucking, and spinning. Some folks like a softer dildo while others like them hard, some like a combination of hard and vibrating while others prefer a spinning, vibrating dildo. Everyone’s tastes are different; this will definitely help you in narrowing down your list of options from the huge variety of adult toys on the market today.

Where do you want stimulation? Identify whether you want to focus on the vagina, clit, anus and rectum, testicles, or the penis, and is it solo or mutually beneficial - MM (male-male), WW (female-female), or MW (male-female)? Different couples require different toys for mutual stimulation. Keep that in mind if picking a toy for your lover.

When are you planning to stimulate?

  • When you are out in public?
  • When you are at home alone?
  • When you are on a sleepover date?
  • When you are in water?

How do you plan on using your toy? Is it for orgasm or just arousal?

Here are some suggestions for some combinations that you may have picked. Once you have your answers written down it will be easy to find a toy. Just read the descriptions and you’ll know whether that particular toy is what you are looking for. Now, go out and have some fun!

This guide will help you start using your toy right away and we know you will find that you are satisfied with your choices!

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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