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      Tantus was born from the hope and aspiration to make the lives of people throughout the world fun, worthwhile, and enjoyable. To make ordinary people smile, and challenge the ethos of an industry to bring what everyone truly desires – Sexual Happiness.


      Tantus has one major inspiration: to bring about sexual happiness! And since 1997, their sex toys have been doing just that and more!

      You see, Tantus loves the idea of their customers feeling confident and sexy whilst exploring their bodies. And their sex toys are so deliciously appealing, that it’s near impossible not to feel like an absolute king or queen whilst using them.

      The sex toys at Tantus are eco-friendly, made of exceptionally high quality material, and is a brand that will keep you smiling all-year-round.

      What Tantus Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

      The Tantus sex toy brand is a true connoisseur when it comes to upmarket and sultry dildos. And there’s something for everyone in their line!

      From all kinds of dildos, strap-ons, strapless strap-ons, and harnesses, to butt plugs, vibrators and cock rings, Tantus knows how to spoil you until the point of a beautiful climax and absolute bliss.

      Tantus Dildo Sex Toys

      When it comes to dildos, Tantus definitely leads the pack in the sex toy industry. With so many to choose from, you can find the perfect dildo for your preference, level of sexual experience, and desires. These dildos are unisex, so you can target the G-spot or P-spot, making them perfect for anyone.

      Tantus Dildo Sex Toys for Beginners

      For beginners, we recommend the Tantus Curve Super Soft , a toy that sensually massages the G-spot or P-spot effortlessly with its sweet ridges. Play with it with your hands, or during harness play, and feel yourself slip away into a wave of pleasure!

      Or, how about the Tantus Compact , a small dildo with a slim girth, made for newbies? This is one of the best toys to bring about that post-orgasm glow! And don’t overlook the Tantus Silk Small Dildo , which is a sleek and non-intimidating sex toy ready to show you the ropes, and keep you smiling for the rest of the day.

      Another favourite for beginners who want to indulge in harness play, is the Tantus Leisure Dildo . This pleasure product is smooth and elegant-looking, curved in all the right places to stimulate your body’s most gorgeous parts.

      Tantus Dildo Sex Toys for Intermediate Players

      Experienced dildo play to a point where you’re absolutely craving more? Take your pleasure one step further with Tantus dildos made especially for those intermediate players.

      The Tantus Sport Dildo has a noticeable head made for your pleasure, but is not too intimidating. It’s a toy that’s great to use during strap-on play, comes in a size medium, and was made for you to dive deeper into sheer ecstasy.

      We also recommend the Tantus Silk Medium Dildo that’s slim and smooth, hits all the right spots, yet isn’t too extreme or overwhelming. It glides effortlessly, and has the power to take you to new sexual heights in a matter of seconds.

      Or, if you’re the type who likes to live life loud, the Tantus Vamp Super Soft Dildo comes in bold colours, is super realistic looking, and is made from soft silicone. Enjoy that luxurious feel either hand-held or with a strap-on harness.

      Tantus Dildo Sex Toys for Advanced Players

      For those who know exactly what they like, and want more of it, Tantus has some seriously sexy dildos for advanced players. Take the Tantus Silk Large Dildo , for example… the name alone lets you know that you’re definitely going to go on a sensual yet erotic ride. Enjoy this pleasure product using your hands or with a harness, because either will get you to where you want to go.

      Need a little more inspiration? The Tantus VIP Super Soft Dildo is arguably the best harness-compatible dildo on the market today. It’s been designed with sexy curves and contoured lines, transforming your play time into heaven-on-earth.

      Or take a peek at the Tantus Adam Super Soft Dildo , a somewhat smooth toy with hints of realistic veins and a comfortable base. What’s most impressive about this dildo is its beautiful curve that has been designed to target your most intimate space, creating orgasmic experiences either during hand-held play or when using a harness.

      And don’t forget to show the Tantus Champion Super Soft Dildo some love! This dildo has an insertable length of almost 18 cm, allowing you to really hit those gorgeous spots with ease. It’s perfect to use in your hands or with a harness… either way, it can confidently be described as your best fantasy come to life.

      Tantus Butt Plug Sex Toys

      Did you know that the anus has a ton of nerve endings, make it an area that’s highly erotic and highly orgasmic when stimulated? So why not step into this sweet pleasure with Tantus and their luxury line of butt plugs?

      If you’re brand spanking new to anal play, the Tantus Perfect Plug Kit is the best place to start. It’s a starter’s kit containing a Tantus Perfect Plug , a toy with a 3.5 cm insertable length, and a Tantus Perfect Plug Plus , a vibrating butt plug that’s 4 cm of insertable length. Both of these toys are super soft, and made in such a way that it gently caresses, teases, and stimulates ever so slightly, giving you a taste of how absolutely fantastic anal play can be.

      The Tantus Little Flirt Butt Plug is also one of our faves for beginners, as it’s small and petite yet has a decent-sized neck and a tapered base for absolute comfort. Secret? You can use this devilish butt plug for harness play too!

      Another favourite is the Tantus Perfect Plug that’s got a smaller head, making it a great first toy for beginners, or for those who want to warm up before a big night of lustful passion. Or perhaps you’d prefer the Tantus Neo Silicone Butt Plug ? Another winner for newbies that’s tapered and designed in such a way that it generously compliments your body’s curves.

      Intermediate anal enthusiasts, the Tantus Ryder Butt Plug is the perfect pleasure product for you. It’s slightly larger than the average butt plug for beginners, giving you an even fuller and more satisfying feeling. It’s been created with comfort in mind, sitting pretty without falling out. Take advantage of its gentle curves and sheer beauty and receive the best kind of heavenly bliss you deserve.

      Tantus Vibrating Butt Plug Sex Toys

      Your perfect vibe is waiting for you! The Tantus Perfect Plus Plug Butt Plug ripples with deep and delicious vibrations, and was created for you to enhance your anal adventures. Allow it to bend and curve with your body, and keep it in place effortlessly with its anchor base. Play time just got a whole lot hotter!

      Tantus Massager Sex Toys

      The Tantus Rumble Massager is like nothing you’ve seen before. This is because it’s got a completely different look to the rest of the Tantus line! This massager is incredibly sensual and satisfying, made for everybody. It’s used to massage the entire body, so you can use it to relieve tired and sore muscles, or during foreplay for a sexy warm up.

      Tantus Vibrator Sex Toys

      Jolt your way into sexual bliss with Tantus and their delightful vibrator sex toys. And if you’re a cheeky one, you’ll love the Tantus Super Soft Panty Play Vibrator ! This pleasure product can be worn with or without panties, and is able to cup the vulva perfectly, bringing about beautiful elation.

      And for those who seek a little more girth, the Tantus Goliath Vibrator has your name written all over it. It has a diameter of 1.7”, and is a realistic pleasure product that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly satisfying.

      Want it even bigger? The Tantus Goliath Super Vibrator is powerful in stature and in pleasure. It’s got a generous girth, and comes with a suction cup for even more solo time fun.

      Tantus C-Ring Sex Toys

      Picture a hot and sweaty night full of passion… that’s exactly what you’ll get with Tantus and their line of C-rings. You see, a cock ring is a pleasure product that helps men maintain their erections, while keeping them stronger and more powerful!

      Check out the Tantus Super Soft C-Ring , a stretchy cock ring for beginners, and the Tantus Super Soft Vibrating C-Ring , which has the added bonus of vibrations that stimulate both the shaft and a woman’s clitoris during partnered sex.

      And for another twist, you may love the Tantus Intermediate Cock Ring 1 ⅞ inch and the Tantus Advanced Cock Ring 1 ¾ . Both of these cock rings are not just worn around the penis, but also the testicles. This prevents the testicles from contracting, which ultimately slows down ejaculation. The result? Longer, steamier sessions and super sexually satisfied partners.

      Tantus Strapless Strap-On Sex Toys

      Did you know that you can enjoy strap-on fun without an actual strap? This makes those intimate moments even more sensual and fun to enjoy!

      How do they work? The wearer will insert one arm of the toy and use their PC muscles to keep it in place, while the second arm is then inserted into their partner! Pegging pleasure, enhanced!

      If you’re pining to give it a go, the Tantus Strapless Classic Strap-On is a sexy number that feels erotic and pleasurable for both the giver and the receiver. It’s got a natural curve that feels amazing during penetration, and is soft to the touch, adding that extra bit of luxury.

      Tantus Prostate Massager Sex Toys

      Bask in uninhibited pleasure with Tantus and their powerful prostate massagers. The Tantus Prostate Health Vibrator , for example, has been made with your comfort in mind.

      It’s a flexible shaft with a bulbous end, and comes with a choice of cheeky vibration settings for an added bit of eroticism. Allow this prostate massager to flex with your body to create a comfortable yet orgasmic experience.

      Tantus Strap-On Sex Toys and Accessories

      Get started with strap-on pleasure with Tantus . This sex toy company has designed a number of kits to get you going, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are.

      The Tantus Bend Over Beginner’s Kit , for example, was made for newbies, and comes with an adjustable harness, two dildos (Silk Small and Silk Medium), as well as a bullet vibe. Try it on to feel how powerful and sexual you really are!

      Then there’s the Tantus Bend Over Intermediate Kit for, you guessed it, intermediate players. This kit comes with two dildos (Silk Medium and Silk Large), and the Tantus Vibrating Harness . Slip this sensual pleasure product over your body and feel the velvety material on your skin to experience maximum sexual satisfaction.