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      The latest collection is packaged in a luxury cosmetic bag, but also instructions and tips for women (and their partners) to make the most out of their RIANNE S product.

      RIANNE S embodies more than just a toy. Or as Rianne herself puts is: “This is my passion, my love for female wellbeing in general, but especially their sexual wellness.


      Rianne S is Dutch sex toy brand, established in 2010, and they are all about creating toys designed by women, for women. But they don’t just stop there... 

      Rianne S goes above and beyond to give their users all kinds of tips and tricks on how to maximise their erotic sex toys. They’re a brand that’s focused on women empowerment, and we’re always on board when it comes to her pleasure!

      Simply put, Rianne S sex toys will not only bring you uninterrupted bliss, but also embody you with a sense of power and strength. They dazzle and impress with a variety of pleasure products ready to take you to the highest level of euphoria.

      What Rianne S Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

      Women of the world, do you want to tap into your most sensual side and feel like an absolute goddess in the process? Then a Rianne S sex toy or two is a must-have! 

      Their line includes different styles of vibrators, wand massagers, bullet-style vibes, ben wa balls, and fetish items. Whatever your style, you’ve found your tribe in Rianne S .

      Rianne S Rabbit-Style Vibrator Sex Toys

      Get comfortable, because the Rianne S Xena Rabbit Vibrator is going to jolt you into a pleasure-induced state incomparable to anything you’ve ever experienced before. 

      This pleasure product has two strong motors, 10 vibration settings, and has a heating function for those who like it hot and spicy. 

      Rianne S Vibrator Sex Toys

      For the classic woman who wants to embrace the beautiful energy that a classic sex toy has to offer, the Rianne S Classique Vibrator is an elegant and sleek vibe that was made for you. It’s coated in a luxurious black with gold trimmings, and when used, makes you feel as though you’re riding a wave of sheer eroticism. 

      And if you’re someone who likes to colour outside of the lines, the Rianne S Heart Vibrator will tick all of your boxes. This adorable heart-shaped vibe may look cute and sweet, but in actuality, it works hard to give you all kinds of flirty stimulation. With 10 different speeds of pleasure, you can buzz your way into your favourite kind of happiness.

      Rianne S Mini Vibrator Sex Toys

      For women on-the-go, the Rianne S mini vibrator collection is exquisite, compact, petite, yet super powerful. 

      We love the Rianne S Mini Boa Vibrator for its electrifying colours, and its ability to take you to Cloud Nine. What’s also fabulous is that it includes its own little cosmetic bag! 

      And if floral is your thing, the Rianne S Floral Vibrator will be your new best friend. It’s a mini vibe with subtle grooves for extra stimulation, and comes with an adorable floral cosmetic case.

      Both the Boa and the Floral vibes can be used to tease the G-spot or to show your clitoris a little love.

      Rianne S Duo Vibrator Sex Toys

      Exploring your most intimate sexual side has been made infinitely more seductive with Rianne S and their line of duo vibrators. Each with its own charm and charisma, there’s definitely something to fall in lust with.

      The Rianne S Duo Vibrator was created with couples play in mind, and has two erotic ends for both partners. On one end, you have a vibrator for her, and on the other, a masturbator for him. Indulge in the world of mutual masturbation in the sexiest way possible.

      And the Rianne S Bunny Bliss is a mini vibe that doubles up as a clitoral and a G-spot stimulation sex toy. Feel its soft silicone in your hand, and massage your intimate spots until your much-deserved and gorgeous climax.

      We also love the Rianne S Matryoshka , which is a cheeky little lady who wants to impress you with the element of surprise! This is because it has a “shuffle” mode, giving you something new and exciting when you least expect it. 

      Or, if you’re more a fan of routine, you can choose between five of its different patterns and intensities according to your preference. This number can be used as a G-spot vibrator or a clitoral vibe, allowing you to take your pleasure into your own hands.

      Rianne S Clitoral Vibrator Sex Toys

      See stars when you treat yourself with the Rianne S Clitoral Moon Vibrator . This petite, moon-shaped vibe has two motors for that extra bit of fun, and a number of exciting vibrations, pulsations, and wave settings. 

      Fitting comfortable in the palm of your hand, you can tickle and tease until you’re ready to swing across the moon.

      Rianne S Ben Wa Balls

      Possibly the best kind of exercise there is, or should we say sexercise! The Rianne S Playballs Ben Wa Balls is a set of 4 balls of various weights created to strengthen your pelvic floor. 

      Start with a mere 15 minutes a day, and you’ll begin to notice stronger and more powerful orgasms in no time!

      Rianne S Body Wand Massager Sex Toys

      Keep shining bright with the Rianne S Bella Mini Body Wand Massager , a pleasure product that will have you glowing every single time with its powerful motor that sends shivers down your spine. 

      Use it on tired or aching muscles, or embrace your cheeky side and use it more intimately. Both will ensure sheer bliss.

      Rianne S Fetish Handcuffs

      Fetish play meets luxury with the Rianne S Diamond Handcuffs Liz . These gorgeous gold handcuffs bling with elegance while allowing you to bring out your most erotic side. 

      Or, you could simply wear them as a set of bracelets on a night out simply by removing the chains! A versatile pleasure product that’s as practical as it is lustful.