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40 products

40 products

Nu Sensuelle is committed to the creation and distribution of the finest products made from the most innovative technologies and material, creatively and stylishly packaged for the adult toy industry.

Nu Sensuelle's ever-expanding range of products will include rings, remotes, eggs, bullets, vibrators, rabbits…and whatever the mind can create to fulfil what the body desires.


Nu Sensuelle was born out of pure curiosity and compulsion to increase one’s sense of adventure… and it all started in 2012. Today, Nu Sensuelle can be found nearly all over the world, and are proud owners of a number of top accolades from the sex toy industry. 

This is because they’ve not only created pleasurable products that look fabulous, but have also worked hard to incorporate cutting-edge sextech into all of their products.

We love Nu Sensuelle because of their sense of wonder, always excited and ready to improve upon their toys and create new and even more thrilling pleasure products that can be enjoyed by everyone.

What Nu Sensuelle Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

Dive into a world of eroticism with Nu Sensuelle and their range of colourful, elegant, and pleasure-inducing sex toys.

Find your bliss, whatever it may be, in one of their rabbit-style vibrators, clit massagers, bullet vibes, G-spot massagers, vibrating panty sets, remote-controlled toys, prostate massagers, cock rings, or butt plugs from Nu Sensuelle .

Needless to say, with Nu Sensuelle , the pleasure is all yours.

Nu Sensuelle Rabbit-Style Vibrator Sex Toys

Get the best of both worlds by experiencing a delicious blended orgasm with one or more rabbit-style vibrators from Nu Sensuelle. They’ll have you spinning in a delightful tizz as you seductively caress your clitoris and your G-spot simultaneously. 

Take a peek at the Nu Sensuelle Brandii Flexible Rabbit Vibrator that’s bendy in all the right places, and has two powerful motors for a climatic finish you won’t forget anytime soon! 

Or what about the Nu Sensuelle Giselle Rabbit Vibrator that has a rolling ball tip to enhance your playtime, and is made of soft silicone, making it a treat to use and to hold? Simply delicious!

We also love the Nu Sensuelle Indii XLR8 Rabbit Vibrator that comes in two electric colours. It has a flexible shaft for precise G-spot stimulation, and two rabbit ears that seductively flick and tease your clitoris until the heavens open up and you are taken to a place of sheer euphoria.

Nu Sensuelle Bullet Vibrator Sex Toys

Nu Sensuelle has a line of bullet vibes that work tirelessly to get you to a place of bliss every single time. No more missing the beat when it comes to your very best climax.

The Nu Sensuelle Bunii Bullet Vibrator is a cute-looking vibe that packs a punch with 20 different vibration patterns, and a fancy memory function that allows you to pick up on your pleasure whenever you fancy it. 

And the Nu Sensuelle Bobbii Bullet Vibrator , which comes in soft pastel colours, has a whopping 69 functions so you can take your adventure from throbbing bliss to an electrifying pulsation at the press of a button.

You may also adore the Nu Sensuelle Joie Bullet Vibe that’s simple in design but oh so pleasurable when in action. It has 15 functions, and is petite enough to take with you wherever you go! 

And what about the Nu Sensuelle Point V2 Bullet Vibrator ? This magical pleasure product doesn’t play around when it comes to your lust, and is a premium massager ready to tantalise your sweet spots.

And if it’s a touch of luxury you’re after, the Nu Sensuelle Point Plus Bullet Vibrator is majestically designed in gold and black, has ridges for that extra bit of stimulation, and is 30 percent more power than its predecessor. A luxurious beauty waiting to spoil you with orgasmic ecstasy. 

Nu Sensuelle Clitoral Stimulation Sex Toys

Go for gold with the Nu Sensuelle Trinitii Flickering & Suction Clit Massager . A wondrous pleasure product that suckles, teases, and delights the clitoris into a mindblowing orgasm every single time you use it. 

This sex toy not only vibrates, but sucks and flicks too with its dual motors, giving you a three in one whole-body experience.

Nu Sensuelle G-Spot Vibrator Sex Toys

With Nu Sensuelle, you’ll get the best of those good vibrations with their line of G-spot vibrator sex toys. Which one is your favourite?

There’s the Nu Sensuelle Curve G-Spot Vibrator , a delightful stimulation toy with 20 functions, the Nu Sensuelle Gemini XLR8 G-Spot Vibrator with Fluttering Tip for an extra boost in sensual stimulation, and the Nu Sensuelle Aimii G-Spot Vibrator that has a bulbous tip for targeted play time.

You’ll also lust over the Nu Sensuelle Baelii G-Spot Vibrator that’s got a perfect curve to really pleasure your sweet spot, and the mighty Nu Sensuelle G-Spot Massager that’s courageously contoured and ribbed for an even bigger and better orgasm.

And last but not least, the Nu Sensuelle Pearl Massager knows just how to please! It’s got a ribbed head made for ultimate stimulation, whether you’d like to target your G-spot or your clitoris, and is a multi-vibrational masterpiece for intimate massages and ultimate euphoria.

Nu Sensuelle Vibrating Panty Sex Toys

Go on a sexual adventure with the Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty Vibrator Set . This delicious kit comes with a waterproof bullet vibe with remote control, and a pair of lacy and sensual panties that, together, create an absolute rumble. 

Wear it out and about or slip into this comfort piece of lingerie for some at-home solo fun or partnered play.

Nu Sensuelle Anal Plug Sex Toys

Fancy a different kind of stimulation that’ll bring on stronger and even more blissful orgasms? Check out Nu Sensuelle’s line of butt plugs that are perfectly-designed to get your motor running.

For beginners, we suggest these two slim pleasure products: the Nu Sensualle Mini Anal Plug or the Nu Sensuelle Mini Anal Plug with Remote . The mini anal plug has a wide base for easier use and 12 vibration functions, and the mini plug with remote control is perfect for couples play, yet is equally as tantalising during solo fun. It has 15 functions and allows for absolute sexual freedom whenever you crave it.

And if you’re experienced in anal play, the Nu Sensuelle Homme Butt Plug is a real treat. It has a tapered end, allowing you to ease into your pleasure at your own place, 20 vibration settings, and a flickering tip that adds that extra bit of spice to your sexy time.

Nu Sensuelle Cock Ring Sex Toys

You’re in for an absolute treat with Nu Sensuelle and their range of cock rings! Marvel upon the Nu Sensuelle Remote Control Bullet Ring that, when worn during sex, feels soft on his skin, while giving her ribbed pleasure on the clitoris. It’s remote-controlled for even more partnered fun, and has 15 functions.

There’s also the Nu Sensuelle Silicone Bullet Ring that’s flexible and elegant-looking, and also provides her with some sexy stimulation during partnered sex. 

And for an extra touch of class, the Nu Sensuelle Silicone Ring with Remote Control XLR8 shines in a luxurious gold and black, and is worn by him during solo or partnered play. It comes with a turbo boost function, so you can really get things hot and heavy when the mood strikes.

Nu Sensuelle Prostate Massager Sex Toys

Gentlemen, don’t miss out on the opportunity to ramp up your orgasms when it comes to your sexual satisfaction. The Nu Sensuelle Homme Ace Prostate Massager is a powerful device with two motors, offering 15 different kinds of vibrations for your best climax yet. 

And the Nu Sensuelle Homme Pro Prostate Massager is curvy in all the right places and decorated with ripples, allowing you to really stimulate your most pleasure-inducing sweet spot.

We also love the Nu Sensuelle Homme Pro-S Prostate Massager that has a more defined tip and flexible body for an even fuller feeling of bliss. Enjoy 15 different vibrations and pulsations, and 3 different speeds that will take you from zero to hero in no time at all.

Nu Sensuelle Remote-Controlled Eggs and Bullet Sex Toys

Hey there daredevil, do you crave having all kinds of fun in any setting, be it at home or out in public? And do you want to take full power or give up all control with your partner? Then you simply have to try the remote-controlled sex toys from Nu Sensuelle. 

The Nu Sensuelle Remote-Controlled Petite Egg is a discrete pleasure product worn by her and controlled by whomever she allows. It sits comfortably inside her pleasure spot, and teases with 15 vibration patterns and uninterrupted power. 

Then there’s the Nu Sensuelle Remote-Controlled Wireless Bullet Plus in a sleek black and gold that is petite yet oh so powerful. Allow it to nestle comfortable inside and expect the unexpected when your partner takes the reins. A cheeky toy waiting to be taken on a sexual adventure.