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12 products


Happy Rabbit is the brand you’ll fall in love with for a number of reasons. Firstly, the rabbit vibrator is a classic, something every woman should own in her nightstand. 

Second, the sex toys from Happy Rabbit are so deliciously sensual, you’ll be able to experience a new blended orgasm with ease. 

And lastly, why wouldn’t you treat yourself to this good-looking toy that made a name for itself on the ever-popular TV show, Sex and the City ?

Sold! Happy Rabbit is thee go-to sex toy that’ll keep you coming in style for years and years to come!

What Happy Rabbit Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

While Happy Rabbit focuses mainly on rabbit-style sex toys, they do have a few other cheeky items to adore.

Marvel upon items such as cock rings, strap-ons, strapless strap-ons, and wand sex toys from the sex toy brand, Happy Rabbit .

Happy Rabbit G-Spot & Clitoral Stimulation Sex Toys

Welcome to the wonderful world of rabbit-style vibrators from Happy Rabbit. These popular sex toys have been perfected by this seductive sex toy brand, allowing you to choose your very best style of vibrator.

Let’s take a little peek, shall we?

The Happy Rabbit Realistic Dual Density Rabbit Vibrator can charm the pants off of you with its 15 different vibration settings—12 for the shaft and 3 for the rabbit ears. This toy is easy-to-use with only two buttons, and is 100 percent waterproof for some bathtub bliss.

The Happy Rabbit Curve Rabbit Vibrator is equally as tantalising, designed with a flexible curved tip that targets your G-spot effortlessly, and rabbit ears that tease and please your clitoris into orgasmic euphoria.

Then there’s the Happy Rabbit G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator . This toy still gently and seductively tickles your clitoris, but the main attraction is its bulbous end that is perfect for some erotic G-spot stimulation.

Or how about the Happy Rabbit Beaded G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator ? This sexy number comes with two motors for double the fun, and is 100 percent waterproof! Make a splash whenever you fancy it!

We also highly recommend the Happy Rabbit Curve Power Motion Rabbit Vibrator . That’s because it has thrusting capabilities that delight in 3 different speeds. Allow your G-spot and clitoris to be stimulated effortlessly with this thrusting rabbit vibe that’s absolutely phenomenal.

And lastly, the Happy Rabbit G-Spot Stroker Rabbit Vibrator is another top pick! A beautiful-looking pleasure product that gets to work with two motors and a soft silicone exterior. With this sexy vibe, you can have your cake and eat it!

Happy Rabbit Thrusting Sex Toys

Allow Happy Rabbit to do all of the hard work for you with the Happy Rabbit Thrusting Realistic Rabbit Vibrator . This masterpiece has thrusting technology built into it, so you can sit back and feel it slide into your most sexiest of spaces with ease.

This pleasure product is also waterproof, so take it with you in the shower, bathtub, or hot tub!

Happy Rabbit Strapless Strap-On Sex Toys

Happy Rabbit loves to make things easy for you. Which is why they’ve curated a strapless strap-on, called the Happy Rabbit Strapless Strap On Rabbit Vibe , for your ultimate pleasure.

How does it work? Insert one end into the vagina and keep in place using your PC muscles while its rabbit ears delightfully caress your clitoris. Then grab your partner and thrust so both can enjoy the sheer bliss offered.

Happy Rabbit Strap-On Harness Set

If you prefer going old-school, the Happy Rabbit Strap-On Harness Set is a dream to wear and even more of a dream to experience.

This set comes with a fully-adjustable harness and a 5-inch shaft. This shaft is blessed with the infamous Happy Rabbit ears that tickle and tease the clitoris, so you can be sure to experience an explosive blended orgasm.

Happy Rabbit Cock Ring Sex Toys

Gentlemen, Happy Rabbit have definitely not forgotten about you! And the Happy Rabbit Remote-Controlled Cock Ring is their most prized product when it comes to your sexual wellness.

It’s flexible, made of luxury silicone, and has 30 delicious vibration modes that you can access with its remote control. Wear it comfortably to experience harder erections while pleasing your partner during penetration for an entry into orgasmic heaven.

Happy Rabbit Wand Sex Toys

Add a touch of magic to your self-love routine with the Happy Rabbit Wand Vibrator

It’s everything you’d expect from a sensational wand massager but has the added bonus of two sexy rabbit ears to thrill your sweet spots simultaneously. A true winner when it comes to your very best climax.