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68 products

Do you crave or enjoy a different kind of stimulation? One that can take you on a journey of sexual exploration whilst giving you a euphoric sense of sexual freedom ? Anal sex toys are a must-have for those who are ready to take their pleasure to new levels, and make the most of their most precious and gorgeous erotic side.

Benefits of Using Anal Toys

When you indulge in anal toys, you’re setting yourself up for more intense orgasms . That’s simply a given, whether you’re a male or female. And because of the different anatomy of both men and women, there are different, yet equally as tantalising, effects to be enjoyed when you choose to use an anal sex toy.

In a 2010 study, it was proven that out of 31 percent of women surveyed who engaged in anal stimulation, 94 percent of them had an orgasm . Those are some seriously delicious odds. And why is that? Well, the anus is full of sensitive nerve endings , which means that when they’re stimulated, you’re embarking on an adventure that can take you from zero to hero! Not just that, but for women, anal stimulation has the ability to stimulate two different spots , namely the G-spot and the A-spot . These two orgasm-inducing spots can be found along the vaginal wall, and are indirectly stimulated during anal fun! 

For men, anal sex toys too have their benefits. This is because the prostate is located behind the bladder, and is a walnut-sized gland that secretes fluid, nourishing and protecting sperm. And when the prostate is stimulated, well… it swells, creating powerful orgasms and intense ejaculations . But pleasuring your prostate isn’t just a sexual whirlwind of orgasmic bliss ! Massaging the prostate with the use of anal sex toys can decrease the risk of prostate cancer , genital pain , prostatitis , and loss of erections

When to Use Anal Toys

Using an anal toy requires a little bit more work than any other kind of pleasure product. Is it worth it? Definitely! In order to prepare for your bout of anal adventure, you could either use a douche , an enema , or try to empty your bowels beforehand. This will remove unwanted accidents and allow you to really immerse yourself in the sheer lust of it all. And when you’re all sorted with that, you can go ahead and use your anal toy, solo or with your partner , until your heart is content.

When to use your anal toy depends solely on you and when you’re craving that intense buildup and release of bliss. It also depend on which kind of anal toy you have. For vibrating anal toys, it’s best to use it in private. Opt for a quiet anal toy if you require a bit of privacy. For non-vibrating ones, well… you could go for gold! Using anal toys such as butt plugs are a saucy little secret that can be worn whenever you fancy it… whether you’re at home or out and about! Anal beads , on the other hand, require some sensual actions, so it’s best to do that in private.

Whichever anal sex toy you decide to treat yourself with, always make sure that it has a flared base . This will make it safe to insert and remove, leaving you with nothing but satisfaction. Additionally, you’re going to want to be more gentle with yourself, especially if you’re a newbie to anal stimulation, as the anus isn’t as elastic as the vagina. Lots of lube and lots of TLC will get you exactly where you want to go!

Top 5 Best Selling Anal Toys

Glams Mini Gem Butt Plug

For something that does not just feel amazing , but also looks amazing , the Glams Mini Gem Butt Plug will be your new favourite anal sex toy! It’s a pleasure product that’s made of body-safe silicone , giving you a smooth and luxurious feel in your hands and inside of you. It has a tapered end , which is essential for safe anal play, and is adorned with a sparkling, multi-coloured gem that’s eye-catching and simply adorable.

Fun Factory Bootie Small Butt Plug

A trusted and well-known brand in the sex toy industry, buying a Fun Factory sex toy is always a good idea. And the small Bootie Butt Plug is flexible with just the right amount of firmness for an entirely sexy time. It’s made of 100 percent silicone , is a treat for beginners and more advanced anal players, and has been made to compliment both the male and female anatomy .

Anal Fantasy Collection Deluxe Vibro Balls Anal Beads

Anal beads—an extremely erotic anal sex toy that has the power to bring you endless pleasure! What are they? A series of balls attached to a firm string, enjoyed by slowly inserting one or more, then pulling them out. Tip? Pulling anal beads out is especially erotic during the height of climax ! So, if you’re intrigued, the Anal Fantasy Deluxe Vibro Anal Beads are perfect for newbies . They vibrate with each movement of your body , yet at a whisper-quiet level, and come with a Refresh Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner for a super easy clean-up after play time.

Petite Sensations Bubbles Black Vibrating Anal Beads

An absolute must for beginners new to anal stimulation, the Petite Sensations Bubbles Vibrating Beads are slim , and consist of balls that grow in size . This allows you to experiment slowly with different kinds of girths at your own speed and leisure. They’re velvety-soft , made of body-safe silicone , and come with seven different vibration and pulsation settings for ultimate anal satisfaction.

B-Vibe Snug Plug Weighted Butt Plug

You’re always in good hands with B-Vibe as they’re a brand at the top of their game when it comes to anal stimulation. In fact, it is their forte, which is why you’ll adore their Snug Plug Weighted Butt Plug! It provides you with a sense of erotic fullness , and has a thin, flexible neck for all kinds of sensual play. It’s easy-to-hold , made of body-safe silicone , and has a rounded edge for easy insertion . Your very best wet dream, come true.