Yes, There are Sex Toys That Can Simulate Oral Sex

Yes, There are Sex Toys That Can Simulate Oral Sex


It seems like sex toys are always about insertion and friction, but did you know there are oral sex simulators for women too? All ladies love oral, but it's a real sacrifice when you're single, and not everyone's partner enjoys it. (Note, there are oral simulators for men too, and we’re bringing you those in two weeks time. We haven't forgotten you gentlemen!) A simulator is great to use as foreplay or to give your partner a break - next week we’ll be teaching HOW to properly perform oral sex on a woman, but until then let’s acknowledge it can take a little longer for women and be a little mystifying for their partners! Here are some great products to pick up for yourself or your partner to create the luxurious feeling of cunnilingus!

The J2S is a high tech sex toy and was actually intended to be used for men, but we find it works amazingly for women too. It clips onto your partner's cheek with a vibrating piece in the mouth. It's easy to control and doesn't cause the gag reflex to kick in; it has three different speeds with seven vibration modes and if anything the rhythm seems to relax the reflex. This toy makes oral easier for the giver and a very eye-opening, back-arching experience for the receiver! The extra sensation of vibrations combined with the bliss of cunnlingus will drive you crazy. It's perfect for anyone looking to make their routine more exciting or who on occasion has difficulty climaxing. And as for the partner, it makes the whole process better for them, meaning less stress on their jaw but adding pleasure for you! J2S is also entirely waterproof, so no worries about surprising yourself and discovering an electroshock fetish for this toy!

Lube is always recommended for toys, and that includes oral toys too. If you want to make the experience of using J2S more pleasurable for both of you, consider using a flavored lube! JO makes a variety of flavored lubes that are safe to digest, safe for all toys, and to use with latex. Chocolate is a rich, classic flavor, but there are also flavors like Banana, Mint, Green Apple, Cherry, and many more! Choose your partner's favorite flavor for a more giving and exciting experience. These lubes also come in single serving and multi-use bottles, so collect various flavors to switch it up!

Ladies, we have all heard horror stories - and experienced - how badly some of our partners perform oral. Next week we’ll fix that with a tutorial. Be prepared to purchase some of these items and print that out - give your man a gift basket! But whether you face this problem or not, you shouldn't have to skip out on it! The LELO Oral Sex Simulator will end that frustration. It was designed with the woman's comfort and pleasure in mind, with a soft silicone body and even a proper holding place. This toy has ten vibrations with different intensities. It is waterproof, meaning bath time just got one hundred times more exciting.

Then there’s the Bodywand 360 3 piece, a toy that can be used alone, or with one of two oral simulator rotating heads. This means you can experiment and choose your favorite. You can also quickly alternate between just the original and then work with the heads, all at various speeds and power. One head is meant to be more teasing and enticing, while the second is an oral feel with multiple tongue forms attached. It's great for the quiet moment alone or pairing with your partner too! Use this toy unplugged almost anywhere, and recharge after.

Oral sex is not a stand in for good sex, but it’s amazing foreplay or a great finisher, and can be enough all on its own on occasion. Even if you or your partner is a master of oral, these products will make your experience more pleasurable. Next week we’ll have a guide to giving your woman the best cunnilingus of her life, and the two weeks after that are for the men - products to simulate oral sex and a guide to blow jobs! Check back in but in the meantime, add to your toy stockpile and don’t forget to tell us your other favourite oral simulators from Joujou in the comments below!

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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