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Work Your Kegel Muscles

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Work Your Kegel Muscles
You’ve heard about it for years – on TV shows, from your friends, when your mother called – as far as muscle tone is concerned, kegels are the new abs. It’s well known that working this crucial yet invisible muscle group can improve everything from your sex life to bladder control, so consider this your daily workout that takes no time at all.
Finding The Muscles
Know when you’ve stopped peeing mid-stream? That’s using your kegel muscles, in both men and women. More specifically, women can easily find this muscle group by inserting a finger into the vagina and squeezing it tight. Men can find them by either flexing the muscles that stop you from passing gas, or even inserting a finger into the rectum and squeezing.
If you still can’t find these pleasure muscles, talk to your doctor about certain tools used to narrow down exactly where they are. Always have an empty bladder before performing any exercises to make it more comfortable, and start off by doing them in a private, comfortable place on your own.
Exercising Kegels
To begin working your kegel muscles, tense your pelvic floor, count to 3, and then relax for another count of 3. Continue doing this for however long you feel comfortable, but a minimum of 10 repetitions. Over the course of a week, work up to holding for a count of 10 with the final goal being 3 sets of 10 repetitions per day.
Soon this’ll be second nature, and you’ll be toning your pelvic floor on your drive to work, watching TV, and anywhere else you feel comfortable.
And once you've perfected that, level up with our selection of kegel balls & eggs to add challenge and arousal to your daily exercises.

Article by Charlotte at JOUJOU

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