Womanizer Review - Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Womanizer Review - Does It Live up to the Hype?

Two weeks ago a girl friend messaged me and said she'd found a toy that made her come so hard, she cried. “Tears leaked from my eyes and ran down my face,” were her exact words, and I'm no medical expert but that sounds like crying. “This has never happened to me before. It was uncontrollable. You must get yourself a Womanizer Pro...no man, woman, mouth, or fingers have been able to create orgasms this intense.”
Now you KNOW that meant I had to try it. I knew we carried the product at JOUJOU, but it's impossible to try every product so sometimes a gem slips through the cracks - and this one is a literal gem, designed to look like a ruby and made with materials that include an actual Swarovski crystal. This ain't your mama’s cheap plastic toy at all.

First, let me tell you the technical features of this toy. The Womanizer Pro is an intense clitoral stimulator with suction. It contains eight different vibrations and is turned on/off with a real Swarovski crystal. The noise levels have been improved since the original, making it so The Womanizer Pro has almost no noise at all. For women with larger clitorises the company has included a new model with a larger head, allowing all women to enjoy its pleasures.

Now, the first thing I noticed once I had it in my hand is that it's simply beautiful. Although it is designed to even look like the vagina and clitoris it worships, one would not stumble upon your stash of sex toys and immediately know that's what this is. It could be a back massager or it could even be a perfume bottle at quick glance. It's red and glimmer grab attention but it does not scream SEX TOY.
The first thing I'll say is The Womanizer Pro knows how to follow directions. If you're a woman who loves receiving oral (so, all of us, mostly), you'll know what I mean. It went right to business. It's smooth to the touch and curves in just the right places to match the shape of your hand and of your body. In the palm of my hand, it doesn't slip from where I position it.

There are quite a few settings and I didn't make it through all of them before reproducing my friend’s eye-leaking experience. The first was lovely, a nice warm-up that felt like your lover breathing gently on your clit with their lips on it. The second setting was more focused, a more dedicated sucking sensation that felt like my clit was being made love to. The third got stronger still, and the fourth was a champion, marathon head-giver, the kind of partner out to prove they’re the best - and you haven't made up your mind yet but you're going to keep an open mind and give them their best shot.

The fifth setting is where I saw Jesus, results may vary. I'm not sure how long I was praying and saying “Oh my God” before I heard myself. It was the redemption for every time I'd screamed RIGHT THERE only to have my partner stop and ask “Where?” I came five times before I began to fear for my life and turned it off, but I stared at it like a voracious animal until my heart rate went back down, and then...I won't lie...I went in for round two. I'm not entirely sure how many times I came in round two because it was almost immediately an out of body experience.

Bottom line: get one today. JOUJOU happens to be running a contest now; if you click on the link to The Womanizer Pro, you can register to win one. What's better than The Womanizer Pro? A free one - worth every penny even if you don't win the contest, they don't come cheap.

We have a few pairing suggestions to go with this you. Personally we aren't sure the product needs a clitoral stimulation gel, but some women have less sensitivity than others and truly all women need to experience this. Check out Intimate Earth’s Gentle Clitoral Gel, a mild stimulation gel that will blow your mind with this toy. You can use this product with your favourite toys, during masturbation, or sex for better stimulation. All you have to do is take a small drop of the serum and massage it onto the clitoris. Within minutes you will experience more arousal and more satisfaction from play! Experiment with how much you need. A little can go a long way, especially with a product like The Womanizer! Work up until you find that perfect intensity. If you have a partner, then you need protection! Hex Condoms by Lelo are a new advancement in condoms, designed to be extra durable but stay thin without the loss of feeling. Their unique hexagon print means slippage is severely reduced, allowing a better experience for both partners.

Now, do you like a little ass play to get off, or want to make sure your partner is just as happy as you are? Try the
Jelly Rancher anal plug to top everything off. Anal plugs add extra stimulation and ultimately create a unique experience. A fun and bright jelly plug, it's soft and pliable while still remaining firm.

The Womanizer is sure to change the game for you, and in combination with these other products, we are sure you will have the best experiences. These toys can all be used alone or with a partner, so the fun never really stops! If you have used the Womanizer or any of these other toys let us know in the comments! We want to hear your experiences!

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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