Womanizer InsideOut Review - Clitoris & G-Spot Stimulator

Womanizer InsideOut Review - Clitoris & G-Spot Stimulator

I really enjoyed the
Womanizer Insideout Clitoral and G-Spot Stimulator. It’s a pleasure to play with a toy that genuinely feels like a luxury item. I tested it with my partner, and was very impressed by the presentation, functionality, and overall experience.


Everything about the presentation of the Womanizer Insideout is luxurious and sleek. It comes in a tasteful leather box with magnetic straps for storage; inside, there’s a soft cushion of satin with a ribbon tied in a neat little bow. Inside of that, there’s a bag with a tassel - perfect if your appetites demand a toy that you can store discreetly in your purse. I don’t know if a vibrator needs quite so much packaging, but I appreciate the consistent standard of quality that’s evident throughout the design and presentation of this adult toy.


Who buys sex toys for the packaging, though? What about the Womanizer Insideout itself? The Womanizer is made from smooth silicone. It’s got a nice heft to it, but it’s not so heavy that it’s uncomfortable to manipulate or to hold into place. The surface is smooth, with swooping, organic lines that describe wonderfully subtle curves. There’s a small magnetic port for charging down at the bottom, along with four buttons to increment the intensity of the toy’s two motors. There’s also a thin golden band that runs around the bottom. The whole thing has a kind of space age sleekness to it that evokes the quality and elegance of an Apple product.

The Womanizer Insideout is a toy of the rabbit variety. Normally, that’s cause for concern - rabbits work well for some people, but they don’t work for everyone, and mileage often varies based on whether the arm of the adult toy can comfortably reach your clit. Luckily, the Womanizer Insideout has two flex points - one’s down at the bottom of the shaft, and other is just about at the midpoint. These two points mean that articulating the arm of the toy is easy, and you can adjust it to fit your preferences. I had no trouble bending the arm into a configuration that worked well for me, which is quite different from my normal experience with rabbits. There’s even a nifty nozzle on the end of the arm that fits snugly around your clit.


So, how does it work? This is my first experience with a Womanizer, so I can’t compare it to other toys from the same line. One bit goes inside of you, as you might expect, and is meant to touch your g-spot. The arm curves up to touch your clit. From there, it’s a matter of fiddling with the twelve intensity levels to get the motors where you want them. Once you figure out how to find the buttons, how long to hold them down for, and which one does what, it’s all pretty straightforward. One set of buttons controls the overall vibrations for the Womanizer, while the other set allows you a “pulse” setting to get quick bursts of vibration from the second motor, which is up near the top of the arm.

My only complaint is that it took me some learning to figure which buttons do what. They are labeled with pluses and minuses, but I had trouble feeling those designations with my fingers, so there were some awkward up and down adjustments.

My partner was present for the test run that informs this review. For whatever reason, I’m usually on the drier side of things, so we often use lube to help everything run a bit smoother. This week, we used Wicked Aqua Sensitive Hypoallergenic Lube. Although I’m not allergic, we suspect that my partner might be, so we’ve been experimenting with some alternatives. I’m happy to report that Wicked Aqua worked well as lube, and it didn’t seem to bother my partner in the same way that other lubes have, which is good. We also played around with the PornHub Vibrating Butt Plug, which was quite the experience. My partner has more to say about it than I do, but if prostate stimulation is your thing, I highly recommend it. When we were done vibrating, we got around to some penetration - for that, we used Lifestyle Healthcare Zero Uber condoms.


This is a strong recommend for me. Maybe it’s my heightened sense of refinement, but I love using products that feel luxurious and take obvious care in their design aesthetic. The Womanizer InsideOut ticks that box for me. I liked the flexibility of the arm, too. My partner and I really enjoyed this one.

Four stars out of five

-Sleek, professional presentation

-Apple-like form factor

-Flexible arm with two articulation points

-Controls take some getting used to



Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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