Whats Missing from your toybox?

Whats Missing from your toybox?


Having a hoard of sex toys will keep you entertained and create a variety of situations without needing to buy a whole new toy with each new idea you have! We all have favourite toys, but sometimes you need a toy that just complements or creates a different sort of stimulation. While most folks would immediately think of anal plugs and small travel vibes, there are a few others that will tickle your fancy just as much if not more.

Double Penetration is a common fantasy, but a lot of people do not feel comfortable engaging in DP with two partners for a variety of reasons, and sometimes organizing the event can be too much work for something you want now. The Fetish Fantasy Elite Double Trouble secures onto the penis and rests below. Double Trouble is silicone and tapered to easily slide in, as well as being stiff enough to not be bent but can conform to the body. This toy also warms up with use, giving a realistic feel without the need for a real person. If that didn’t convince you, the rings act as penis rings and enhance the man’s performance for longer duration! With a little lube, you are sure to use this toy more than once.

Stripping and pole dancing are always considered sexy, and you don’t even need to have a super fit body structure to do basic moves. While poles are not really toys, you will find yourself having fun with them all of the time rather than just when you want sex or to be sexy with partner! They also help build up ones own confidence and will be quite a show when giving your partner a performance. The Fetish Fantasy Stripper Pole is stainless steel with adjustable height and installs in minutes. If you were looking for a way to get fit and be sexy, the pole is the way to go. Plus, you never know, you might just make a career out of it.

Lubes can put your everyday toys in a new light, as well as sex with a partner. You can purchase cooling, warming, flavored, and even ones just to make you a bit more sensitive. Having a wide variety of lubes in your toy box is a good idea, even if they are just single serve testers! This JO Cherry Burst is a single serve, water based lube that’s just a slick as a silicone based lube. JO has a wide variety of other flavors and sizes available. A flavored lube is a great place to start if you haven’t played with various lubes before, as they can make oral more interesting and still serve for penetrative sex.

Every couple wants to try out different positions, but may find certain positions difficult to maintain or even get hurt during the process. Even if you manage to stick to your spot you may find pain follows later due to not being prepared.  The Ultra Inflatable Position Master is designed to allow couples to try out various positions and remove the difficulties that come with them. The material is comfortable and won’t allow you to just slide off, there are also handles to help maintain your position without losing your pace. It is super easy to inflate and won’t deflate easily thanks to the air seal. After you’re done using your Position Master, you simply deflate it and fold it up - it’s also easy to travel with!

When we buy new toys, we usually focus on what’s the most popular in the market at the time. However, there are hundreds of other amazing toys out there that will make your sex life more enjoyable in the smallest of ways or allows you to interact with your fantasies in different ways. Using the same toys over and over can become very boring and may make the toy seem like a chore to use yet again. Having a diverse toy box prevents boredom and opens the window to brand new experiences.

Article by Sarah At JOUJOU

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