What’s the Buzz? The Womanizer Collection: An Extensive Review

What’s the Buzz? The Womanizer Collection: An Extensive Review

With a tagline of, “Orgasm is a human right,” you can be sure that the Womanizer collection has their priorities straight. They also place great importance on women, as beautiful individuals, and as sexual goddesses.

Hence, they’ve gone to work to create a revolutionary way of getting off. That is, devices putting focus on the clitoris using Pleasure Air Technology that stimulates without actually touching it.

It’s done using soft pressure waves, and produces euphoric bliss without feeling overstimulated. So, you can keep coming again, and again…and again.

So, in support of women getting their rocks off, here is an extensive review of the Womanizer collection.

Nine delectable toys to choose from…which one is your favourite?


Womanizer Premium

Womanizer Premium

This nifty number is so much more than just a pretty face! It’s got 12 different intensity levels, each providing different rhythms and sensations.

It’s also definitely upped its game with the new feature – autopilot! This function allows the intensity to be custom-adjusted, leaving you with beyond satisfying and sometimes, unexpected orgasms. And who doesn’t like surprises when it comes to receiving ultimate pleasure?

The Womanizer Premium is 100 percent waterproof – and surprisingly silent for those passionate solo nights. It’s received five stars from our happy customers, and is – essentially – the gift that keeps on giving.


Womanizer Pro40

Womanizer pro40

Allow your pleasure to take the spotlight with this sex toy, in white or magenta, that glows in the dark. Kind of kinky and erotic, wouldn’t you say?

The Womanizer Pro40 is all about taking women to new sexual heights with touchless stimulation of the clitoris.

It has eight impulse levels to play with, creating different sensations with the touch of a button, and an exchangeable stimulation head made of medical silicone. It’s also a super quiet device, making it a discrete toy to play with when ever you fancy.

And, saving the best fact for last, the Womanizer Pro40 has the ability to give you multiple orgasms using its Pleasure Air Technology that sucks and stimulates. What a time to be alive!


 Womanizer Liberty

Womanizer Liberty

What does liberty mean to you? Well, to the folks at Womanizer, it means having the ability to go where nobody has gone before. They’ve created the Womanizer Liberty for confident and bold women who want to roam free while getting their rocks off.

It’s a sleek and slim device and comes with a hygienic cover, making it easy to take with you on-the-go. With its super quiet mode, you can enjoy soft and seductive suctions that’ll massage your clitoris anywhere, anytime.

The Womanizer Liberty has six different intensity levels, each unique, and is 100 percent waterproof.

So, in short, it’s time to give your shower head a break, and make the Womanizer Liberty your new sexy shower buddy.


Womanizer Inside Out

Womanizer insideoutImagine all of the perks of a highly advanced, quiet and pleasurable sex toy…plus a little somethin’ somethin’ that’ll give you a feeling of intimacy? Sound too good to be true? Allow us to introduce you to The Womanizer Inside Out!

This device combines Womanizer’s signature air wave stimulation with a vibrator. And together, you have 24 different intensity levels (12 for clitoral stimulation and 12 vibrator settings) that’ll tease and please.

Why is the added vibrator a total bonus when it comes to getting off? It allows you to partake in clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The curved vibrator makes reaching your G-Spot a lot easier, leaving you feeling fully and completely satisfied.


Womanizer Duo

  Womanizer Duo

You know what it’s like to want to go for a swim, but fear that the water may just be too cold? So, you dip your toe just to get a feel for it.

Well, the Womanizer Duo is like jumping into the deep end, after knowing that the water will be delectably cool and delicious. It’s a technologically-advanced sex toy for those who already love the Womanizer collection, yet want to heighten their experience with something new.

This lovely device is a combination of clitoral and G-Spot stimulation. Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology suckles and seduces your clitoris, while a motored vibrator stimulates your G-Spot. It also features Smart Silence, meaning that, your play time is a sensual secret for only you and your new favourite toy.


Womanizer Starlet

Womanizer Starlet

Are you new to the sex toy game, and not sure where to begin? Perhaps you’ve experienced mind-blowing orgasms using your and/or your partner’s fingers, but crave something a little more advanced? Something that can transform the way you experience your orgasms?

Meet the Womanizer Starlet. This is the perfect device for beginners to use solo. And if you’re interested in using it with a partner, its smaller size makes it easy and carefree for two.

This is Womanizer’s entry level pleasure product that has four intensity levels, experienced via its Pleasure Air Technology.


You’re guaranteed to experience new heights when it comes to intensifying your orgasms with the Womanizer Starlet.


Womanizer Pro
Womanizer pro


This mind-blowing piece of equipment will make you feel like a million bucks. Not only because it has the power to give you intense and satisfying orgasms, but also because of its sleek and modern design. This device basically walks the walk and talks the talk.

It has eight different levels of intensity, ranging from super-soft to super-power, and is even more quiet than its predecessor, at 42 decibels, during regular use.

Another reason to love the Womanizer Pro? Well, for its statistics. A little experiment was conducted on women between the ages of 20 and 60 who used this innovative toy.

Of those women, 73 percent experiences multiple orgasms, 76 percent enjoyed an even more intense orgasm than usual, and 98 percent said that they would like to own a Womanizer Pro.

So, if the proof really is in the pudding, then the Womanizer Pro is simply the most delicious treat.


Womanizer Classic

Womanizer Classic

You can consider the Womanizer Classic to be like an essential for optimal daily life. It’s like your little black dress, your smartphone that you cannot live without, your good luck pen, or your favourite lipstick.

This device gets the job done efficiently and time-effectively, if need be. You can enjoy a solo quickie or hours of fun, it’s all up to you.  

On-the-go? No problem! Feel like continuing the blissful fun? Also, not a problem! Choose your best setting of eight, from gentle to peak pleasure, and live your very best life.

The Womanizer Pro is 100 percent waterproof, so you can enjoy it with bubbles! And, with its quiet technology, you don’t have to worry about any loud noises (from the device, that is).


Womanizer Plus Size

WOmanizer Plus Size

The Womanizer Plus Size is commendable not only for its ability to cause intense and pleasurable orgasms, but also for its beautiful design. Choose from white gold or black gold, and rock this gorgeous device that was made for powerful and sexual women.

So, what sets the Womanizer Plus Size apart from the rest? Well, it’s size, of course. This toy is even larger than the regular Womanizer collection, making it easier than ever to use.

It has 12 modes of impulses, each sucking and stimulating the clitoris without direct contact.

It also has advanced heating technology with the ability to turn itself off after 30 minutes to avoid overheating.

This device’s dimensions are 215 x 60 mm and it is 185 g. in weight. It comes with two caps and a storage bag, making it easy to transport with you on your next little vaycay or business trip.

So, women worldwide, the Womanizer is here to revolutionise the way in which the orgasm is experienced. Jump on the O-train, and melt your troubles away with absolute bliss – which ever device you choose!

Article by:
Helena Lorimer, Sexual Health and Wellness Expert at JOUJOU

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