We-Vibe for 21st Century Partners

We-Vibe for 21st Century Partners


When my husband and I first married in 1997, our favourite bedroom toy was a remote-controlled vibrator. We had a lot of fun, memorable experiences at this exciting stage in our relationship and quite a few of them revolved around this red unicorn-shaped massager. I wore it almost daily and he loved to turn it on at the most inconvenient times and watch me squirm.

The most memorable moment was at his cousin’s wedding. During the reception, we were at the end of a slow dance when I accidentally turned it on by brushing against his pocket. He grinned and twisted away every time I reached over to turn it off and at the end of the dance, with a smirk, he retreated to the other side of the dance floor while his grandmother engaged me in conversation. I struggled to keep a straight face while she complimented my dress and asked about my job and family. He turned it up...and up...and up. When I was close to orgasm I had to excuse myself to the ladies’ room.

Today we still enjoy these activities but there’s a better toy available, thanks to the wonderful world of technology and the internet. Now that we both have careers that involve international travel, we use the app-based We-Vibe to keep our sex life fresh and intimate. Remote-controlled vibrators have a distance limit so couples have to be together to enjoy the effects of it, but with We-Vibe he can be in London and I’ll be curled up in bed -  he’ll hit a button on his phone and suddenly I’m in bliss. It also stays in place much easier than our other toys and is comfortable to wear. The remote via phone app is much more subtle; it looks as though he’s checking social media or texting instead of engaging in sex play with his wife - or playing with a television remote he inexplicably keeps in his pocket.

More than once I've found myself in the middle of a meeting, with my husband on the other side of the country, in Europe or Asia, when suddenly he turns it on. He knows my schedule but he loves to picture me trying to control myself as the sensations intensify - and I love it too or I wouldn't be wearing it.
But what I love most about this is the element of consent, missing in a sense from previous remote-control vibrators. You connect to your partner through a request - so if I'm not in the mood or it's an impossible moment, I can decline his request or ignore it completely. If you split from your partner, it's easy to disconnect even if the app remains in place. It’s also amazing for exhibitionist solo play. Sometimes I've had a long day but I'm still at work and need to take the edge off; I can turn it on using my phone and no one has any idea what I'm doing. Within a few minutes I've climaxed, I'm calm, and can refocus on work.

With this modern toy, you can create and save your partner’s favourite vibration patterns to make it uniquely yours. A love life separated by continents and time zones can be complicated, but with this you can both be anywhere in the world and still be able to pleasure one another. If you prefer the remote control for nearby play, it still comes with one, as well as a discreet case. It's waterproof, made without harmful chemicals, and eco-friendly, too.

Whether your romance is long-distance, at home, or solo, bring it into the 21st century today with the We-Vibe!
Article By: Miranda at JOUJOU

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