Two Wild Rides and a New Toy Box

Two Wild Rides and a New Toy Box

When you need to spice up your sex life, the first place you turn is the internet, usually in search of sex toys or new positions. Personally we think missionary-style is simultaneously the most over-used and underrated position there is, but if it's become too routine for you and doggy-style and legs over the shoulder just don't do it for you either, maybe you need some ideas with position AND products! Here are a few favourite positions we love that will
definitely recharge your sex life and keep you and your partner excited about one another!

The Fidget Spinner

The fidget spinner craze has now come and gone and most parents have successfully grown them out or hidden them from the littles. Don't worry, we aren't about to suggest you unearth them from the junk drawer to use in the bedroom - what you're actually going to need is a little pricier but much more entertaining.

The Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing is a 360 degree rotating sex swing, which is a must for this feat, because the entering partner will lay below the swing while the other partner lowers onto the penis or a strap-on dildo. The partner in the swing then spins for a full turn. It sounds crazy! It might require an adventurous spirit, but both partners will love the unique twisting feeling you can't otherwise obtain during sex.

Load up with a lot of lube, especially if trying this position anally instead of vaginally. If your partnership isn't hetero, there are erectile dysfunction issues, or you simply want deeper penetration, we recommend adding the Fetish Fantasy Hollow Strap-On for him or her as well. The straps are sturdy and because it's hollow it can be used by men or women, and men still enjoy pleasure with it.

The Butter Churner

You may need to look up a visualization for this one, but we can promise you two things: it's not for the faint of heart or the weak of spines. The Butter Churner requires the partner being entered to lay down and lift up into a shoulder stand, balancing on the nape of the neck. The other then positions over them, inserts the penis or strap-on, and essentially thrusts by doing a variety of squats. This position allows deeper penetration with a better orgasm for both partners.

Luckily this position is extremely pleasurable once you get into it, and you can provide support for the neck-supporting partner a few ways. We recommend a Fetish Fantasy Strap, a pretty simple but great addition to the toy box. All you need a screw for the ceiling, and then rig the toy up. One side can be pulled and adjusted for certain heights and restrictions with a handle. The other side has two adjustable loops for wrists or ankles. It's incredibly durable and the cuffs are padded for comfort. While this toy is meant as a restraint, it would be incredibly helpful for neck relief during the Butter Churner.

Sometimes age or bodily restrictions can make even basic sex positions difficult or painful, not just with these crazy positions! Often you can prop up with a cushion, but even then the positions are painful and support is limited. On top of not having the ability to withstand certain positions, it can also be impossible to use handheld sex toys. For the Butter Churner and many other positions, we recommend the Fetish Fantasy Position Master, a set of inflatable cushions with a variety of degree designs. They make acrobatic positions a breeze and can relieve pain or prevent injury. The cushions have handles to prevent slipping and can hold substantial weight, meaning the fun isn't restricted.

For both these positions, you need a lube of champions! We suggest the Swiss Navy Invigorate lubricant, which contains warming and cooling formulas in a single container. The lube is water based, so it is easy to wash off of the body and from toys.

Butter Churning and Fidget Spinners… that's a real clash of timelines. Remember that sex doesn't need to be the same old every day, but also doesn't require breaking your joints - toys can create a happy, safely extreme medium for all partners.

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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