Treat Him This International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day GIFT IDEAS

Once a year, there’s a special day allocated to all of the wonderful men around the world. So, as International Men’s Day rolls around, how about spoiling your man for being so gorgeous with a sexy gift?

4 Sex Toys for Him this International Men’s Day



1. Pulse Duo III Guybrator by Hot Octopuss

Move over vibrators, there’s a new kid on the block… and it’s exclusively for him! The Pulse Duo III Guybrator is a hands-free, silicone, and remote-controlled sex toy for him that’s placed onto the penis, flaccid or erect. Then, with the press of a button, this pleasure product will release powerful vibrations that can be tailored for individual taste. 

The Pulse Duo III has been made in such a way that one’s body weight makes sure it stays in place, and is used by simply placing the penis into the device. By adding lube, this pleasure product can be used as a personal masturbator. Without lube, it’s a static device that simply vibrates, giving unique and pleasurable sensations.

What’s also great about the Pulse Duo III is that it can be used during partnered fun too. This will then give him and her some sexy vibrations during play time!



2. Verge Vibrating Penis Ring by WeVibe

WeVibe is a luxury sex toy brand that’s making quite a splash when it comes to sex toys for him. The Verge Vibrating Penis Ring is a super sleek, small yet powerful ring worn by him that massages the perineum. 

It can be placed around the penis and the testicles during masturbation for some solo fun, or it can be used during partnered sex too. The latter then means that she too experiences the blissful effects of the vibrations.

We also love WeVibe because it comes with a free We-Connect app. This way, you and your partner can be a part of creating different sensations for him in real-time, whether together or apart. 

Another plus? This pleasure product is waterproof, so why not take it for a test drive in the shower or bathtub? 



3. F1S Developer’s Kit Masturbator by LELO

Yet another brand that produces luxury sex toys for him and her, LELO has perfected the male masturbator with their latest, F1S Developer’s Kit. This device is the world’s first SensSonic sextech console, and has 10 sensors as well as an app that allows him to track his progress and prowess. 

This pleasure product has a dual motor which creates conventional vibrations as well as sonic waves (like that of the SONA). With these sonic waves, a super pleasurable sensation is felt from all directions at the same time.

Another amazing fact about the F1S Developer’s Kit? If you or your partner are an Android or iOS developer, you’ll be able to customize your vibrations and sensations via the exclusive LELO SDK.



4. Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) Black. by Tenga

A tech-savvy, discrete, and pleasurable sex toy for him! This device creates vacuum-like sensations provided by a one-way valve. It’s also been designed with grooves and ridge walls on the inside, allowing for even more sensation and an almost ‘real-feel’.

This product works great with the raved about TENGA FLIP HOLE LOTION LUBRICANT, as a seal has been created to ensure no leakage, and it is super easy to use. 

Simply remove the slide arms, and squeeze the rails until the product clicks open. Add dollops of lube inside the device, close, and put the slide arms back on. You can also add lube to the insertion point for an effortless glide, and even better sensation. Once inside, squeeze the product to allow air to escape, which will then create a vacuum-like, suction effect.

And voila! You have one or more super sexy and very pleasurable gifts to choose from for your partner this International Men’s Day! Secret? These toys are also great for birthdays, Christmas… or just for the fun of it!



Article by:
Helena Lorimer, Sexual Health and Wellness Expert at JOUJOU

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