Toys for  your menstrual cycles

Toys for your menstrual cycles

Women dread their menstrual cramps all month long. For the first few days, they can leave us in bed without wanting to do much else due to the uncomfort. Some common remedies are aspirin, heating pads, and maybe you guessed it - orgasm. Through muscle relaxation and increase of chemicals running through your body, you create a natural remedy for cramping! In general we tend to take a negative view of menstrual cycles, which is pretty strange. First, they're evidence of our pretty incredible reproductive abilities, and they're a way our systems clean and reset naturally. A lot of people think of it as a time to refrain from sex, but in fact menstruation can provide powerful orgasms during heightened sensitivity, and we can actually reduce pain with sexual activity! How backwards is our mindset?!?!

If you're single or just prefer for whatever reason to not be sexually scribe during this time, there are some toys you can use to help reduce cramping while giving you powerful orgasms. Periods are very messy and difficult to clean up after, so a toy that doesn’t add to the chaos will be needed. These brilliant toys can be used with or without a partner and are used externally to avoid difficult cleanups without losing their bang.

Mimi Soft is a versatile toy that anyone will enjoy, period or not. This handy little toy is designed for external stimulation and can be turned at different angles to stimulate various areas. For example, using the tip of Mimi Soft massage the clitoris, the side for clitors and labia, or holding the toy flat for full stimulation. If you are a person who enjoys teasing beforehand, the toy can be held in your palm to allow vibrations to flow through your fingers and softly stimulate. Mimi Soft has five speeds, seven patterns, and can be set for a pulse or mixed mode, creating customized pleasure. It is a great toy for solo play or with a partner, and sports a soft silicone coating for pleasure and easy clean up.

Some days you don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into anything and that can include self pleasure. Mimic lay-on massager is another silicone toy that’s a snap to clean up and meant for external use. While it is designed to be fully laid on, it works just as well as an in-hand massager and fits perfectly in the curves of your hand. Mimic has a unique manta-ray form to provide pinpoint or all over stimulation as the user wants! With eight vibration patterns and even a LED light to guide in the dark this toy is sure to give you a new view on hands free massagers. Mimic has been previously reviewed on JOUJOU and was still a superior toy during shark week. Who knew sharks and rays could be such great friends?

As always, we support safe sex and that means using a lube suited for you and your toys. The JO H20 is a great all around lube with high quality plant based ingredients. It’s silky smooth and has the feel of a silicone lube without the plastics! However, if you want to indulge yourself a bit it is also possible that a warming lube would enhance your experiences and relax your muscles more. The JO H20 Warming Lubricant is a satisfying product that requires no rubbing to warm-up which would make it an especially nice pair for Mimic. Neither of these lubes will become tacky and rinse off with just water!

Menstrual cramps are inevitable for many of us, but that doesn’t mean your whole week has to be ruined. This is the perfect time for a little self care, so be sure to stock up on wine, chocolates, and your favourite JOUJOU toys! While many people seem to consider the menstrual cycle a time to be inactive for sex there are actually plenty of toys (and people) who would point out otherwise.

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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