Toy Review: Lelo Alia

Toy Review: Lelo Alia


External vibrators don’t often get the love they deserve; the big focus is on the perfect
G Spot stimulation from women’s adult toys. Alia may just be the toy to change that for some, thanks to LELO’s great technology and eye for design. This toy promises great external stimulation to be used with a partner or solo, all in a compact design with only three control buttons. It certainly sounded interesting, and adding another toy to your routine is always fun.

The first thing I noticed about the Alia Massager was its shape, almost like the outline of an egg. There’s a loop placed in the middle of the toy to allow users to hold with ease. The tip of it isn’t really tapered but it is formed for targeted stimulation. You won’t find it overbearing as it will massage the target area and the space around it, rather than all of the impact going to a single spot. The front of the toy has three buttons to allow personalized and easy adjustment.

Using the toy is super easy, and it would be great for anyone who’s just a beginner or likes to keep things simple. The vibrations of the Alia Massager start out soft but enticing, bumping up from one level to another is smooth too - it doesn’t become a sudden bolt of energy like others might. That makes it perfect to hold off or quickly achieve orgasm, and one of the best features about it. However, the toy isn’t as strong as some others, and anyone who really enjoys rumbly internal vibrations probably won’t enjoy this toy alone as much as some others would. If you were to pair it with a dildo, your partner, or even a butt plug it would increase the experience to a more rough and tough persons taste, as it does make a good external stimulator but isn’t necessarily life changing alone.

All of that being said it is pretty great if you need to spice things up just a little in the bedroom. You know when things are fine in your sex life, but it could use just a touch more heat? Boom, Alia. Not only will this help engage both of you again (which let’s be honest, can sometimes fix just about everything) but you’ll have fun with the new stimulation. Alia can also be used on your male partner, especially in the perineum, if he’s into that. This toy is also incredibly quiet, so if need to keep everything hush hush, it’ll serve you well.


4/5 Noise

⅗ Vibration power

⅘ Design and user friendliness

Recommended for:

  • Those that are new to toys but curious to try more out
  • Couples
  • Those looking for external stimulation paired with another toy

As always, you should stay safe with your toys. You don’t need a lubricant with this toy but it can make things even better. The Swiss Navy Silicone Based Lubricant is good to pair with this toy as you don’t need to use much, and it’ll last you forever.

Article at Sara at JOUJOU

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