Fun Factory Tiger G5 G-Spot & Prostate Massager Review

Fun Factory Tiger G5 G-Spot & Prostate Massager Review


As an adult toy collector I’ve seen it all and I’m not especially interested in toys that are the same old same old - there isn’t anything special if it’s already been marketed with a different name and a different colour. I want to see quality. So when I saw the Fun Factory Tiger G5 G-Spot & Prostate Massager, I thought immediately it was something I needed to try. The brand has never steered me wrong, and I was sold when I read about the new Generation 5 motor - I wanted to experience it in action.

About the toy:

One of the first things you will notice about this toy is that it has deep ridges to provide extra stimulation. The Loop handle is easy to work with, no matter whether you’re right- or left-handed, and the shaft is incredibly flexible, composed of body safe silicone. You’ll find the motor in the base of the toy, with the buttons just above. Twelve vibration patterns mean you won’t get bored while you cycle through to experience the toy’s variety. The Tiger G5 has a wide base, so it’s safe for anal play. One final detail I should mention is the specific curve and angle that the toy has, designed to massage the G-Spot; it’s not quite pinpoint accuracy but it’s a great touch.

First impressions:

This is not a small toy, and to be honest the ridges are a little overwhelming if you don’t use the proper amount of lube - but after you’ve hit the sweet spot it’s a great ride. I used the Swiss Navy water based lubricant with this toy. As I’ve already mentioned, the curve does not pinpoint the G-Spot but it does massage the whole area, which ended up being much more pleasing than I was expecting! This toy’s abilities really shine through when being used in the lower settings, for me personally. It has three modes, with each having three speeds that gradually increase. The vibrations are extremely powerful without becoming overwhelming, and it’s easy to cycle through two of the modes, “Aerobic” and “Razzle Dazzle”, without losing your place or concentration. “Merengue Mode” on the other hand is a little more difficult, and would potentially require you turning off your toy for a moment, as it can only be accessed by hitting the “minus” button after turning the toy on. If you hit the “minus” button after checking out the other patterns it will simply bring you back to the previous pattern, and hitting the “plus” button will continue increasing the patterns until it starts back again at the “Aerobic” mode. It’s a quick adjustment though. This toy is also rather quiet given how powerful the motor is, which makes it a pretty solid toy to use if you have lurking roommates too.

Ultimately, this toy has become one of my favourites, especially when paired with other complementary toys. Alongside the Swiss Navy Lubricant, I found that it’s especially intense with Renegade Spades silicone butt plug. The straightforward shape works better for me here as the ones that are tipped add too much pressure in this combination. It does require some caution if using with a partner; the ridges may not be comfortable to use in a more rigorous way if your partner doesn’t know to be careful with it. The Tiger has easily created some of my most intense and easily achieved orgasms.


4.5/5 Stars

  • As mentioned, the toy requires a good bit of lube to start out with, and the Merengue Mode needs a second to figure out, but these are easy to fix issues. Use caution with partners.
  • The toy is quiet but powerful
  • The ridges add an extra bit of stimulation that ties nicely with the vibrations
  • The toy is super easy to clean up, despite the ridges which usually add a bit of an issue.
  • It’s totally waterproof, making it easier to clean and adds more opportunities to use it!

This is one of my favourite sex toys that I have used, and while it does require a little caution, it can be a dream with preparation! If you’re on the hunt for a new and wild toy, the Tiger G5 is waiting for you.

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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