This is Why You Should be Having More Sober Sex

This is Why You Should be Having More Sober Sex

You probably know what it’s like to have one too many drinks and to want to have, or engage in, drunk sex. And sure, you may be more ‘wild’ in the bedroom after you’re liquored up, but there are actually a number of pretty valid reasons as to why you should be embracing sober sex.

But first…

Why is Drunk Sex So Appealing (For Women)?

When in a relationship, especially one that’s been going for more than two years, the dynamic changes. Both partners become comfortable and the ‘honeymoon’ phase is essentially over. It’s around this time that women tend to seek more meaningful interactions with their partner. 

And one aphrodisiac for women, is an intimate conversation… 

But sometimes, having those deep and meaningful conversations are hard, especially if one or both partners are not too good at communication. So, a bottle or two are cracked open, creating the perfect opportunity to have a heart-to-heart. 

Another reason why many engage in drunk sex, according to psychologist Simon Paritt, is because the first sip of alcohol is said to be linked to one’s early sexual experiences. Interesting perspective to ponder on… 

But at the end of the day, having sex while drunk actually lowers one’s sexual performance, for both men and women. And what does that mean? Less orgasms. 

Sober Sex Equals Better Orgasms & Increased Intimacy

Because alcohol is a depressant, it actually inhibits the sexual response. This, in turn, equals less intense orgasms and less pleasure.

And because one is prone to more crazy animalistic sex whilst drunk, this effectively removes the opportunity to enjoy the art of love making and intimacy. 

When sober, making love means really connecting with one’s partner, being more focused on their partner’s pleasure, and creating a better emotional and sexual bond. 

Scared of Sober Sex? Here’s How to Overcome It

Alcohol has the ability to boost one’s self-confidence and to help remove any obstacles such as having a low self-esteem. Perhaps one has little or no body confidence or they’re not so sure of their abilities in the bedroom. 

And this can lead to continuously engaging in drunk sex and never really getting the full benefits of how great sex and love making can actually be. 

If this sounds like you, there are a few things you can do to help overcome your fear of sober sex. 

  • Build Confidence In Other Areas of Your Life: When you feel good about yourself, you’ll be less likely to feel shy or self-conscious in the bedroom. So, try to engage in activities or hobbies that make you feel powerful and happy. This could be going to the spa, cutting your hair, practicing a sport you’re good at, or even sitting down and watching inspirational videos. 
  • Connect with Your Partner Outside of the Bedroom: To create a stronger bond on an emotional level is a great way to create fireworks in the bedroom. So without thinking about sex or intimacy, try to do things with your partner that can bring you closer together. Things such as taking a weekend trip, or having a date night once a week, are great. 
  • Sober Flirting: Without physical touch, you can gain more sexual self-confidence by engaging in bouts of flirting with your partner. This could be in-person (think wearing a short skirt or a great pair of shoes that make you feel sexy), or it could be via sexting. By wearing an outfit that makes you feel great, or talking about the things that you’re intrigued about, you can slowly build up your sexual confidence.
  • Self-Love: Another way in which to feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin, is to enjoy some solo self-love. Masturbating is the perfect (and probably the most fun way) to get to know, love, and appreciate your body. You can learn about what you like, what you don’t like, what makes you feel good and comfortable, and what turns you on and off.

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Article by: 
Helena Lorimer at JOUJOU

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